Best Worm Composters in 2019

People became aware of the fact that natural fertilizers should be used instead of artificial fertilizers. In the background, they started using standard composters. After that, innovative gardening brought us worm composters. Then, people and companies improved the concept. In the end, we had many options of worm composters.

There are very high-quality worm composters and we listed them here for you. They improved not only the performance but also the stylish looks. After showing the best possible buys, we’ll also provide some insights info.

If gardening is your hobby, you’re reading the right spot. Again, worm composts are really very fertile for most of the gardening products, plants, and flowers.

Best Seller Worm Composters for Your Garden

Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter
VermiHut 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin
HOT FROG Living Composter
Homestead Essentials 5-Tray Worm Composting Kit
Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version

Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter

  • It has a standard 4-tray size which can be improved up to 8 trays.
  • The product also has three different designs. The terra cotta looks fantastic in my opinion. If you are into different looking things you should try it.
  • The products come with a manual which you should read.
  • It has a built-in worm tea collector tray which is great for professionals.
  • The price is a little bit expensive than other products on the market. However, it definitely has the quality.
  • It’s the best seller in the whole worm composters category.
  • Customers are highly satisfied with the product.
  • You should get around 1000 worms if you want the best results. Some people also said red wrigglers are the best worms for this composter.

VermiHut 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

  • This is a standard 5-tray worm compost bin. It has really good air control which allows for better oxygen flow.
  • If you are looking to get high-compost efficiency you should get this one immediately!
  • Worm-tea collection is made really easier than usual.
  • The customers are satisfied with the product. They have given it 4.5 stars out of 5.
  • If you use too much compost in all of the containers it might cause some problems for the bottom one. I suggest you use 2-3 inches of spacers in each container by doing that you will reduce the weight on the bottom container which will result in a long-lasting product.

HOT FROG Living Composter

  • Vermicomposters are a great way to compost a variety of things. They are easy to use and quick to get results.
  • You can easily use it year round. It is also suitable for indoor usage which is great for most of the people.
  • The container has migration trays which allow better traveling for worms.
  • Even more, has a reservoir base which is great if you want to collect worm teas.
  • It’s made of bpa-free material which is great if you are looking to get an environmental friendly composter.

Homestead Essentials 5-Tray Worm Composting Kit

  • 5-tray composters are my favorite and this one is great.
  • It can compost over %50 of your household waste.
  • It also has three different color designs. You can pick the one you desire. I suggest you get a purple one if you are looking for something funky.
  • Clear and modern design is suitable for most of the gardens.
  • If you are looking for a price-performance product you can get this one.

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version

  • It doesn’t produce any odor at all. You can easily turn your waste into fertile worm castings.
  • You don’t have separate worms with trays! It’s really simple to use. If you are not a professional gardener you can get this one!
  • It has an extremely breathable fabric design which is great for ventilation. This will provide the necessary oxygen for worms.
  • It has a %100 lifetime warranty which is great.
  • If you are a hobbyist and looking for a simple product this one is great!


Worm Composting Explained

As a sort of vermiculture, usage of worm composters is spreading wider. Many of my friends went into the market with their produce. Indeed, some of those were not even into gardening or sorts at all. Eventually, here we brought several reasons together.

1. Worm composting is not difficult to start. Apparently, it requires no profession and no special skills. At first sight, you might find it complicated but when you simply see a video or a review, you’ll be nothing less than actual worm composting people.

2. Investing in worm composting is easy and very cheap. Even for free, you can start trying.

3. It’s a very nature-friendly act to be into these. It gives you a very lovely opportunity to make use of your kitchen wastes. For gardeners, it means a lot more. It solves the winter problem for them. So, it solves the market dependence of gardeners in a way.

4. It feels awesome to produce something. I mean, it’s emotionally boosting people.

How can you start?
1. Do you want to give it a go almost for free?

You simply need some worms and a container, even in a balcony. If you do not have an appropriate container, build one similar to the pictures and videos. You can craft your own wooden container. Actually, you shouldn’t overlook to handcrafted wood containers. They are really good because wood is a favorable material for worm composters. Rather, you can also use plastic containers although it doesn’t sound green.


10 inches in depth, 1 ft. 5 inches in width should be ideal. That’s not a rule but very common to start so. Depending on the number of worms or your space, sizing can change. Open like fifteen small holes on the bottom so that it drains and ventilates efficiently. You should be aware of the fact that the worm composter should never get too wet, too dry or too mucky.

Build the trays first if you plan not to buy and plan to build for yourself. Then, build the container according to it. The tray should be a little bit wider.

I said that it didn’t sound green but plastic trays are more durable, lighter and very easier to clean. Similarly, a metal cooking tray might function well if you have a spare one.

The interiors should be left in dark. Therefore, you must cover the container very well. That’s also why we suggest you open holes on the bottom or low sides.

2. A place for the worms’ heads

Your next step is to arrange bedding space for your worms. You can prepare a bad made of dry leaves, straw, and garden soil. Do not keep the mixture tight so that worms can find enough space to wiggle around. Leave even more space after this. Remember that you’ll also add kitchen scraps.

3. What Worms

The simple earthworms and red worms are compatible. You can buy them from the related stores. Moreover, online shopping is also available to get some worms. They sell packs of a thousand. You’ll get like two packs of them. Wait after the first thousand purchase. If things go well, your worms might add themselves a thousand within weeks.

4. Food

Vegetables, eggshells and fruit sacks are the best way to feed worms. Other ingredients might cause unwanted results. With this in mind, pour the scraps we’ve mentioned above just like you take out the trash.

If you have some days when you feel like you haven’t fed them well recently, you can add additional bread crumbs and an apple, maybe.

5. The True Conditions

The residents of the container should have a temperature between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit (5-27 degrees centigrade).
Use heating cable if required. Similarly, find a cooling way if necessary.

Is it working?

If nothing very special happens, a worm composter container works as a solid company. It’s quite easy to monitor them. Do they wiggle around and look healthy? Then, you supplied them well. If you have served perfectly, you can smell the scent like the soil after rain.


Just like it is for other composters, the production routine is also a caring system itself. When you regularly go on harvesting, the worms will keep leaving the compost down. Use the compost directly after harvesting or pack them in sacks to store for later use.

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