Best Tips for Cleaning Water Line Tiles in Swimming Pools

Cleaning the tile at the bottom of the waterline is one of the hardest tasks for pool owners out there! It can get really dirty if you don’t want to pay for a pool service company. However, you can easily clean that space if you know what you are doing!

The bottom part of the pool is covered with stains most of the time. These stains discolor the pool and make it really really look bad. If you have problems with sinks and tubs inside your house, your pool is definitely going to have these stains too! The water creates calcium deposits when it evaporates which leaves stains like that. These stains can be white or gray depending on the texture of the water! Most of the time they are really hard to get rid of!

These stains generally contain two things;

Calcium Carbonate: This one is generally easier to remove because it doesn’t have a hard form. You can use pumice stone when it comes to removing the calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate bubbles up if you use muriatic acid on it which is helpful information.

Calcium Silicate: This can be only removed with the usage of pumice stone which is a really great ingredient. It can be used for two types of stains most of the time. Muriatic acid doesn’t do anything to calcium silicate which is a little bit disappointing.

The pool stains will vary depending on the texture and chemical balance of your water. The stains will have a different color depending on the pool surface material.

Dealing with Stains

You can start out really small. The pool can be cleaned when you have some free time. Pumice stone is a great option but you can’t use all the time since it’s a chemical. If you are into chemical-free methods you can use the ones I will mention. This stuff will work as a cleaning agent and they really act well. Baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste, dish soap and borax can be used for cleaning stains.

It’s really wise to use a pair of rubber gloves when it comes to cleaning swimming pool tiles! The tile cleaners generally work great if you combine it with a pumice stone! You can find most of these stuff in any supply store out there! I suggest you try some of the super cleaners since they work with most of the rust, calcium or water stains! You can combine these super cleaners with stuff like a pumice stone to get the maximum benefit!


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