Milton Greens Stars Sophia Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp Review

  • Marble base provides great stability and makes it look stylish.
  • You can easily add elegance and luxury to your home or office with this arc floor lamp.
  • Cord length is really great which ensures the best positioning for your lamp.
  • Requires 100-Watt Type-A Light bulb or 23-Watt CFL(Not Included)
  • Shade makes the light too bright, if you want something little bit darker you can go with yellow or darker shades.
  • Shade is quality is not that great and marble weights about 20 lbs.
  • You can easily assemble this product in 15-20 minutes.
  • This lamp can be great for reading because of the design. The arc head will allow you to use it flexibly.
  • You can get it cheaper than most local retail stores.

Why Sophia Arc Floor Lamp?

For most of us, interior design is really important. Lighting is also a big part of design choices. It’s definitely one of the most important ones when you think about. It provides brightness and looks at the same time. The mood of the room is also affected by the lighting type used in the room. The design of the lamp is also really important. It has to suit the rest of the room. Floor lamps are generally popular choices when it comes to designing your room. Arc floor lamps are the best lamps you can use in a room in my opinion. They don’t have unique alternatives because of the design and mobility of them. If you are really looking to improve the looks of your room, you should definitely get an arc floor lamp! Sophia adjustable arc floor lamp is definitely what you need, it can provide bright lighting for your home.  You can also use it for your office because it has a simple design. I rate this product 7.8 out of 10, you can buy it without hesitation!


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