Types of Cat repellents

So many cats, so little time

You cannot chase after every cat. A repellent teaches those lovely animals where to stay away. There are some types of repellents. Actually, none of them principally run after them. One type is scent type. It causes a type of scent to make cats uncomfortable within your restricted range. Though they are pretty effective, people might not prefer it close to their living spaces. Particularly if they prefer having meals there. So, people usually prefer electronic cat repellents which work with sound waves.

Types of Cat Repellent Products

Keep these in mind before you start.

  1. Cat feces has never been something good for your garden and flowers. Quite the contrary, they harm.
  2. Cats perceive their own urine and poo as beautiful scents. They mark favorite places with them. Clean around before you using repellents. Respectfully, you can get 100% benefits of your device.
  3. When you catch cats red-handed, do not scare them. Just stop them. Don’t make your place amazing for them. They do not quit when they are scared. They just stop passing the borders when they’re sure that it’s unpleasant.

If you do not want to use products and buy anything, you can check youtube videos to learn some techniques. They generally take a lot of time but they might solve your issue. After all, I really recommend using repellents if your problem is not something very very special.

Sound Gadgets

Using sound gadgets is a safe and friendly way of keeping cats away from your yard. There are different types depending on their range and their battery type. You know the frequency story. Human ears don’t hear while cats get annoyed. They’ll learn and code the place as unpleasant to their minds. My grandmother used to shout at cats stepping in her yard. It was pretty effective but how about the newcomer cats? She couldn’t really deal with all of them and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a sonic sound repellent for her at that time.

Cat Repellents with Batteries

Most of them work with a battery. People go for the cheaper one and mostly, the cheaper one does not warn about the low battery. The device has no use when it is out of power. Above, I mentioned about how cats behave. So, power loss is not something you want. You won’t be able to detect when it goes off. Returning from travel, you might find your garden marked by cats & dogs. So, go for a better one and make sure yours have a battery indicator. Maybe, keep reading for the next type.

Solar Powered Cat Repellers

Solar powered cat repel devices are mostly unstoppable. It’s better if you are able to keep them directly exposed to the sun although, direct exposition is not always required for the better models. No battery issue but higher price, of course.

Repel with Spices

We haven’t been able to speak to them but they seem to dislike some types of spices. Cayenne pepper is one of them. Sound repellents and solar types might not be installed to your car engines. Spice repellents are awesome for mobile spaces you don’t want cats in. The cons are simple to understand. Sometimes, it’s possible to have a psycho cat, surprisingly won’t care about that pepper. For instance, cayenne pepper keeps the cats away while high-tech ultrasonic animal repellents work against mice, dogs, cats, and many more mammals. Spice solution is for you when the issue is pretty local and specific.

Cat Repellent Sprays

The sprays annoy cats and you at the same time. People still use them in cases of emergency or training sessions. It’s not a long-lasting solution. Because there are different types of sprays, you might also find something won’t annoy you but in the end, it’s nothing long-lasting. The type can be quite useful when you feel sure about using such a product.

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is a good solution if you want your cat in your garden and if you want cats to stay away from a certain square. Covering the whole garden with chicken wire is not a good idea but you can cover somewhere specific. Cats hate stepping on them and do not want to go further when they feel it.

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