Trending Statement Light Fixtures

I call them trending yet they don’t seem to fade soon. Until totally new technologies come up, these will stay hot. I’ve brought many fixture ideas together. So, you can choose one, or these might inspire you to design even better statement lighting.

Set the Bar High with Such an Eye-catching Fixture

Even perfectly designed rooms can level up with such a finishing fixture. In other words, such a choice of statement light might make a perfect plus stage. As it looks beautiful, it also illuminates very well. The chandelier looks like multiple candles. When you get closer, you also feel the roominess. Dim it to your own sweet will and enjoy the room.


Cage the Chandelier, Free the Harmony

Most preferable for dining rooms, cage-style statement lights look modern and coherent with dining tables. Imagine like your fixture lights are dining meanwhile. Doesn’t it look like a dining table for candles?


Using Lighting Like a Tattoo on a Wall

Most probably for a garage or corridor, using catchy lighting on a wall is an awesome idea. Anyways, the picture above tells more than I could.


Flush Mounted

Flush mounted fixtures seem to remain like forever. Therefore, be brave to fill a ceiling. You can pick a daring one or go for a very classic design. Either way, such an everlasting idea worth spending some.


The Wallpaper and Its Fixture Like a Necklace

Not to my taste but people might love using wallpaper and statement lightings. They feature the fixture like a necklace, the wallpaper like a lady’s dress. You don’t have to keep dependant to our example picture; set your thoughts free.


Like a Crown of a Well-designed Room

Inspired by super-luxurious rooms, you can use fixture lights to add a rich layer. Likewise, a gold-crystal chandelier might look very nice on a dining table.


Wicker Branches, Statement Lighting

Why don’t you try something different and choose a chandelier looks like branches? As seen in the picture, it looks simple and stylish at the same time.


Contrasting Colors for Fixture Lights

You can contrast the white color of your kitchen with the fixture statement lighting. It will make the ceiling look higher than it is by creating depth in visual.


A Huge Impact by a Gigantic Floor Lamp

Thanks to its size, a big floor lamp might be very functional. It will provide depth. Equally important, it will be very functional while reading or working on a handcraft.


Customizable Choices Like Rose Fixture

If you use plants for the decoration of your room, this type of idea can catch your eyes. Try finding a shop to customize for your sweet will.


One by one, most of the chandeliers might look irrelevant. However, for some rooms, the fixture lighting can be a finisher. It’s not easy to design a room depending on a chandelier. By the same token, you can find very good statement lighting to finish your decoration. That’s why I tried to show the decorated rooms beneath the fixtures as well.

My favorite for this subject is the gigantic floor lamp. You can change the focus of a room by moving it. Meanwhile, it serves very well because it’s very ergonomic.

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