Decorating Tips for Purple Bedrooms

Strong Emotions

Purple is the color for many of the people. People can’t decide they love it or hate it. There is a reason behind this. We tend to have strong emotions against unusual things. Purple is an unusual color so it gets different emotions from people. This color can be used in any room in my opinion. You can use it in your kitchen, your child’s bedroom or definitely in your bedroom. If you know what you are doing purple is a great color and it can look pretty damn well! You can create contemporary designs in your master bedroom with the help of this color. Men and women enjoy the beauty of this color.

If you are a purple lover, you should check out the bedrooms in this article. You will definitely find something suitable for your wants!

Dark Purple Colors

Most of the people prefer lighter hues of purple for their rooms. However, dark purple can be a great option for these rooms. You can use high contrast colors and create beautiful looks. It can look really great if you combine dark purple, white and black. You can also put some bright blue in there if you want a soothing look.

I suggest you use good lighting if you are going to use dark colors in your bedroom. Dark purple can look really fantastic if you have enough lights in your bedroom. The light intensity is really important if you are using dark colors.

Soft Purple Colors

You can soften the purple color if you want to create a less dramatic decor. It can be a really soothing place if you know what you are doing. Purple definitely has a calming vibe if you mix it with plain colors. Soft purple color can be used in walls, windows or pillows in the bedroom. You can combine it with white and bright blue colors to create a soothing place.

All Purple

If you are a purple color fanatic, you can use all the purple in the world. You can even paint your ceiling to purple. However, there are some limitations to this kind of setup. You have to use just plain white and purple if you want a good looking room. Using a different color on the furniture is great but it should be limited! You can get a really good looking room if you follow the steps.

Sophisticated Color

Purple can be an adult color if you know what you are doing. People make a mistake when they think purple is a kid color. You should just avoid any fuss in order to avoid clutter in your room. You can create sophisticated and beautiful bedrooms if you know what you are doing. Make sure your furniture choices are contemporary and they will look great. You should mostly prefer white colors if you want a foolproof way.

Glamorous Designs

You can create a glamorous bedroom which looks expensive and beautiful. Purple is a really powerful color if you know your thing! You can use metallic furniture with plenty of shine. Mirrors are a good choice if you are looking to create a beautiful bedroom. You can use simple pillows and quiet colors to create a scheme in your room. Using white vases also a great way to induce glamour in your room.

Purple as a Second Color

You can use just a little bit of purple to create a beautiful room. Purple is generally used on the bedding when you are using it as an accent color. Throw pillows are a great way to color up your bedroom. If you have a white bedroom you can definitely use some dark or light purple easily! Gray is another color which you can combine with purple. Make sure the colors suit each other and you are not creating a very dramatic effect.

Small Bedroom

If your bedroom is really small, you can use plain white and purple to create a beautiful room. Clean walls and windows are really great if you have a small bedroom. You can use light purple contains to cover the windows up. Crazy color should be the second choice if you have a small bedroom because it can make look room crowded. You can add some texture by using Moroccan lanterns or other fancy furniture. You should make sure the room looks cozy, not crowded!

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