Best Lumens for Desk Lamps

Although we might disregard, lumens of work or study environments are really important. It’s not easy to realize that. Once you use them, you will feel the difference. For instance, reading, writing, handcrafting, cooking, shaving or makeup activities are way easier with the right lumens.

Though lumens’ subject is very wide, to narrow the topic, we’re talking about best lumens for desk lamps here. Sometimes, fixture lamps can suffice. But if you’re not lucky in that ‘sometimes’ you have to find lumens.

Lumens are also called task lights. Table lamps help you adjust lightning to work better and keep your eyes healthy.

How to choose the best lumens for desks?

There are various styles to be coherent with your current decoration. That sense is personal. I’ll try to help about the facts beyond the personal thoughts.

You should consider the reason to use them. Are you typewriting? Are you reading books? How old are you?

How much light do you need?

Older people require double lighting compared to a 25-year-old adult. To use the optimum amount of glare, I suggest you know about these facts.

The chart above, found at ‘lightology’, might help you to get the idea.

In addition, the chart above clearly shows that light output is strongly correlated with watts. However, having more powerful lumens won’t mean having the right lumen for your environment.

  • The desk lumen should be in an appropriate length and it should also be handy
  • If there can be a dimmer, it’s better for you to adjust for different times of a day.
  • If you can solve the lightning issue with changing fixtures, go for it. It’s always better to have things stable.
  • By any means, if you have to buy desk lamps or use fixtures, the special lightened place should not contrast more than one-third of the environment.

To find detailed recommendations, visit our best lamps archives. There, you’ll find the reviews of the best products. Cheers 🙂

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