Improve Your Home with Moroccan Lamps

Imagine coming home after a long day’s work and slipping into a living area. You decorated this area in soft reds, yellows, and oranges while resting on a plush cushion. If you add a set of miniature palm trees, breathing in the scent of Jasmine incense, listening to light jazz flutes your ambience will be awesome. Selecting furniture is not just about functionality anymore; it is about creating a comfortable habitat where you can unwind, de-stress and revel in your downtime. If you want to get comfortable and feel calmer at the same time, you should invest in good looking furniture.

Finding the ideal lighting is the key to creating an ideal atmosphere. If you implement ideal lighting in your home you will have peace. As early as 5,000 BC, the Chinese have been building houses in correlation with sunlight to provide optimum light. You will also feel the warmth and energy when you visit other Asia countries. Historically, Morocco has hosted groups of diverse people from all directions. There are Phoenicians and Carthaginians in the East, Sub-Saharan Africans in the South, along with Romans, Vandals and Andalusians in the North. This kind of variety reflected in their craftsman too. This Diaspora of civilization comes together and could be clearly seen in such colorful Moroccan lamps and lanterns.

Unique Lamps

What makes Moroccan lamps really unique is they’re not mass-produced in a sterile factory. Instead of that, every shade is made from sheep or goatskin and is then dyed and stretched over a solid iron framework, where it’s hand-painted with a needle in vibrant colors, in the decorative tradition of Henna tattoo artistry. You will sense the craftsmanship when you saw a Moroccan lamp for the first time. If we look back to the Bronze Age, Henna design imitates the Henna plant, which has a plethora of long, thin stalks and little blossoms. Much like the tattoos, the lamp designs showcase fluid black shapes and lines, outlined by tiny dots. You might also find another kind of designs which you might like.

Moroccan lamps, varying in size, shape, color, and disposition offer the chance to turn your living space into a stunning art museum. If you want to improve your room’s look, you can always get a Moroccan lamp. Tall, slender styles like”The Pharaoh’s Light”, “Red Sun” or”Orange Magical Arabian Nights” catch one’s imagination, while dazzling with dance patterns, vibrant colors and swaths of vacuous space that automatically pulls the eyes onto it in wonderment. If you don’t like vibrant colors you might want to look at lamps with darker colors. There are end table lamps such as”African Sun” or”Fez Sun” provide multifunctional usage, emanating a soothing glow, while the glass top holds a bit of artwork, a plant or a tea place for entertaining guests. When you behold a bit like”Ocean Sun,” breathing moonlight to space with its purple colors and oceanic design, you know that this lamp isn’t only for providing lighting, but is a piece of art that will complement other furniture and motifs within the room. You should always match the items in the room if you want to create a good atmosphere with Moroccan lamps.


The shapes vary from around hot air balloon design, to a diamond-shaped street lantern design and they can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. These lanterns are also cool for gardens too. Traditionally, the stained glass panes are subtle, calming colors. They have generally colored a periwinkle blue or a hint of gold. Handmade and framed in black wrought iron. You should always look for Moroccan lamps with fine craftsmanship if you want to have something high-quality. Moroccan lanterns can make that one unforgettable, warm summer night to your house.

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