Kid Friendly Living Room Design

Most of the living rooms are the favorite places of the kids! Kids tend to spend most of their time in these rooms! Living rooms are the most bright rooms of the houses, and that makes them unique for the kids! You have to make some arrangements in the living room if you want your kids to have a safe time. These steps are straightforward, and everyone can implement them without any problems at all. I will share my tips for making your living room kid-friendly with ease!

Storage Options

The storage options in your living room is pretty important. When you have kids in your house, you are going to need a lot of storage. If you are going to buy drawers and tables, you should always look into items with more storage options. The coffee tables with shelves, open-up benches are pretty good solutions! If you want to design a kid-friendly room having extra space is pretty crucial, in my opinion! These storage places are going to be used daily because kids are fans of toys, books, and craft items that can be stored easily in these places. You can also teach them how to be organized with the help of these storage options! If you want to have kids who are clean and organized, you should think about what I’ve said!

The Edges of Tables

If you want to have a safe living room for kids, you should start by eliminating sharper corners in the room! Tables are a huge problem when it comes to this! The shapes of the tables are the main determiners of this problem. If you have round tables, you won’t have problems like this. If you are a fan of drinking coffee, you should buy round coffee tables, which are easier to use!


The furniture in your living room should be comfortable for both adults and kids! They also look good and should not have sharp lines which can be harmful to your kids! You don’t have to sacrifice the design and style when it comes to furniture! You should do a couple of tests and check your sofas according to this article so you won’t have bad looking products inside your lounge! You can also try some poufs if you want to create an area for the kids! They are adored by most of the kids!

Shelves and Tall Furniture

Safety is our number one concern when it comes to kids! Some objects can be harmful to kids if you don’t take the necessary precautions! You should check all of the furniture and make sure they are secured to the wall. Kids tend to climb when they want to reach items, and if a bookshelf or media unit falls on them, it’s a huge problem. You should always try to keep your kids away from the shelves if you want to avoid the real issues!

Rugs and Carpets

Bare floors are the enemy of the kids! They can get cold if you don’t have floor heating in your house. This is the first problem when it comes to bare floors. You should cover them up with plastic rugs or professional rugs. These rugs are also gathering place for the kids since they enjoy their toys on the top! Cleaning these rugs are also really easy because you can lift them off and send them to a cleaning facility! If you want to have easy maintenance for your living room, you can prefer these rugs.


The fabrics of the furniture should be durable and easy to clean! Kids are always making accidents; they will get these materials dirty sooner or leather! You can check out the fabrics of your furniture and find something durable for your kids! You should always look for fabrics that are durable for wear and tear! Make sure you do a little bit of research before you pick a material for your house!


You can use physical sheets to protect your furniture. These are the main answer if you have kids inside your house! Some shelters also protect the pets, which makes them extra valuable! They are also straightforward to clean. You have to spend some time to put them on and off! If you have some money, you can find custom-fitted slipcovers. However, they might be expensive!

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