Ikea 201.696.58 Jansjo Desk Work LED Lamp Light Review


  • Another great IKEA desk lamp! Good price for the quality!
  • This product uses LED lights, which is great for energy saving! They also last longer than standard bulbs!
  • You can direct this light to any direction which is essential for reading!
  • The arm is easily adjustable therefore it’s good for studying or working on a small project!
  • There are some color choices on different places including blackĀ and white!
  • They also made a blue lamp in 2019 you should check it out!
  • If you buy two pack the lamp becomes really cheap.
  • Produces warm white color around 2700K.
  • Easy to assemble!
  • Height: 24 “, Base Diameter: 5 “, Cord Length: 6 ‘ 7 “, Energy consumption: 3.0W
  • Use a dry cloth for cleaning otherwise, you might ruin the product!


  • Warm white color!
  • One of the cheapest products of IKEA!
  • The base is really heavy, the product is stable than most of its peers.
  • Assembling is really easy!
  • The arm is bendable in any direction which helps you to acquire a direct light!
  • If you are looking for a task lighting this lamp might be useful for you.


  • These lamps are not dimmable! It’s advertised mostly by sellers! Be careful about that!
  • Durability is not that great but for this price, I think it’s okay!
  • If you want too much lighting this lamp could cause some problems. Some customers reported a low level of lighting.
  • Some people reported flickering after some usage. However, I think this is pretty normal for a cheap product like this. You can always contact customer service if you have problems like this.


The product is okay for the price! If you are looking for durability you should look at other led desk lamps however this product is really good at providing directional light! If you want some direct light at your study place and have a little space this product might be good for you!


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