Best 10 Industrial Floor Lamps 2019

industrial floor lamp

There is a different kind of floor lamps on the market and industrial floor lamps are one of these. They don’t make to the top of the list for most of the people however, they are great for almost decorating any place. I suggest these lamps mostly as corner lamps or spotlights. Some of the models also make great floor lamps!

There various factors when buying an industrial floor lamp. The most important one is the price because there are too many overpriced products on the market! You should always compare the product you are buying with other products on the market! These products mostly have high-quality but there are still some bad ones on the market. Second, you should take a look at the base material which is important too. I suggest mostly metal ones because of durability concerns. This lamps should be heavy because they mostly have stability problems if you go with wooden based lamps you might have stability problems. Lampshade mostly isn’t used in these lamps they generally come with a spotlight or simple light bulbs so it’s not a concern. You might get ones with LED lamps if you are after saving some energy!

Top 10 Industrial Floor Lamps


Collectibles Buy Industrial Style Vintage Movie Spot Light Floor Lamp

  • Chrome/Silver finish looks high-quality.
  • Uses one standard light bulb, it’s not included in the package.
  • Assembled height is 38 inches.
  • Total product weight is 2 kilograms.
  • Aluminum and wood used as the material.
  • You can use this a floor lamp or corner lamp!
  • This can be great for your theatre room, it has a great look and suitable for living rooms too.
  • Product quality is 4 out 5 at this price range which is also great.
  • However, if you are looking for something tall you can take a look at other products.

This lamp can be used as the spotlight by photographers. It can cast some direct lighting at any point you like. Some customers really like the quality of the product. I think the tripod legs seem durable. However, I won’t be able to say something about the head part. You can try it if you want to but there are better products on the list!

West Ninth Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

  • Great vintage designed industrial floor lamp.
  • It can use up to a 100W light bulb.
  • Black twisted cord looks really fantastic.
  • Made in the USA, really high-quality product!
  • Assembled height 72 inches.
  • Product weight 13 pounds.
  • Great stability because of quadruped legs.
  • It’s a cool lamp, really high-quality materials used during the process.
  • You won’t come across any problems at all.
  • However, I find the price a little bit higher, if you are in need of a vintage industrial floor lamp with great and different looks you can buy this art piece.

This lamp is one of the coolest floor lamps out there. The design is really great and different compared to other floor lamps. The height of the lighting can be adjusted which makes it a great lamp for studying and reading. You can also easily carry it around because of weight. It’s extremely stable because of the four legs at the base. If you are looking for a high-quality industrial floor lamp you should definitely get this one!

Bleeker Adjustable CFL Floor Lamp

    • Perfectly designed metal shade, high-quality material.
  • Adjustable neck for great light adjustment.
  • Uses a 60W light bulb, it’s not included in the package.
  • Adjustable height for better usage.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Metal base with okay stability.
  • You can easily use this product as a spotlight. Bleeker lamp is highly adjustable because of both neck and adjustable body.
  • It’s also really easy to assemble, anybody can do it in 5-10 minutes with ease.
  • They are also great for studying because of the adjustment function.
  • I highly suggest this product, it has everything a lamp should have.

If you like classy designs like me you can opt-in for this lamp. It’s extremely easy to assemble, most of the customers can do it without any problems. The price seems to vary according to season and I don’t know the reason behind it. The head and height are adjustable which makes the lamp perfect. If you got a nice work office which is designed in a vintage way, you can get this lamp.


  • Fully handmade and high quality!
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • You can fully adjust the tripod stand and adjust the head with ease.
  • Great for spotlight usage.
  • The lamp head is tiltable up and down!
  • It’s a perfect lamp for this price and it’s fully handmade!
  • Provides some flexibility because of the adjustable body and tiltable lamp head!
  • If you are looking to light up some wall decors or need a spotlight you should definitely get this product!

If you are looking for a floor lamp which is handmade and high-quality you should get this one! It’s extremely flexible and convenient. You can use the lighting in any direction you want because of the tripod legs and adjustable head. This one can be used as a spotlight if you know light bulbs! I definitely vouch for this product since it’s made of high-quality materials!

Southern Enterprises Valetta Floor Lamp

  • Uses a standard E26 light bulb up to 100W.
  • Product weight is 12 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble, takes around only 10 minutes for most people.
  • Contemporary design with industrial looks!
  • Semi-adjustable body.
  • UL certified.
  • You can use LED lights with this lamp!
  • This lamp’s price is what got my attention. It is a reasonably priced lamp and it looks simple.
  • I love simple lamps with some modern look in them. This lamp definitely gives me what I need.
  • Hope you will like the lamp too, the quality looks okay and it can use LED light bulbs too which is a plus!

The lamp looks extremely minimalistic and simple. You can definitely use this one for retro and vintage designs. The head is adjustable which makes it great for corner usage. If you are looking to improve the ambiance of your room you can get this one!

Unique Lamps – Brass Wood Studio Light

  • Full wooden body with tripod legs.
  • Highly stable product and lightweight.
  • Made in India.
  • Looks really unique with brass finish.
  • Assembled height is 70 inches.
  • This lamp is a little bit pricey however I liked this lamp.
  • The wooden material looks okay quality, but I really like the head part.
  • It’s adjustable and can be used as a spotlight.
  • There are some better products in this price range, you might take a look at them as well.

The wooden legs look extremely high-quality. You can easily use this in antique decorations because of the complexity of the lamp. The brass head and wooden tripod legs complete each other. If you are an antique lamp collection you should definitely add this lamp to your collection! It’s extremely useful for people who lack space since the legs are pretty thin.

 Calyx Cognac Glass Industrial Bronze Floor Lamp

  • Perfectly designed lamp, semi-adjustable with great features.
  • Bronze finish metal with brass finish looks perfect.
  • Assembled height is 66 inches.
  • Footstep switch.
  • Uses an Edison light bulb which is included in the package!
  • I love this lamp, it’s absolutely perfect.
  • The semi-adjustable body is great for height adjustment however, you can’t move the lamp head which is a minus but it’s really perfect.
  • Great material quality, a heavy solid base with great durability.
  • There is nothing wrong about this lamp it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Another unique floor lamp for decorators out there. You can easily use this floor lamp in the corners of your room. It looks extremely elegant in vintage and retro designs. The shade resembles a big light bulb which attracts the guests. If you want a conversation starter you can buy this industrial floor lamp!

 Franklin Iron Works Arcos Bronze Arch Floor Lamp

  • Comes with four 60W Edison light bulbs!
  • Height is 71 inches!
  • Perfect arch design with an industrial look.
  • The bronze finish and metal construction from head to toe.
  • Contemporary style!
  • It can light up a whole room with ease!
  • This lamp looks awesome!
  • What a brilliant design, I think I’m going to get one for myself!
  • Looks really modern and industrial at the same time! 4 light bulbs complete each other very well!
  • However, it might be too bright some of you. You might want to use a few lamps on it! I definitely suggest this beautiful piece of art!

This industrial floor lamp is really cool enough to attract your guests! It looks extremely great in big rooms. The design is well-considered and unique. The product is stable because of the big base. I can suggest this to any person out there!


Franklin Iron Works Westin Floor Lamp with Edison Bulbs

  • The height of the lamp is 66.5 inches which are pretty high!
  • You can easily use the lamp at the corners of your room because of the height! It will make a great side lamp and it will be also cool for reading activities!
  • Each socket uses a 60W light bulbs.
  • It comes with three dimmable light bulbs which are pretty cool!
  • You don’t have to pay for light bulbs separately!
  • You can easily control the lamp with footswitch.
  • The warm antique brass finish looks really cool! It also matches really well with the black part of the lamp!
  • The wooden part is fruitwood which looks great with the black parts of the lamp!
  • The cord length is 8 feet!
  • The weight of the product is 22 pounds which is heavy. The lamp is pretty stable.
  • I definitely vouch for this product, it’s high quality and looks better than most of the industrial floor lamps!

Franklin Works Industrial Cage 65″ High Metal Floor Lamp

  • The height of the lamp is 65 inches.
  • It uses standard base light bulbs which you can find everywhere. It comes with three3 7watt Edison light bulbs.
  •  You don’t have to buy light bulbs separately which is really cool!
  • You can use standard light bulbs up to 60W.
  • The metal cage looks fantastic and it will be great with any industrial design!
  • Rusty bronze finish looks cool! I definitely suggest this if your room has an antique look!
  • The lamp is extremely sturdy and stable.
  • The light is great for reading. You can easily use the lamp at the corner of your room.
  • The finish of the lamp is really cool. You are definitely not going to find a lamp at this quality for this price.
  • I definitely suggest this lamp if you are looking for an A+ quality lamp at a cheap price!

How to Pick Best Industrial Floor Lamp

Industrial floor lamps are a really great way to add sophistication to your room. There are tons of different styled lamps out there. These lamps can be used in different types of rooms. Most of the time industrial lamps are getting used in living rooms or offices. You won’t be able to find bedrooms that are designed in an industrial way. Living rooms and offices are more suitable for that kind of design.

Industrial lamps are a fancy way to decorate your office. They are great for utility most of the time because of the adjustable height and head parts! You can get these lamps if you have pets inside your house because they are more durable than standard floor lamps since they are made of metal most of the time! Now, let’s take a look at how to determine which one is the right one for you!


The material quality is definitely important. Everyone knows about the importance of the material quality but it’s extremely important for industrial floor lamps because metal is the foundation of them. If you have a low metal quality lamp you are going to have trouble in the long run. The metal you are buying should be corrosion resistant. There are some stainless steel products out there which is really great for this purpose. You can also get high-quality brass floor lamps if you want to avoid these problems. Aluminum ones are great but they are not as durable as other ones! Alloy versions are perfect if you can afford them. There are some really high-quality alloy floor lamps in the market!


Most of the industrial design lovers are also readers which means they need adjustable height and head from the lamps. There are some standard straight lamps in the market but they won’t be useful for you if you are constantly reading books! Adjustable height is a really great factor when it comes to buying industrial lamps. You can create dramatic lighting effects if you can change the height of the lamp. Adjustable head part is also important. You can point the lighting at any direction you want. This is great when you need task lighting. There are some gooseneck versions out there but they are not very common!

Dimmable lamps are great if you are looking to use your floor lamp during the night time. You can create the atmosphere you are looking in a push of the button. They are great for reducing the strain on your eyes. If you read books constantly you should definitely get industrial floor lamps which are dimmable! Color temperature might be important according to your taste. You should pick color temperatures between 3000k and 5000k if you are looking for ambiance lighting. Color temperatures over 5000k are suitable for people who are looking to get some daylight!


The lamp you are buying should be suitable to your room’s design! There are some lamps out there which are  combination of couple of styles! If you are looking for a industrial lamp for your bedroom i suggest you stay away from them because they don’t look good in bedrooms! Living rooms and offices are perfect places for industrial floor lamps! They are also really useful there because of their utility functions. If you have a room that’s too small you should stay away from industrial products because they will make the area look really crowded! These lamps are perfectly suitable for big rooms!


The cost of the lamp changes according to its material quality most of the time. However, there are some perfect products on the market which costs really low! You can get one of the lamps from Franklin Iron Works if you are looking for a price-performance product! There are some cheap floor lamps on the market but i suggest you to stay away from if you don’t want trouble! The material quality determines the lifespan of the product and you should be looking for a price-performance lamp!


If you are looking to buy an industrial floor lamp, you should read all of my reviews and pick the best one! You can buy the bottom three if you don’t want to read all of the article! There are tons of sellers online which you can find an industrial floor lamp with ease! Make sure you leave comments below about any lamp in the list!

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