Extra Small Home Decoration

Luxury meant big for a while. People built bigger houses and made them confusing. On the other hand, many didn’t like it. They refused to live in huge rooms. You won’t let any of your things go. The name “living room” includes the real idea inside. For some people, the place you call ‘home’ should not drain your economical sources.

Small house ideas

Here we see some good ideas. People shared these and most of them were not interior decorators. This proves the importance of user experience.

Building such a house might take some days but it worths.

Love the daylight!

Examples show us that we need to focus on our own intention. Simply, feature what you need. For example, if you need a table, it should also be a type of container to your other items.

Living in a small house is not always the same as living in a simple house. You can make it really complex an full of things. On the contrary, you can keep your place spacious. Only some simple furniture inside a huge room might be a good idea for some people. We’ll talk about that concept in another topic.

How about mobile houses?

Some houses are built literary in trailers (caravans). There are really creative ideas. However, some ideas ignore the fact of smell. Shared ideas are always important. I’m sure you consider many things but consider more before you experience them in a bad way. You should keep a mobile house small, beautiful and functional. Please remember to read about safety measures as well.

Some people might turn a bus into their home! That is another awesome idea. Remember to fix things inside otherwise, you’ll see the suffering side of freedom. Give that freedom to yourself, not to the pieces of furniture and stuff.

I love the last picture above. The only thing I’d change is the sofa. A pull sofa could be better. In addition, I hope the jars and other things on the kitchen cabinets are fixed. One last thing I would change is the lighting system. There are too many bulbs. I think long led through the ceiling could save a lot.

Try to imagine something you can do at home and can’t do in a bus-house. When you find something, please share with us. I thought a while and only found some little things. Of course, I thought about my computer and the internet connection. That’s no longer a problem as the tech allowed us to have mobile modems. This also should be another topic itself!


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