Best 10 LED Panel Lights in 2018

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LED panel lights are great tools when it comes to even light distribution. They have a slender look and amazing power.  If you are sick of LED-glare you can always go with LED panel lights without hesitation. There are some factors if you are going to buy the best of these lamps.

Dimensions of the panel

Panel lights have different sizes and shapes, they should fit into your ceiling if you want a proper functioning. If you have narrow ceilings you can go with integral edge lit panels.

Power usage

Experts say that LED panel light uses less power while delivering light at a wider range. When you buying LED lights you should always go with maximum light with less power. I also made a few tables between these products to show you which one is the best in this league. You should also always pay attention to lumens. Efficiency also means higher lumens per watt, if you are looking best bang for your buck pick products with higher lumens per watt.


You can also pick any colour you want, however, LED light generally provides; cool and warm white which is okay for most places. If you are creating a modern look you should always go with cool white light. The warm white colour is the colour of incandescent lamps.

As a final word, if you want to save money you can also pick products with dimming feature and always look at price and lumens per watt.

Top 10 LED Panel Lights

Enegitech LED Troffer Panel Light165$8,6
FiveStar Light Dimmable LED Panel Light150$7,2
LTMATE LED Panel Light120$9,6
LED REPUBLIC UL LED 2-PACK Panel Light130$7,4
EDwholesalers Dimmable Ultra Thin Glare-Free Edge-Lit LED Light Panel 80$8,0

Enegitech LED Troffer Panel Light


  • Great performance, proving up to 7200 lumens of brightness without hassle. Perfect performance against a similar 200w fluorescent lamp. It can save up to 70% of your electricity bill. 
  • Lifespan is up to 50,000 hours.
  • Built-in direct installation, easy to assemble.
  • Looks elegant and simple.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Great use for home, office, showroom even hospital.
  • Dimming Compatible no flashing and no noise.


  • Despite made in China, this product is great and not garbage like others.
  • Gives bright light, reasonable price.
  • You get better than you pay for.
  • Dog buckles on the corner for extra suspension.
  • Very cost effective and works great as a pair.
  • No noise or heat.
  • Less than 5 minutes for installing.

FiveStar Light Metal Frame LED Panel Light


  • Reduces energy usage by up to 60%.
  • Ultra-sleek design with a low profile, panel thickness is 0.45 inches.
  • UV and infrared emission are really low. Natural white colour.
  • Longer lifespan than traditional incandescent lamps.
  • Switching on/off doesn’t eat up lifespan.
  • Recyclable and fully green.
  • Can work under low temperatures.
  • Provides bright light at 80w. 8000 lumens and the colour temperature is 6500k.
  • Dimmable.


  • You might need to get some additional electric wires for installation.
  • Elegant and provides a great amount of lighting.
  • Works great as a basement led lighting.
  • Installation is really easy takes only around 5 minutes.
  • Some people reported it provides a light amount of 70W.
  • Fits perfect for a 2×4 ceiling.

LTMATE LED Panel Light


  • Brand new 2×2 ceiling led panel lighting. Provides 120W equivalent led lighting.
  • Saves up on the electric bill.
  • Lifetime up to 45,000+ hours.
  • Easy to assemble, you can use this one on drop ceiling or as a Pendant.
  • Complete dimmable can switch up between 10-100% for smooth dimming.
  • LTMATE is an American brand which means it will have more durability than Chinese products.
  • 5-year warranty.



  • Great for drop ceilings.
  • Easier to install and high-quality light.
  • They might provide brighter than before, so keep that in mind.
  • Thin and sleek design.
  • Very bright light.
  • Better quality than most products!



  • UL listed, can work in low temperatures.
  • Energy saving up to 80%.
  • 120 beam angle, lights up wider range.
  • Environment-friendly without harmful ingredients.
  • Colour temperature is 5000 Kelvins.
  • NO UV and Infrared light.


  • Nice bright light.
  • Low watts.
  • Dimmer control with simple inputs.

LED Troffer 2×4 FT Hyperikon


  • Brand new 2×4 led panel lighting. You can easily get the lighting level of 4×4 fluorescent tubes 160W with this simple lamp.
  • Easy to assemble, you can also use integral tee grid clips for better safety.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Dimmable between 20-100%. This means you can easily use them anywhere you want.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor.
  • Minimal heat output.
  • Great lumens per watt efficiency.
  • UL listed.


  • One of the best sellers in the market.
  • Installation instructions suck big time.
  • Only suitable for standard 2×4 ceilings.
  • Light is superior to most products.
  • Very bright light for watts.
  • Higher lumens per watts, great efficiency.
  • Might be hard to install for some people.

LEDwholesalers Dimmable Ultra Thin Glare-Free Edge-Lit LED Light Panel

LEDwholesalers Dimmable Ultra Thin Glare-Free Edge-Lit LED Light Panel


  • The high-quality plate provides glare-free and ultra-bright light!
  • Slim and low-profile design.
  • Thickness is below 0.5 inches ( excluding detachable electrical box)
  • Easily dimmable, great for energy saving and makes it more lasting.
  • You can use it as a pendant or drop ceiling led panel.
  • Environment-friendly, no UV/IR radiation.


  • Brilliant bright light for ultra-slim design.
  • You can mount this one in various ways.
  • You might need a junction box to make it work.
  • Great use for photography, provides perfect lighting.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Runs cooler than other LED panels.
  • Looks great and decent.

Cost Less Lighting 2×2 LED Flat Panel Light


  • Perfect lighting for drop ceilings.
  • Uses 40Watts and provides light 3800 lumens.
  • You can easily fit this one into a T-bar or narrow grip drop ceiling.
  • Great lighting distribution.
  • Highly energy-saving LED with 60,000 hours lifespan.
  • Built-in dimming driver.


  • Sleek and slim design.
  • Compact features.
  • Fits into almost any space, the thickness is about 3/8 inches.
  • Great value for the reasonable price!

Sunnine 24×24-inch LED Panel Light


  • Wide beam angle range up to 120 degrees.
  • Energy saving and long lifespan.
  • High quality and bright lighting.
  • No hazardous substances.
  • Uses an adapter and extremely easy to set-up.
  • Doesn’t have UL certificate.


  • Fast shipping
  • Very bright white colour.
  • Reasonable price at great quality.
  • Great product.

Hykolity 2×4 FT 50W 5000K Flat LED

Hykolity 2x4 FT 50W 5000K Flat LED

  • This beautiful LED light troffer provides 6250 lumens.
  • It can easily replace a 200W fluorescent lamp!
  • The lifespan is around 50000 hours which is really great if you are looking for a long lasting led lamp.
  • It’s easily dimmable, you can use most of the modern LED dimmers and get the desired result you want!
  • The panel is extremely light-weight, even I managed to install it in 10 minutes with ease!
  • You can easily use the LED panel at ceilings, drywall.
  • If you are looking for a cheap LED panel light and high-quality led panel light you can buy this one!


2-PACK ASD 2×2 LED Panel Edge-Lit Flat 36W 4000K

  • This LED panel made of high-quality materials! It’s extremely rigid and it won’t bend over with time!
  • The lens of the panel is made of PMMA.
  • You can easily install the panel any place you want! There are 3 different mounting options available including; recessed, suspended and surface mounted.
  • It meets all of the USA quality requirements. It’s UL Listed.
  • You can easily dim the LED panel. It can provide smooth dimming ability between 5-100 percent!
  • You can get a luton or leviton dim, they are mostly compatible with this panel! If you want to learn more you can check the manufacturer’s manual before you make the purchase.
  • This is another cheap LED light panel with great quality.
  • The LED has 100000 hours of lifespan which is extremely great.
  • It also has a 5-year manufacturer warranty!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality LED panel you can buy this lamp!


I reviewed best-led panel lights in 2018 for you, most of the panel lights are really great, I also made a table so you can compare them. If you have any questions about lamps please feel free to write in the comments section!

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