Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp Review

  • The painted finish looks okay quality. It’s spray-painted in my opinion there is no information but it looks like that.
  • White plastic shades are made of normal quality.
  • There are three color versions on the seller’s page including white, black and silver.
  • It works with one 3-way 100watt type a light bulb.
  • The reading lamp uses type a 60w light bulb.
  • Height of the lamp is 71 inches which is really tall!
  • The reading lamp is gooseneck which provides some utility.


  • The gooseneck is really useful for late-night reading or task lighting. You can point the lighting in any direction you want with ease!
  • Assembling is extremely easy, most of the people can do it.
  • The higher lamp is great for lighting up the room and creating ambiance and it’s really powerful.
  • The design is extremely sleek, you can use it in modern designs with ease!
  • Plastic shades are durable to the lighting temperature.
  • Great product for the price.


  • The lamp has some stability problems but the base is heavy. If you can do assembling part perfectly it won’t have any problems.
  • It can be easily tipped over easily! If you have kids or naught pets in your house you should use it in the corners so it won’t have problems.


Using LF2000-BLK Floor Lamp in a Design

This lamp is suitable for living room usage because of the design! The uplight creates a romantic ambiance in any room with ease but it comes with a child lamp which is good for reading activities! You can different colored LED lights for ambient lighting.

The gooseneck works perfectly for using task lighting. You can easily control the direction of the lighting. The lamp is perfect for reading because of that. You can use it in the corners like in the picture. Since it has stability problems it will be perfect in the corners.

LF2000 Floor lamp can be used in modern or minimalistic designs. You can use colors like yellow, white, black and gray with ease! There are also other design versions of this lamp on the sales page which can be another option. The silver version can easily work in minimalistic designs because of the color. The black one can almost suit to any design you like with ease!

You can use this lamp with black or white furniture with ease! Brown and beige colors can be an option if you are using the white version. The lamp is really good for the price which makes it a great option for any living room out there! I highly suggest this one for any looking for a modern floor lamp!

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