Choosing the Best Bulbs for Floor Lamps

When you read something, you’ll see that it’s not hard to set the best bulbs for your purposes. You can learn some basics of natural light sources. You can combine your desires with some of the information below. Then, here we are, you’ll have found your best bulbs for your desires.

Steps of picking the best bulbs

The lighting of a specific place is more than just decoration. It affects the quality of the particular work you do. Moreover, lighting wisely would affect many more things in your life. In particular, brain activity and sleep order are highly related to lighting.

Consider the function

The chart below shows the recommendations. In other words, it shows you the common ‘OK’ vision. Actually, I find the chart quite informing and sufficient. Still, I’ll combine opinions with facts to provide more humane information.

Activity Lumen/square meter
Public areas with dark surroundings 20 – 50
Simple orientation for short visits 50 – 100
Working areas where visual tasks are only occasionally performed 100 – 150
Warehouses, Homes, Theaters, Archives 100 – 200
Easy Office Work, Classes 200 – 300
Normal Office Work, PC Work, Study Library, Groceries, Show Rooms, Laboratories 450 – 550
Supermarkets, Mechanical Workshops, Office Landscapes 700 – 850
Normal Drawing Work, Detailed Mechanical Workshops, Operation Theatres 900 – 1100
Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works 1500 – 2000
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast and very small size for prolonged periods of time 2000 – 5000
Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks 5000 – 10000
Performance of very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size 10000 – 20000


Common Light Functions

We can name functions as ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting is the most general type of these. Illuminating a wide range is general lighting. So, you can decide your ambient checking the recommendations above.

Task lighting is my favorite. I assume people decorate rooms mostly without task lighting because they use fixtures already. So, floor lamps are your task lighters in such case. Crafting, reading, writing, etc will require this type. It’s simply provided by putting the contrast. Lighting a specific area is not for general use but for specific tasks. Some people might prefer using neck hug lights while others choose more domesticated floor lamps. Task lighting lamps require high contrasting bulbs. Again, the chart above can give you an idea. Relate your task with lumens to find the best bulb.

If you highlight a particular area to provide visual beauty, we call it accent lighting. It could be your bar or family picture or something you value as a visual. Mostly, people accent light their bookcases or flags of their favorite teams or paintings. They do it with fixtures or, less commonly, with floor lamps. Accent lighting is mostly about Kelvin color temperature chart below. Which type of accent would look pleasing to you?

Find what your fixtures fail to provide you

Imagine your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Are the fixtures enough for you in these places? Does your fixture fail to illuminate while shaving in the bathroom? Do you like reading in the living room and fixture lighting tires you?

In summary, this step requires thinking about your daily habits. Once you found the problem, you’ll be able to decide whether to increase or decrease illumination.

Find the right bulbs

The best bulbs for floor lamps or fixtures depend on the things above. There are incandescent bulbs, compact bulbs, LEDs, and halogens to choose from.

Incandescent bulbs are the classical bulbs that we are most familiar for many years. They lose their favorite places because of energy efficiency. Moreover, later tech bulbs are offering more natural-like lighting. So, I wouldn’t call them the best for your lamps.

LEDs are efficient and practical. I can call LEDs as the best bulbs for floor lamps. Actually, I can call them the best for many other lighting issues. They’re efficient and healthier for your eyes.

Halogens are also famous for their similarity to natural daylight. They’re the second best option for floor lamps.

Finalize with facts

You should consider some numbers before you finalize your decision. The main idea is brightness levels of lumens and light appearance of kelvins. You can understand light appearance better if I call it color temperature. Similarly, one can understand lumens better when we call it brightness.


Illumination can be calculated as

The formula means you multiply lumens per lamp with coefficiency and light loss and divide the result with the range of area.

For us, the users, the formula means more bulbs provide higher illumination.

You’ll check the numbers written about bulbs.  Lumens differ from 3000 to 10000. It should mostly be a personal choice. However, in common, experts use it as follows:
1500 to 3000 for living rooms,
3000 to 6000 lumens for offices and dining rooms,
2000 to 4000 for bedrooms,
4000 to 8000 for bathrooms,
5000 to 10000 for kitchens.

Above are the common usage information. Yet, you can personalize if you need something specific. You’ll increase the quantity of the lamps to reach higher lumens because there is no single lamp to provide 10k.


You will define the color temperature considering Kelvin. You can check the chart of kelvins and lumens. Meet the numbers to your wish. Then, it will define your best bulb for your floor lamps. Actually, it can help you choose your bulbs for ceiling mount fixtures, chandeliers, wall mounted fixtures, pendant lights, recessed lights, track lights, and table lamps.

2700 Kelvins will provide warm white, 4100 for bright, 5500 for regular daylight.


To be a straight-shooter with your decision while decorating, go for dimmable lamps. If money is not a problem, the best choice is the adjustable choice. If your set-up enables you to go from zero to ten thousand, you’ll just dim it to please your current aims.

You can feature many numbers of bulbs with dimmable lamps to get a lifetime solution. Otherwise, you have to calculate more and adjust things to your specific purposes.

After all, it resembles having a great car. You can decide the gear and the speed if you have a high-quality car. The good thing is, the gap between good lamp systems and normal lamp systems is not as wide as cars’.

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