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Every interior place is designed differently. Buying lamps especially a sphere table lamp is really different than the usual approach. Before you make a choice about how to light up your room, you need the consider all the decoration factors of that room. You should always think about the look you are going to achieve and the feel you are going to have once you’ve finished. There are of course two types of lamps when it comes to design, those are floor lamps and table lamps. However, I’m going to give you information about sphere table lamp in this article.

We have to make our decision based on which room it’s going to be used. The room is the main factor to consider before buying a sphere lamp. Style comes in second, style is also important and it should fit the interior parts of your house. Brightness comes in third, the brightness generally overlooked since people don’t know about it. However, brightness is really important because that’s what lamps are for.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sphere Table Lamp

Price: This is a highly important factor. Most of the cheap sphere table lamps don’t have the quality you want but this is not the case always. You might find a high-quality cheap sphere table lamp if you search enough!

Which room: The room is a really important choice. The room you are going to use this lamp will have a huge effect on the interior design. Sphere table lamps are generally used in living rooms and offices! You might find one that is suitable for dining room or bedroom. I didn’t come across any of it.

Style: These lamps are generally designed the same but they can look very different indeed. Colors generally vary and that’s a good thing. Having a bunch of color options are really cool! You probably make your decision based on colors which make it really important. These lamps are generally made in a modern way. However, it’s still possible to find an antique sphere lamp. You might also across the ones which are made of ceramic or stained glass. Wooden and iron bases provide great texture and look. Crystal ones are really elegant if you want to achieve an elegant look! Moroccan designed ones look really exotic and different! It all comes to your personal preference, to be honest!

Brightness: Some people use sphere table lamps for reading and they can do the job well. However, sphere table lamps are generally used for creating ambient lighting. They are very good at it, they provide a unique lighting experience.

Size and Shade

Size: Before buying a table lamp you should always measure the table. After you did this, you have to compare the table lamps’ size with your table. They should go along with each other very well! You don’t want to have an oversized sphere table lamp on your table! You can pick bigger sized table lamps if you are having a problem with your small children.

Shade: Most of the lamps come with an okay shade. You can’t change the shade 90% of the time when you are dealing with sphere table lamps. So, you have to go with what you have in your hand!

Now you know about the basic things before buying a sphere table lamp, if you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Top Sphere Table Lamps







Light Accents Iris Sphere Table Lamp Natural Wooden Base with Round Glass Shade

  • This lamp has different geometrical shapes designed above the same wooden base.
  • The wooden base quality looks okay, it has no flaws and has a natural finish on it.
  • Sphere shade is made of frosted glass.
  • You can use this one as an accent lamp or as a nightstand lamp.
  • It needs an A15 type light bulb or equivalent led light bulb.
  • ETL certified.
  • The best seller sphere table lamp online.
  • The glass is heavy and nice quality, but you should be careful while using it since it can break down easily.
  • The lamp hole is really small, please be careful when you installing it.
  • This is an entry-level sphere lamp you can get it if you like the product.

One of the best products out there. It’s suitable for students and offices because of the price! The material used is high-quality despite the price. You can combine it with other wooden furniture in your room. The base material is a high-quality wooden base. The shade part is made of frosted glass which looks good when lighted up!

Small Lighted Mercury Glass Sphere – Battery Powered

  • The lamp comes in two different sizes and there is no info on the seller’s website please ask them before you buy it.
  • You can choose between two sizes small and large, the small one has 5″ diameter.
  • Provides a romantic look at your room.
  • It has a great decorative look because of the design. It also reflects the images around it when you dim it accordingly.
  • It’s cordless and this definitely great! You can carry it around for the best user experience.
  • It can also make a great decoration for your parties or weddings!
  • This lamp goes well with any style of a table but I definitely suggest it for bedrooms!

This can be used in the bedroom as a night time lamp. You can also dim it according to your needs which makes it a great night time lamp! It can also create a romantic ambiance within seconds which is a huge plus for most of the people! It works without any cord, you have to buy batteries and you can carry it around with ease!

Sphere Accent Ball Lamp – Mercury Glass Starburst Ball Led Table Light

  • Dimensions: 6″ diameter.
  • It can create a perfect starry night look on your walls!
  • If someone enters your room and doesn’t notice this lamp, it’s a shame. It has a great look at it!
  • You can also use this lamp as a decoration.
  • It’s cordless and works with 3 AAA batteries.
  • It looks like it’s not made of glass and looks plastic!
  • If you are worried about the shade quality, take a look at other products!

The shade quality is not high which might be a problem for some problem. This sphere table lamp works with 3 AAA batteries which are a plus for mobility. The lamp looks great in the dark. However, the material quality is not that great. Keep that in mind before you make the purchase!

Valery Madelyn Sphere Accent Ball Lamp Mercury Glass Starry Ball Led Table Light

  • Provides a romantic accent light for your room!
  • It uses LED light which means it’s durable than normal lights.
  • You are going to be amazed when you lit it up!
  • You can easily use it anywhere because it’s cordless! The product works with 3 AA batteries.
  • This lamp works up to 6 hours of usage.
  • This will make a great gift for anyone!
  • Cheap sphere table lamp with reasonable quality!
  • Great lamp for this price, highly suggested!

These lamps work up to 6 hours without any problems. It provides a great amount of lighting for any task. If you are looking for a cheap sphere table lamp you should get this one!

Modern & Luxury Crystal Sphere Table Lamp for Living Room Home Decor

  • The crystal shade is made of acrylic and it’s covered with steel rings!
  • It uses a 40W incandescent light bulb.
  • Provides perfect ambient lighting
  • Great decor for modern designs, you can even not lit it up a single time.
  • It looks perfect in dark ambients when you lit it up.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty!
  • Extremely great price for this kind of quality! If you are looking for a lamp with high-quality I can suggest this one!

One of the highest quality sphere table lamps out there! The shade is made of acrylic which is high-quality! It’s also covered with steel rings to provide extra protection. It operates with a 40W incandescent light bulb which emits a good amount of lighting! If you are looking to improve the looks of your room you can get it for your bedroom! This product also has a 1-year warranty which is perfect!

LumiSource LSE-BUDDHA Buddha Electra Lamp

  • Brown colored Buddha design looks great!
  • This product uses LED light which is cool.
  • There are electric charges that twirl in the lamp, they look absolutely fantastic!
  • Makes a great decor.
  • Comes fully assembled, you don’t have to do anything.
  • One of the best seller sphere table lamps on the market!
  • I reviewed this one because it has a different design, the choice is up to you!

This is not a sphere table lamp totally but the Buddha holds a sphere so it counts as a sphere table lamp in my opinion. There are different Buddha colors which add uniqueness to your tables. You can use it as a decoration since the light quality is not that good.

EcoGecko 87003 Wax Moon Sphere LED Flameless Candle

  • If you want to experience a candle lighting without flames, this one is for you!
  • It provides perfect ambient lighting!
  • You should definitely buy this cheap sphere table lamp.
  • A unique design with perfect looks.
  • This sphere table lamp shade looks extremely classic.
  • It comes with a built-in timer! The candle can work for 5 hours then go off for 19 hours!
  • If you prefer a unique look this unique sphere table lamp is great for you! It’s also extremely cheap, definitely suggested!

This lamp is perfect for candle lovers. It lights up like a candle which creates a romantic ambiance! If you are looking for a unique product which is also cheap you should get this one!

Arclite 7007-7T Silver Sphere Table Lamp

  • This lamp looks extremely great with its unique design.
  • The shade is decorated with steel vessels and looks fantastic.
  • You can only use this lamp indoors.
  • The shade of the sphere table lamp looks pretty nice.
  • There is only one color option and it’s silver.
  • You have to use this lamp in the corners for the best experience!
  • This is a great lamp to have and it’s absolutely high-quality! If you have some money to spend on sphere lamps you can get this one!

Another beautiful lamp for bedrooms out there. This lamp looks extra pretty when lighted up! The shaded part is covered with stainless steel leaf nervures which looks pretty cool! If you are looking for a high-quality steel table lamp you can get this one!

LED Ball Light 4-Inch Sphere Puronic Shape Light

  • Shades are made of acrylic and look extremely cool.
  • Multicolored LED lights provide a great look.
  • There are different sizes and shapes including 4, 6 inches and sphere and cube!
  • They are waterproof can be used outside! Makes great decor for weddings!
  • Comes with a built-in 900 mAH battery, can be charged up easily and carries around!
  • Completely free of harmful ingredients!
  • I can vouch for this lamp! It’s extremely high quality and does anything you expect from a lamp!
  • You can also check other table lamps in this category.

This lamp has different colors which can be implemented in different ways. For example, you can use it nautical designs with ease because of green color. It charges up really fast and can be carried easily! If you are constantly moving your room around you can get this cordless table lamp!


Decorating your table can be hard for anyone of us sometimes. Most of the time we need a cheap solution to do it and we can do this by getting a sphere table lamp. They are really great lighting providers and they don’t look bad at all. As a result, prices of sphere table lamps are also generally lower, they are mostly priced between 30$ and 100$ range. You shouldn’t pay any more than this unless it’s made of crystal or something like that. If you have limited space on your table, sphere table lamps can be a great solution. They generally cover a really small space and easy to install. These are the general factors whether you need sphere lamps or not. So, I’ve listed some of the best lamps in the market for you and you can make your final decision according to those reviews.

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