18 Cool and Unique Floor Lamps!

unique floor lamp

There are a variety of lamps have been around for thousands of years! The people have used simple sticks with oils, contemporary light sources or different looking floor lamps for centuries! Floor lamps evolved in a different way than the most lamps! They evolved aesthetically and technically. These things resulted in a variety of products for floor lamps. As a result of that, there are many similar-looking floor lamps in the market. However, our post is for people who are looking for unique floor lamps for their homes!

Contemporary floor lamps acquired the role of providing accent and ambiance for many years. They are great for improving a particular room or space. The role of the floor lamps are very important and they are really popular amongst the interior designers or landscape artists!

There are many kinds of unique floor lamps which you should look at. They have different sizes, illuminating powers, color schemes, shapes and so on. Bulbs are generally adjustable in terms of angle and illumination. They also have a variety of colors which can be used to create different ambients.

18 Special Lamps in The Market







Franklin Iron Works Arcos Bronze Arch Floor Lamp

  • Franklin Ironworks make the best industrial floor lamps in the market.
  • The lamp works with 4 Edison bulbs.
  • You can use dimmable light bulbs.
  • Supports up to 60 watts.
  • The total height of the lamp is 71 inches which is really high!
  • The lamp has a real nice metal construction.
  • Bronze finish will suit retro and vintage designs.

If you are looking to improve your room’s style with this lamp I definitely suggest it. It will suit most of the industrial or vintage designs with ease. You can use it on the corners because of its arc design. It’s also great for people who lack space in their room!

ORE International 3031FW 3-Light Adjustable Floor Lamp

  •  This lamp is a perfect addition to any living room, it makes a great reading lamp because of the adjustable lightings.
  • You can point head down or up for different kind of effects.
  • Metal base and metal shade, highly stable product.
  • Unique designed lamp with 3 light bulbs.
  • Provides cool white lighting.
  • Height is 65 inches.
  • UL certified.
  • If you use something over a 40W light bulb, it will heat the shade up so please be careful about this.
  • Other than that this lamp is great and looks simple but it’s also really unique.
  • This kind of lamps are called medusa lamps you might want to check them.

The design of this lamp is fantastic. It can be used in offices and living rooms but I suggest this one for offices. It looks minimalistic which won’t affect the way your looks. If you are looking to improve your room’s look without going overboard you can get this one!

Benzara 58815 Metal Abaca Floor Lamp A Decorative Light Sculpture

  •  Very attractive and beautiful design.
  • Three light bulbs for efficient lighting distribution.
  • Assembled height is 70 inches.
  • Made in the Philippines.
  • High-quality materials.
  • This is a high-quality lamp, all the materials used are really great.
  • It has a unique look, It’s large and solid. This can make a great table lamp if you are looking for one.

The style of this lamp is suitable for dining rooms and living rooms. If you are a fan of romantic ambiances you can use it in your dining room. It will create a great ambiance. There are three lamps on the product which allows for a better lighting control which also allows you to control the ambiance.

LumiSource Radiance Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 40 inches.
  • You can set the color according to your mood.
  • Looks a lightsaber.
  • This is the most different lamp I have ever seen, it looks really cool.
  • There are color settings on the knob which you can change it easily.
  • You can check the seller’s website for more pictures so you can get the idea!

This one can be used for almost any room out there. If you are a student who is low on budget you can use this one in your bedroom or living room. It looks beautiful in almost any room. You can also control the color of the lighting which allows better control over ambiance!

Lace Tower Floor Lamp

  • Provides a soft glow.
  • Great for creating ambient lighting.
  • Uses 4 40W light bulbs to work. They are not included in the package.
  • Different styling and cool looks.
  • Sturdy metal frame for high durability.
  • Be careful about the shade it’s not that high-quality.
  • The shade is made of fabric so you should be careful while using it.
  • You should always clean it with a dry cloth. You should also use the lamps according to their lumens because it can be too bright.
  • This is a different lamp I hope you liked it.

This lamp is great for the living room but you might have problems if you have cats in the house! It’s great for creating soft light inside your house! The style is so different which makes it unique. The shade is not that high-quality which can be harmed by pets or naughty kids!

Handmade Multicolor Turkish Moroccan Ottoman Style Mosaic Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 68 inches.
  • Unique colored globes which provide really beautiful ambient lighting.
  • Uses E12 light bulbs and up to 25W.
  • Made in Turkey, a high-quality lamp with great materials.
  • This is an art piece if you look closely, the globes are well designed and provide great lighting.
  • There are some beautiful pictures on the seller’s website you might want to check them out.
  • If you are looking for ambient lighting this one is great for you.

Moroccan lanterns are great when it comes to designing living rooms but you can use this one for the dining room too. Each lamp uses different light bulbs which helps you to create a nice ambiance. The shades emit lighting at different levels which creates an art.

Amora Lighting AM071FL14 Tiffany-style Jewel Floor Torchiere Lamp

  •  Made of hundred percent glass no fabrics used at all!
  • Assembled height is 72 inches.
  • Knob switch.
  • It needs a 60W light bulb to work which is not included in the package.
  • A total of 180 pieces of stained glass.
  • This lamp fits almost in any place because of the thin base and pole.
  • If you are in need of space you can think about this lamp. This is a tall, well well-designed lamp.
  • It’s made of quality material.
  • If you like tiffany styled lamps you can get this one!

Tiffany floor lamps are a great way to add sophistication in your room! The crystal shade of this lamp looks great which is made of high-quality material. This lamp is great for people who don’t have any space in their rooms. It’s also a great lamp for corners because of the tall design.

Siam Circus TRIBECCA HOME Crystal Rain 3-light Chrome Crystal Floor Lamp

  •  Beautiful design.
  • Easy to assemble, takes around only 10 minutes.
  • Provides soft white lighting.
  • Great for the living room.
  • This lamp is really easy to put together and looks absolutely perfect.
  • Crystal drops are made of hundred percent glass and high-quality.
  • If you are into crystal floor lamps you can get this elegant lamp!

This lamp is great for living rooms! It can be combined with all kind of furniture. You should check the picture on the left to get some ideas.

 KuVav The Light Mosaic Lamp

  • 12 different type of color patterns for the shades!
  • Made of high-quality metal in Turkey.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • The shades look absolutely fantastic.
  • Oriental looks with a great design.
  • If you like the oriental look this lamp is great.
  • It looks absolutely unique and very well designed.
  • The price is okay if you compare it with the quality, I can definitely suggest this for living room or dining room.
  • You can even create different ambients in the bedroom with this.

This lamp is great for bedrooms because of its design! The height of the lamp is not that high which might be a problem for some living rooms. If you have tall furniture in your house it might look absurd in the beginning. This lamp can be used for creating oriental or industrial looks. It can create a different effect on industrial designed rooms!

Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 64 inches.
  • Uses 3 40W light bulbs.
  • Rotary switch for each light bulb.
  • Metal base and shade with a high-quality brass finish.
  • Some stability problems.
  • I can definitely suggest this lamp to families without toddlers.
  • They can knock it down easily so keep that in mind.
  • The lights are adjustable, you can point them in any direction for better lighting.
  • This lamp can light a room if you point the shades accordingly.
  • Makes a great reading lamp!

I suggest this lamp for living rooms because of the design! The three light bulbs are extremely useful for task lighting. The sleek design of the product makes it a great candidate for corners. It can be used near sofas or couch with ease which also helps with reading!

LEONC 52″ Creative Floor Lamp

  • Modern looks and design.
  • Assembled height is 52 inches.
  • Easy to clean with a dry cloth.
  • Highly stable families with pets or children can get this one.
  • Push switch.
  • The lampshade is hundred percent fabric and quality is okay.
  • Uses two E26 light bulbs.
  • You can pick one from different designs.
  • This is a perfect lamp at a great price. You can get different colored light bulbs for extra ambient choices.
  • The lampshade quality is okay but you should be careful when you are cleaning it.
  • Since it’s made of fabric you should clean it with a dry cloth.

First of all, you should stay away from this lamp if you have pets in your house. The lampshade creates a beautiful ambiance in any living room out there.

Edison Bulb Shape Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 72 inches.
  • It uses a 100W light bulb.
  • Provides bright white lighting for any room.
  • Mostly suggested for office or living room.
  • Unique and stylish look.
  • High-quality metal base.
  • This is a great addition to any living room or office.
  • I can highly suggest this one for your office, it provides a stylish look with its unique design.

This one is great for offices which are decorated in an industrial way. It’s a really unique floor lamp in every manner. The light bulb looks extremely different compared to other ones. It’s actually a shade which is shaped like a light bulb.

Brightech Twist – Modern LED Living Room Floor Lamp

  • Modern design with extreme beauty.
  • Suitable for families or offices.
  • You can easily use the lamp in the corners or you can use two of these next to your tv. It will enhance the looks of items near them.
  • The spirals are 43 inches high and they look really cool.
  • The lights have a built-in dimmer which is really cool, you can change the looks of your room.
  • It provides warm white light(3000k). The beautiful thing is the light provided by the lamp is in all directions. It will equally brighten up your room!
  • The product is made of non-toxic material. It is more environmental friendly than standard lamps. They are designed to last longer than standard lamps and they will definitely cut your electricity bills.
  • This product is extremely functional and flexible. It has the looks and it is also highly functional. If you are looking for a good product with the great functionality you should definitely buy this one!
  • The lamp has a 3-year warranty which is great.

If you are looking for a cool floor lamp this one is perfect for any person out there! It’s extremely suitable for offices and living rooms! The lamp is functional because of the lighting it provides. It’s not suitable for corners since it distributes light evenly! If you are looking to get a high-quality lamp with a great warranty you might get this one!

Albrillo LED Floor Lamp

  • The lamp is elegantly designed, it’s suitable for living rooms or offices. It will create an inviting look at your room and your guests are going to fall in love with it!
  • It provides a warm cozy white light which will definitely make your guests feel safe and warm!
  • The lamp uses 2 E26 LED light bulbs, these are not included in the package. You can easily replace the light bulbs anytime you want with different colors to create ambient effects.
  • The fabric shade is of great quality, it will soften the brightness of the light. It helps the light to create a diffused glow. This is going to help you to read your favorite book easier.
  • This lamp is also highly suitable for Asian designs.
  • Extremely lightweight design helps you to carry around the lamp easily!
  • 24-month guarantee and 3-month money back!

Another great lamp for corner usage. However, it’s not suitable for reading activities! If you are looking to get ambient lighting which creates a diffused glow, you might use it!

HROOME Modern Contemporary Decorative Wooden Floor Lamp

  • If you are really looking to get the coolest lamp possible this might be it!
  • The design is extremely different than the standard lamps as you can see.
  • It also has 4 different color options which you can pick from.
  • The height of the lamp is 160 centimeters which equal to 5’3″. The lamp is really tall enough for most of the situations.
  • You can also change the angle and height however you want it! This is a great function if you are into changing things!
  • It operates with E26 screw socket which is easy to install.
  • The cord is 1.6 meters long. It equals to 5.5 feet if I’m not mistaken.
  • You have to assemble the lamp once you got it!
  • I highly suggest this one if you are looking for an extremely unique floor lamp!

One of the most unique floor lamps out there! It’s great for almost any people out there but the lamp is taller than standard lamps which might be a problem for some people. It can be used in the corners but I suggest you put it in the middle so it can attract your guests! The lampshade can be changed with something different!

Tripod Floor Lamp Decorative Lamps Industrial Searchlight Table Lights Desk Spotlight

  • Another beautiful looking industrial decorative lamp.
  • The vintage design of the product looks extremely cool. The base part of the lamp is a little bit thicker than average tripod lamps but it adds a different look to this item!
  • You can easily use the lamp in your office or home but I really suggest this one for workplaces because it can supply direct light at any place you like.
  • The lamp is foldable and easy to carry around. If you are a person who loves to switch things around you are going to like it.
  • You can also adjust the height of the lamp. You can make it higher or lower according to your needs.
  • This lamp is also great for restaurants it provides good lighting and it has a great design.
  • You can also easily use the lamp in your modern mid-century designs!

I really like the tripod floor lamps or nautical floor lamps when it comes to decorating! They are great for creating some difference in your room! This can be used as a spotlight which is great for task activities! The height of the lamp is a little bit short which might be a problem for some people! This lamp is great for people who constantly change the design of their rooms.

Brightech Helix LED Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

  • If you are into minimalist designs with a unique look you should look into this lamp!
  • The lamp is great for both young and old people, it combines the modernness and sleek design in one piece!
  • It’s great for tight spaces, if you don’t have too much space in your house, this lamp is going to be more useful than the original ones!
  • The height of the lamp is 48 inches which is a little bit lower than the average, so keep that in your mind before you make the purchase.
  • It has a foot dimmer switch which is really easy to use.
  • The lowest setting of the dim is really comfortable use in the bedroom! You can use the lamp as a nightlight!
  • The color of the lamp is suitable for almost any decor out there! As you know the black color is the most matchable color.
  • The LED lights will definitely save some energy cost for you!
  • The product has a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, it also has a three-year warranty which is really good!

This unique floor lamp is my favorite when it comes to designing living rooms! It’s a great lamp because of many things. First of all, it’s dimmable which is great for creating ambient lighting. You can also use this one as a night-light in the lowest light setting!

White LED Modern Contemporary Floor Lamp

  • If you are into unique and contemporary floor lamps this is the thing you are looking for!
  • The wooden part of the lamp looks really cool when it’s lighted up!
  • Inside of the product is made of plastic to protect the wooden part!
  • The assembled height of the product is 48 inches!
  • The product is really lightweight! It’s only 6 pounds, you can carry it around easily.
  • It has a remote control which makes the lamp more useful!
  • The lamp is dimmable, you can create different ambient effects with it!
  • You can change the light between a yellow color and daylight!
  • I can definitely suggest if you don’t have any specific product in your mind! This will definitely suit most of the designs out there!

Another unique floor lamp for designers out there!  I have seen this lamp from other brands too, you might want to do a deep search. Anyways, this one is great for offices because of the elegant design! It’s also extremely lightweight which is it compact and mobile!

Different Types of Floor Lamps

There are different styles and techniques when it comes to the design of the interior and exterior spaces. Most of the artists use a variety of floor lamps to complete their design and uniqueness of the floor lamp is really important for them. We will inspect the different types of floor lamps to create a unique environment for your home!

Arc lamps are great for improving the look of your room They have named arc floor lamps because they have an arm which is shaped like an arc. These configurations are generally great for reading. You can easily extend the lamp above a table for the perfect environment. They are generally easy to install and have unique shapes. They can be great for any room because they have a unique shape! Arc lamps can be used in transitional or contemporary interiors with ease.

Unique Styles

Torchiere lamps are the most popular lamps amongst the floor lamps. They also called torch lamps and they are used in Europe since the 17th century. In the old times, people used wax candles which are mounted on tall wooden or metal stands. Nowadays you can find all kind of versions of these beautiful lamps. They are used with composite, plastic, alloy or ceramics with ease. Torchiere floor lamps generally don’t consume too much space at home because of their designs! They take a little space and provide well-diffused lighting by radiating the beams on it! If you consider these functions torchiere lamps are great for limited spaces or if you are intended to do a minimalist interior design!

Tower lamps have meticulously designed! They provide an aesthetic look in most of the rooms. Our article has various of these lamps. They can be dimmed and change colors in most of the designs! The purpose of the tower lamps is generally highlighted the three-dimensional artworks! There are many designs out there and you will be able to find the design you like.


We all want to decorate our room the best and most different way possible all the time. Unique floor lamps are the best choice when you are trying to achieve something different. Unique floor lamps come in various shapes and sizes. They often have a different look than most of the lamps and can make it a room better on their own. If you are looking for a star player in your room these lamps are definitely the choice you should make! So I compiled few cool floor lamps here for your liking, check unique floor lamps out and give me some feedback!

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