Globe Electric 67065 Barden 58″ Floor Lamp Review

  • The minimalist design is perfect. It doesn’t have extensive features!
  • White linen shade diffuses light well! It’s a classy element for any room.
  • The total height of 58 inches.
  • The matte black finish is high-quality but it looks spray painted.
  • Cord length is 5 feet which is great for utility.
  • It operas with an E26 light bulb, you have to buy it separately!


  • This is a great utility lamp for readers. You can easily use it next to your chair. It provides great downlight which is perfect.
  • You can also use it next to your sofa and in the corners. The design of the lamp is extra sleek which allows for a compact storage.
  • It’s extremely easy to assemble, most of the customers can do it in 20 minutes!
  • Simple product with an elegant look.
  • The price of the product is perfect for the quality. It does the job as advertised.


  • It might make some buzzing sound if you use it constantly! The durability is not that great. However, you can overcome this by buying high-quality light bulbs!
  • The height of the lamp is lower compared to other floor lamps. If it was 6-10 inches taller it would be perfect but it still works!
  • The lampshade could be better, it’s a cheap imitation.

Using The Lamp in Home Design

Design of the lamp makes it suitable for living rooms with ease but in this picture, decorator used it in a bedroom! If you have a bed which is low in height you can use the lamp since it’s short.  It will look next to a short bed. The colors you use should not be too vibrant. You can use tones of yellow, white, gray and black with ease!

In the picture, decorator used it next to a black wall which looks perfect in my opinion. The shade attracts the eyes with its distinct look. As you can see the rug is also black and white which completes the product.

The bed color is beige which is generally preferred in minimalist designs. If you are going to use this lamp in your bedroom you can prefer a similar look. Brown furniture will also complement the looks of this lamp!

Usage of Globe Electric 67065 Floor Lamp in a Living Room

This room is designed in a modern and minimalistic way which perfectly suits the looks of the room! This floor lamp is perfect for modern and simple designed rooms! Other than that, you can see the colors of white, black and gray. Most of the minimalistic decors prefer these colors since they are not too bright.

They used the floor lamp next to an L shapes sofa which is perfect in my opinion. The user can easily read his or her favorite books with ease! This lamp is great for small spaces which makes it a perfect lamp.

You can combine the lamp with black and white furniture and they will complete the looks of the room. If you are going to use the floor lamp in your living room you can prefer a look like this!

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