Best 13 Stained Glass Lamps in 2019

orange stained glass lamp

You are probably looking for a new lamp and thinking by yourself ” What’s the best one? Which one will look matchless and original? ” If you are thinking the same stained glass lamps are the answer to your prayers! A stained glass lamp will be definitely a good choice for people like you. These lamps are very well designed and the bases match to their glass shades in most situations. The bases can be made of any material including; wooden, brass and metal. Most of them have an antique look with different carved designs. The combination of the parts is also essential. Some glass lamps are also combined with a simple lampshade. You can gather people’s attention to the base with more plain lampshades but these stained glass lamps are not for that! In my opinion, the glass shade should be absolutely elegant and eye-catching!

Top-Rated Stained Glass Lamps







Stained Glass Teapot Accent Lamp Tiffany Style Tea Pot Kettle

  • Designed with natural tones of green and bronze floral designs.
  • You’ve to get a separate 15W light bulb, it’s not included in the package.
  • The material used is polyresin.
  • If you want a long cord this product has it with 75 inches of cord length.
  • Uses CFL bulb.
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 10 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Size is really great and suits most places.
  • The product is fully handmade.
  • Creates beautiful colorful ambient light.
  • Great showpiece at a reasonable price.

Great product at this price, if you are into natural tones and floral accents this one can do the trick for you, it’s suitable for the kitchen but you can use it in any place. This one has a really good cord length if you need it. It works with a CFL light bulb which might be a problem for some people!

Amora Lighting AM1094TL12 Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp

  • No fabrics used during production.
  • Height is 19 inches.
  • It requires one E26 light bulb at 60W.
  • The shade is made of zinc with high quality.
  • The product is 7.3 pounds.
  • Impressive and beautiful colors.
  • Perfect size for most places.
  • Looks expensive than it is.
  • You can place a lower watt bulb if you want a relaxing ambient.
  • High-quality material.
  • The cord is not that great quality.

This one can be used for bedrooms. However, I suggest this one for the living room because of the normal design. It can be used for nautical designs because of the design. Overall it’s a great product with a solid base and durable shade! If you are like the color you can get it without hesitation. If you are looking for a cheap stained glass lamp check this one out!

Warehouse of Tiffany’s T18275TGRB Dragonfly Tiffany-Style 26-Inch Table Lamp

  • Great table lamp with Tiffany-Style Shade.
  • A total of 400 colored pieces used on stained glass!
  • Metal foundation.
  • You have to buy 2 60-watt bulbs and 1 25-watt bulb for the base.
  • A total of 18 inches in diameter and height is 26 inches.
  • Great product for the price!
  • Cuts on the glass are superior to most products!
  • Provides the quality of several thousand dollar lamps!
  • The light color of 2700 will make this look fantastic.
  • Bright and shiny colors according to the lamp you are using.

This is a very great lamp at this price, you can go for the cheaper ones but this lamp is really in the 400-500$ range. You can get it without hesitation, everything is high quality in this lamp. I suggest this one for bedrooms. The lamp can instantly create a romantic ambiance in any bedroom.

River of Goods 15.5-Inch H Mission Style Stained Glass Santa Fe Table Lamp

  • Made with a total of 128 pieces of hand-cut glasses.
  • The base material is polyresin.
  • Cord length is 65 inches which allow exceptional positioning.
  • Requires one 25w bulb, it’s not included in the package.
  • Product Dimensions 13 x 13 x 15.5 inches
  • The product is very light at 0.2 pounds.
  • A perfect addition to your guest room.
  • Small in size which is perfect who needs something smaller in size.
  • Impressive look with high durability.
  • They are great for nightstands!

This lamp is great but it’s really small. If you are in need of great lamp for your nightstand you can get it without hesitation.  You can also use this lamp in the dining room to create a dramatic ambiance. If you are looking for a cheap tiffany style glass lamp you should buy this because it also looks high-quality and has a unique look.

River of Goods 15041 Tiffany Style Stained Glass Swirling Shells Table Lamp

  • Turtle shell design mixed with Tiffany Style.
  • Looks antique with its design.
  • Exceptional quality with a great base.
  • Bright and shiny colors.
  • Provides the normal amount of light.
  • You have to buy light bulbs separately.
  • Looks very attractive.
  • Great accent lamp.
  • The shade is actually not glass so keep that in mind.
  • Durable and sturdy.

If you are into old designs with antique looks you can get this one, it’s really durable and made of quality material. This lamp can be used for nautical or tropical designs because of the color. It looks bright and shiny in real life. You can pick light bulbs with high power to create a vibrant look.

River of Goods Enchanted Forest Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp


  • You have to buy two 60W incandescent light bulbs!
  • The base is made of polyresin.
  • Cord length is really great and allows you to put it where you want.
  • Product Dimensions: 16″L x 16″W x 24.5″H
  • Item Weight: 13.1 pounds.
  • Great quality for this price!
  • Looks fully handmade and evenly shaped!
  • Gives a cozy glow to your room.
  • You can create great atmospheres with this simple and beautiful lamp.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Colors are really great.

Another great lamp which will look cool in nautical or tropical designed rooms. This product is the real deal, if you love cozy warm colors you should definitely get it. It’s really easy to assemble and creates a beautiful atmosphere in seconds.

Serena D’italia Tiffany Style Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp

  • Easily fits into the living room or bedroom.
  • Height is a total of 23 inches.
  • Uses 2 CFL 60w bulbs.
  • Hand-cut stained glass lamp shade looks great and durable.
  • Has an antique look in it.
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 16.5 x 11.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.1 pounds
  • Great quality for the price!
  • The base of the lamp is sturdy and heavy.
  • Another kind of tiffany styled lamp which can suit most places!
  • Super bright and beautiful

If you are looking for something stylish but still has some simpleness in it, this lamp is great. High-quality material and reasonable price make it perfect! It’s stylish and it’s one of the cheapest tiffany style table lamps out there! The pull switch makes this lamp useful for bedrooms out there. You can buy two of it for your bedroom with ease since the price is really cheap.

Warehouse of Tiffany 1686-BB449 Tiffany-style Tree Lamp

  • Extra bright colors, perfectly designed.
  • Easy to assemble, take only 10 minutes.
  • Made of hundred perfect glass!
  • Dimmable lamp.
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 25 inches.
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds.
  • Bright and shiny colors.
  • You might want to go with stained glass lamps with lower watts because of brightness!
  • You should ask for the exact item you are going to get from your retailer!
  • Very sturdy and high-quality material

If you are looking something 100% handmade and still has the best durability this lamp is for you. It’s a really great addition to any room, provides a bright and shiny warm light to your place. If you are looking for a Tiffany-style table lamp this is really great! I give this 8.6 out of 10!

SUFI Mosaic Desk Lamp Handmade Turkish Moroccan Glass Table

  • Antique and Oriental design.
  • If you are looking a little bit different looking lamp this is really great.
  • Uses E12 25W light bulb.
  • Made of hundred percent of glass.
  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 11.4 x 5.4 inches
  • Different design for different needs.
  • Can suit into almost any place and can be used as a decor.
  • Excellent quality with superb looks.
  • The cord is long enough.
  • Provides great colors when you light it up!

This is a great product for people who are looking for a different look. You can also use it as decor but it looks really great when you light it up. If you want something more mobile with different looks you can get it! I give it 8.2 out of 10! If you are intended to buy a cheap Moroccan style table lamp check this one out!

Amora Lighting AM1102TL16 BLUE Tiffany Style Table Lamp


  • The product doesn’t contain any fabric at all.
  • It’s imported from Morocco.
  • You can easily turn off the lights by a pull switch.
  • The lampshade is made of stained glass and it’s extremely high-quality.
  • The base is made of bronze. The stability is also really good.
  • Lamp height is 24 inches.
  • The base width of the lamp is around 8 inches.
  • You can use two 60W light bulbs with this stained glass lamp.
  • There are some purple tones on the lamp which makes the lamp more vibrant.
  • Great packaging by the company.
  • The colors will definitely get you under their spell!
  • It looks better than the photo in real life!
  • You can combine it with daylight bright bulbs and get a great effect.
  • The lamp doesn’t really have any cons.

This lamp is great if you love the blue color. It has tones of blue and purple on the light. They create a beautiful atmosphere if the lamp is used with daylight bulbs. It’s also durable because of the bronze base. It doesn’t contain any fabric at all. The lampshade is made of hundred percent glass! If you are looking for a real lamp you can get this lamp!

Amora Lighting AM1084TL12 Tiffany Style Sunflower Table Lamp

  • Amora lighting makes beautiful lamps and this one is extremely perfect.
  • Classic sunflower design with the bronze metal base.
  • 19 inches of total height.
  • It needs an E27 light bulb to operate.
  • The lamp has an inline switch which is quite easy to use.
  • No fabrics used in the lampshade!
  • If you are looking for the classical sunflower look you can get this lamp. It will complete most of the antique designs with ease because of its look.
  • You can use a low wattage lamp inside of it, it will create a beautiful environment.
  • You can easily use the lamp for bedside reading.

If you are looking to create a cozy environment you should definitely get a couple of this lamp! It will look great either with bright light bulbs or low wattage bulbs. You can create the environment you want with ease! If you are looking for a high-quality and cheap tiffany style table lamp, check this one out!

Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp

  • The lamp works with one 25W light bulb.
  • The lampshade has 32 different bright colors and it’s made of a hundred percent glass!
  • It’s ETL listed which means it’s high-quality.
  • The lamp height is 12 inches which is quite low. If you have intentions of using this lamp as a reading lamp, you should look into something else.
  • If you love arch lamps you must buy this! It has a wonderful design and looks better in real life!
  • The switch is on the cord and I think it’s plus.
  • It will glow really well and add an ambiance to your desk within seconds!
  • The lamp looks extremely beautiful!

If you are into overarching lamps this one should be great for you! It combines the looks of two different lamp species! Stained glass lamp and overarching lamp in one package make it looks extremely cute! Highly suggested!

How to Pick Best Stained Glass Lamp?

Picking the right lamp is good for everyone! No one would like to spend money on a bad item and replace it after using it for 3-4 months. This would be a disaster for any person out there. However, I can save you from this burden and share some of my tips. There are some factors which you should inspect really close! Those factors are generally missed by most of the customers and cause some problems in the end.


Size is one of the most important factors in the game! If you are going to use this lamp on a table, you should pick lamps suitable for your table size. If your table or desk is too small, you are definitely going to have a problem with bigger sized lamps! You should always check the dimensions of a product, especially the base part if you want to avoid any further problems! If you are looking to buy a stained glass floor lamp then your job is mostly easy. They are generally at the same size with little differences. The shade is more important in this kind of situations and now I’m going to give you tips about that.


There is a trick that companies do, as I mentioned before. They can use plastic instead of stained glass and they look really cheap. Sometimes you won’t even understand the difference between them so, you should inspect the lamp really close! Another thing is, lampshades will always look different because most of the time they are handmade and colors will definitely vary. This is a good thing for most of the people but if you want to avoid any problems, you might want to ask the seller the pictures of the lamp you are getting. This simple tip can solve any problems which may occur in the first place! Lampshade affects quality as well. It will make a stained glass lamp cheaper.


The base is another important factor. Size is of the base is really important if you want stability. Since these stained glass lamps are made of glass they can break down into thousands of pieces in a single knockdown. I highly suggest you get a stable table lamp if you are living with children and pets! The base affects the price as you can understand. You can find cheaper stained glass lamps with a lower quality base material.


Most of the stained glasses are shaped like animals including; owls, peacocks, birds, swans, lions and other exotic animals. Bases are generally carved and reflect an antique look most of the time. Finding a modern one is definitely hard in this kind of lamps design. You can also find stained glass lamps which are decorated with perfect flowers, lanterns, Christmas trees, and other figures. The second part of the figures are better for me, I really like seeing flowers in my shade, they will instantly increase the mood of your room!


This stained glass design firstly made by a company called Tiffany and they also known as Tiffany style lamps. That company used all the figures above for a better look. However, there are some Moroccan lamps which used the same design as Tiffany lamps. It all comes to your personal preference which one you are going to choose. You can always obtain a mosaic effect with these beautiful lamps. There are many choices regarding colors, most of them are vibrant and shiny! But the most important part is getting a matching lamp and shade. Also, fitting the lamp in your room is another problem.

Base Materials

The bases have different shapes and sizes as well as colors. You might get two of the same item and they might look different. Because most of the stained glass lamps are made by hand and there is probably going to be some color differences between them! This is the good side of these lamps I think, you won’t probably get the same lamp twice! Everything is unique and designed in their own way! Whether you are buying a traditional or an antique stained glass lamp they are all going to look different and these differences will be great because they will have different attractive additions to every room in your house!


There are a variety of stained glass lamps on the market. Most of the lampshades of these lamps are made by hand and they generally have bright and vibrant colors. If you are trying to buy the best-stained glass lamp on the market I suggest you take a look at all of the brands on the market. There are tons of brands and most popular ones are; Warehouse of Tiffany and River of Goods.

The lamps from these brands generally have okay quality most of the time. You can also find some lamps which are made in Turkey or Morocco. If you want to order from those websites, they generally have international shipping. Most of the people who bought from there also have a positive experience. You can also take a look at the table I’ve created for you if you don’t want to waste time!







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