Different Kind of Lamps for Your Home

I will never get tired of looking at a lamp. I have a lamp in every room of my house. That’s the main reason why opened this website on the first hand. I just love how it looks and honestly, it’s a beautiful accessory to any room. It illuminates and revitalizes the entire space. If there’s something I can’t live without, it’s definitely a lamp.

Keeping Away the Bad Mood

I feel that light eliminates some bad spells or vibrations. No wonder I feel great every time my lamp is lit. My sisters tell me that I accessorize with blossom stuff but I beg to disagree. It’s just my style. Some folks love Italian furniture. Some desire retro styling. Everyone likes something different. But for me, it’s my light effect at home. That’s just me.

Some people today feel that the top lampshades for their bedrooms are the¬†Tiffany lamps. For me personally, I need those with the contemporary flair. These lamps suit the nowadays¬†design and finding modern floor lamps is really easy. I also love big sized beds, they provide all of the comforts you need. I have a California King sized bed. Oh yes, it’s gigantic. My husband and I like space. And so, with this modern-type bed, includes a modern-like vibe in our area – modern lamp shade.

I have an abysmal bedroom. Everything is in pure white from bed sheets to walls, window drapes, tables, chairs, rug, telephone, desk and needless to say, my contemporary table lighting. I purchased it for $49.99 each at Ikea and it’s named Turbo. It’s so relaxing because it gives off a soft light; a joy really. I definitely like this lamp because I can sleep calmly thanks to it.

Toilet Lampshade

Although it’s typical for a toilet to have ceiling or wall lights, I have a table lamp. My bathroom isn’t just a normal bathing area. It’s a double function room for it also is my walk-in closet room. That’s why I needed the perfect light so I can clearly see my outfits. Sometimes I tent to do my make-up and you know, just for the enjoyment of it. My favorite accessory there is a table lamp which has a beautiful lampshade.

The transitional lampshade I put in my toilet is a Faux Rattan piece from a local shop. I believe I purchased it for over $100. The layout for my walk in cupboard bathroom is character overload. So I have hardwood flooring, closets, closets, dresser, and a backyard fountain beside my tub. The Faux Rattan lamp fits perfectly – it’s a floor and table bit. This chamber got the compliments from everybody.

My lampshade for the date table is about 11 inches tall (so tiny) and it’s a glass shade. Yellow and chestnut bronze, that is also it’s called Z-lite that I buy with my bathroom lighting. I told you everything almost everything I’ve in my house. Keep these in mind before you make any purchase.

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