10 Best Nautical Floor Lamps in 2019

If you tried everything on the market and still don’t have any idea of what’s beautiful. Well, let me introduce you the nautical floor lamps which are pretty unique and cool lamps when it comes to home design! You can easily implement these lamps in your home design if you are making a modern or industrial look within your home!

Industrial looking lamps are great for almost any home but they are a little bit pricey! You must have to pay a good amount for them if you want to acquire a high-quality nautical floor lamp. Most of the time nautical floor lamps also look industrial and this is like a rule with them. Our list will help you to make the best decision available on the market within current circumstances!

Top Nautical Floor Lamps on The Market 2019

Decoluce Vintage Tripod Nautical Floor Lamp

  • This is an artistic accent light which is specifically designed for special usage.
  • You should not leave this lamp unattended for long durations!
  • An antique tripod floor lamp will be a great entryway or living room.
  • If you are after a retro┬ánautical floor lamp this is the thing you need.
  • You can create the retro look you want within seconds with the help of this lamp!
  • It has a theatrical┬ádesign which looks nice in industrial designs!
  • The camera looking lampshade looks extremely beautiful!
  • You can easily adjust the height of the lamp and acquire the result you want!
  • It has an inline switch which is really easy to use!

The inline switch makes the control of the lamp easier! You can use artistic light to add uniqueness in your room! It can be used in entryway or living room. It has a retro look which is suitable for industrial lamps.




Collectibles Buy Nautical Spot Light

  • Assembled height of the product is 71 inches which is pretty high!
  • Head size is 9.5 * 9.5
  • The materials used are aluminum and steel. The product is durable and sturdy!
  • Silver finish looks nice in industrial environments!
  • It comes with two different parcels and product weight is 12kg.
  • The nautical spotlight needs a led light bulb, you have to buy it separately.
  • You can also use E26 40-60 light bulb if you want to.
  • You might find old stocks at a cheaper price if you search on the internet!
  • The product looks handmade and it’s extremely beautiful. If you are looking for a high-quality nautical floor lamp you should get this at once!

Height of this product is really high! The material quality is top-notch which separates this product from the rest! The silver finish will be suitable for modern designs.



Collectibles Buy Adjustable Antique Vintage Old Century Searchlight Lamp

  • Assembled height of the product is 65 inches which is average!
  • The chrome and silver finish looks extremely nice in dark environments!
  • You can use this one as a floor lamp or corner lamp.
  • The weight of the product is 7 kilograms.
  • It uses E27 light bulb up to 60W
  • If you are looking for a nautical lamp with chrome finish you can get this one!

This brand mostly produces nautical floor lamps which is great if you want to get high-quality floor lamps.




Collectibles Buy Vintage Copper finish antique Marine Tripod Lamp

  • The height of the product is 42 inches which is lower than the average.
  • You can use the lamp as a corner lamp because of the height.
  • Copper finish suits extremely well to rustic or industrial designs.
  • The material quality is really great.
  • You can also use as a low floor lamp if you have designed according to that!
  • It needs an E27 light bulb to operate, you have to buy it separately.
  • The price is really cheap for the quality.
  • If you are looking for a cheap nautical floor lamp you can get this one!
  • The weight of the product is 4 kilograms which means you can carry it around easily!
  • If you don’t have too much space, this compact nautical floor lamp will clearly help you out!

If you are looking to use your nautical floor lamp in vintage or retro designs, this lamp is the best option out there! The height of is not that high keep that in mind before you make the purchase! It has a perfectly rustic look which will look great in retro designs!



Collectibles Buy Adjustable Antique Vintage Old Century Moden Searchlight

  • If you are looking for a vintage nautical floor lamp you should get this at once!
  • The assembled height of the lamp is 65 inches which is average.
  • You can easily use this as a floor lamp or spotlight. The height is really good and it will provide an adequate amount of light!
  • It needs an E27 light bulb to operate, you can use bulbs up to 60w.
  • Product weight is 6.25 kgs which is pretty normal for this product. It won’t be hard to carry around.
  • If you love the antique brass finish you should get this nautical lamp.
  • It can be easily used in rooms with antique designs.
  • Highly suggested it’s a really cheap nautical floor lamp.

Another vintage nautical floor lamp for antique lovers out there! It can work with light bulbs up to 60watts which means it will provide enough lighting for most of your needs!




THORINSTRUMENTS Thor Vintage Classic Tripod Floor Lamp

  • The height of the lamp is 65 inches.
  • Made of steel and aluminum!
  • The base part is made of brown wood.
  • Antique brass finish looks extremely nice in antique environments.
  • The lampshade is not included in the package, you have to buy it separately.
  • There are wing nuts on the legs which lock the height of the product.
  • If your room is 100 square a 60W light bulb will be enough.
  • The wood part looks extremely nice, I definitely suggest this nautical lamp if you are good at assembling.

The assembling process might be hard for some people but this lamp is beautiful. You can change the lampshade with something different if you want a different outlook.

Brass Nautical Nautical Searchlight

  • The chrome finish is extremely high-quality.
  • The tripod part is made of wood, steel, and aluminum.
  • You can implement Hollywood design in your room with this beautiful lamp.
  • The adjustable metal shade is great for the spotlight.
  • It will definitely add the film set vibe to your room.

I can suggest this nautical floor lamp to people who are looking to add that industrial look to their rooms! The price of it is a little bit expensive but I definitely have the quality!

Using Nautical Floor Lamps in Design

Nautical decorations are really popular between decorators. If you love the water like me these lamps are the best choice you can make! Nowadays, our homes look really dry with all that bronze and copper furniture but you can add a nautical touch to your home with ship pieces of nautical floor lamps. These lamps are great for giving you a sense of the ocean. Lighting is a really important aspect of home decoration so you have to be picky when it comes to nautical lamps. There are different nautical lamps in the market which are waiting to be incorporated in your design!

Lighthouses are a really common theme in nautical designs! These places are the symbol of guides in sea life! You can pick these lamps if you are looking to get a sense of clarity in your house! They don’t have to be high quality to get that feeling! You can find suitable with a low price just make sure the lamp has the colors and style of a nautical theme.

Antique and Retro Look

Nautical lamps are generally a nice piece of antique themes. Lanterns are also used in old fashioned fishing boats. You might find some reconditioned lighting which could be great for your home or office. Nautical themes are not limited to these choices. You can use other aspects of the ocean in your design. There are colors which are suitable for different rooms. For example, you can use blue colors for your kid’s room which will remind the ocean.

Nautical lamps can be used in the same way. You can also choose nautical floor lamps with bright colors to create a sea atmosphere. You can also use seashells to enhance the looks of the room. It’s possible to make your own creative and decorative lamps. You can do this kind of creative work with your kids! If you don’t have time for that you can always buy a nautical floor lamp online!

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