12 Best Ikea Desk Lamps in 2019

You are looking for the best IKEA desk lamp and you probably need some help! There are several things to consider before buying an IKEA desk lamp for your room! The first thing you should keep in your mind is the decoration of your room! The lamp you are going to buy must suit your room really well! The details in your room are really important. If you want to have a balanced design you should also inspect closely the desk you are going to use it! You should consider and calculate all of the factors and decide if you want to buy the lamp or not!

It Should Suit the Room!

The rest of the room is also really important! IKEA LED desk lamps are generally standard and they can go really well with minimalist designs! Most of them are not that fancy and they generally have basic colors like black or white! If you are intended to buy colorful lamps you should consider them for children’s room. IKEA has some of these models and generally, they look really okay! If you are after a more modern look, you should read the article and learn about which lamp can suit your room the best! The lamps at IKEA are generally cheap which means you don’t have to pay too much when you compare them to their peers!

You should also think about your requirements before you buy a lamp! If you are doing work or reading, you should consider lamps with proper illumination for most of the cases. The light capacity you are going to use the lamp is really important too. You should also keep the space on your desk in your mind! It’s really important for you to have adequate space if you want to avoid the problems you could face! You should look for IKEA desk lamps which are durable if you are intended to buy something for your children! They can get very sneaky and broke things if they are easy to be broken!

Modern or Classic

You can also look for more sophisticated lamps in the market. They provide better light most of the time! You should also pick the light bulb more carefully if you don’t want to face any problems! You should get a gooseneck IKEA LED desk lamp if you are intended to use your lamp for study or reading! They are great for reading and won’t cause you any problems! You should also consider the durability fact, it’s really important if you want to avoid long-term problems!

As you know IKEA is one of the biggest brands out there, they sell a variety of products and most of them okay quality. They do what’s expected. Now you want to buy a desk lamp but don’t know what to buy and there is an IKEA near you and then you’ve gone to Ikea and want to buy a desk lamp but don’t know what to pick? You can take a look at 12 best IKEA desk lamps I listed for you and pick the best one according to your needs! Let’s take a look at the list and pick the most suitable lamp for you!

12 Top Seller IKEA LED Desk Lamps






Ikea 201.696.58 Jansjo Desk Work LED Lamp

  • Made of aluminum material, You can give directional light with this product, therefore, you can easily focus!
  • You can easily adjust the arm for the directional light you need!
  • You can switch it on/off easily by the button on the cord.
  • One of the best sellers of Ikea led desk lamps, it’s one of the cheapest IKEA lambs out there!
  • Bright lighting with the long flexible arm!
  • The gooseneck is about 19″ long so you have plenty of options for your light.
  • Be careful when you switching it on/off, some users reported damage after 1 month of usage.
  • The cord seems to give out some problems for people.
  • For the price, this product gets a 7/10.

This lamp is one of the best sellers on Amazon. The price is a little bit higher than IKEA but you can get it without paying for shipment with Amazon Prime. The adjustable head makes this one a great desk lamp for reading or studying activities! The price is also really reasonable compared to other desk lamps in the market! There are some IKEA desk lamps which have the better quality you might want to check.

Ikea 601.467.64 Forsa Work Lamp

  • Perfect fit for your office desk needs.
  • Stylish and metallic design for the ultimate look.
  • It provides direct bright light which is really great for reading.
  • You have to buy light bulbs separately than the product.
  • You have to assemble the product once you buy it.
  • Height: 14″; Base Diameter: 6″
  • The material is made of high quality!
  • It’s adjustable and can bend in every direction.
  • You can even use this desk lamp for needlework.
  • You can easily buy this product without hesitation I give it a 9/10.

This lamp is better compared to other ones in this article. It really has a modern and sleek look. The height of it makes it useful for other activities! It needs a little bit of assembling but it’s not that hard. The part is adjustable like any other desk lamp. If you can afford it this one is a great catch.

Ikea 103.214.25 Classic Desk Lamp

  • Easily adjustable for most the positions. Lamp arm and head are separately adjustable with ease.
  • Directed light at any location which is great for reading.
  • Beautiful vintage design with turquoise seafoam green. You can create different kind of decors with this product.
  • Looks wonderful on any desk with vintage design.
  • Great for people who are looking the get a vintage product.
  • Easy to adjust and highly flexible!
  • Made of durable material and well worth the price!

The lamp has an antique look compared to the one above. Their functions are pretty much the same. If you have an antique or industrial design in your room you can prefer this one. However, the color might not be suitable for an ai industrial design!

Ikea 302.669.89 Harte LED Work Lamp

      • You can carry it around and use it for different purposes. It comes with a USB port which means you can port it to your computer or any other outlet.

      • You can easily adjust the head part up and down, it’s fully flexible.
      • Comes with a built-in led light source.
      • You have assembly the product before you use it, it’s really easy to assemble you won’t come across problems I give you the guarantee.
      • It takes no room, it’s very slim and you can carry it anywhere and use it with a USB port.
      • Great lamp for reading.
      • If you are looking the buy cheapest lamp in the IKEA with okay quality, you should buy this!
      • Stylish and unique design.

I really like the simpleness of this lamp. If you are looking to implement a minimalistic design in your room this lamp is your best bang for the buck.

Ikea 700.895.84 Barometer Work Lamp

  • You can easily adjust the light and put this product where ever you like.
  • It can provide instant and directed light at the location you want.
  • You have to buy light bulbs separately which is a great option in my opinion. You can buy any energy-saving light bulb for this.
  • The product comes dissambled. You have to install it before you can use it. If you are a novice you should look at other lamps.
  • Height: 17″
  • You might find it cheaper at IKEA store.

This one is great for task lighting since you can adjust the head. It’s also suitable for garage use which is a plus. You can use an energy-saving light bulb for this since it emits too much light with standard ones. The lamp is not dimmable keep that mind before you buy it!

Ikea Lamp Work Led Jansjo

      • You can use it in any place you want, it’s really small and portable and doesn’t consume any space at all.
      • Light source consumes less energy than most of the led lamps and lasts longer than older lambs.
      • You can adjust the head in any way you want and direct the light at your reading, study or work with ease.
      • The material is made of steel and finely colored black.
      • The power source is corded electric.
      • The two-pack is extremely affordable if you are in need of lamps you should get one this package and you are set to go!
      • You can also use one of the lamps as a gift. This value pack is great if you are thinking about buying more than one lamp!

The Jansjo is the classic lamp of IKEA which can be found in almost any store. This one is a set which you pay less for one lamp. I suggest this set if you are trying to save some money!

Ikea 801.696.36 Jansjo LED Clamp Spotlight

      • The classic Jansjo lamp of the IKEA.
      • The lamp uses %80 less electric than standard lamps. It will also last longer than standard lamps.
      • It has a wider light range than most of the lamps. If you compare it to other desk lamps on the market, this one does this job really well!
      • You can easily direct to light any place you want. This is a great lamp for reading a book or doing work. It will allow you to use the light effectively.
      • The slim and sleek design will fit into almost any place you want. This is also great for students because the lamp is extremely affordable.
      • If you lack space you can get it because this lamp is extremely useful if you don’t have too much space on your desk!
      • You can easily assemble the lamp, it’s not that hard and most of the people can do it under 10 minutes.
      • To conclude, this product is great for any person out there if you are lack of budget.

This is the clamp version of classic lamp Jansjo. If you have a small space on your desk you can prefer this lamp. It’s great for small desks and small rooms It can be used for reading a book or other small activities!

Ikea Jansjo Flexible Desk Work Led Lamp Light

      • The lamp has a height of 24 inches and it has a bright silver color.
      • Looks extremely nice in the modern work office designs.
      • The body of the lamp is made of steel, the shaded part is made of aluminum and if you apply too much pressure it might collapse a little bit.
      • Cord length is 6 feet 7 inches which is good enough for most of your needs.
      • You can easily use this lamp as a reading lamp.
      • It’s stable than other led desk lamps because of the base.
      • You can also the lamp as a supplemental lamp for photography.
      • The flexible neck is extremely usable and high-quality.

The modern version of Jansjo lamp. It has a sleek and minimalistic look thanks to aluminum used in it. It’s great for people who are looking to add some modern look to their desk.

Ikea Work Lamp 628.171714.1418

      • The lamp’s base and the head is adjustable, you can point it in any direction.
      • You can clean the lamp with a semi-wet cloth.
      • The base of the lamp made of steel.
      • The design of the lamp is suitable for most of the offices. It can also create a classy environment most of the student’s room!
      • Great lamp for this price, it’s highly durable and you can use it to save some space. If you lack some space in your workspace you should definitely get this one!
      • If you are looking for a price-performance product this one is great!
      • This is a cheap IKEA Led desk lamp which is also very useful! I definitely suggest checking up this one!

This lamp is little bit higher quality compared to other IKEA lamps in the topic. It definitely has the quality and the looks. I suggest this one for students who are looking to add some elegance to their rooms!

Ikea LED USB Lamp

      •  The lamp uses LED Light which lasts 20 times than standard bulbs
      • You can save electricity bill with ease because of the LED function.
      • The arm of the lamp is extremely flexible, you can point it to any direction you want!
      • Suitable for most of the students because of the price.
      • It also doesn’t consume any space at all so you can easily use it in any place you want!
      • The size of the lamp is 16 inches which is pretty good!
      • It produces a light of 10 lumens!
      • Highly suggested for students who lack space in their room and table! This lamp is highly compact and flexible.
      • You can also get this one for travel situations, it will work with any USB power source which is really cool!
      • Highly suggested for this kind of cheap price!

If you like utility and mobility lamp this lamp is the answer for you. It is really nice to have something like this in your house. The light is adjustable which is like any other desk lamp out there. You can control this one to your pc and have a cool lighting in your hand.

Ikea Ranarp Work Lamp

      • The light is semi-adjustable you can use it on your desk.
      • It allows you to have some flexibility on your desk.
      • The design of the lamp is also really cool, you can fit this one into modern or simple designs with ease.
      • You should buy the light bulb separately, it’s not included in the package.
      • It’s great for reading because of the directed light.
      • If you are looking for a beautiful desk lamp this one is great for you!

This one is suitable for decorators out there who are not willing to spend too much money on a desk lamp. It looks great despite the cost. The lamp is very affordable.

Ikea – Format Desk Work Lamp

      • The height of the product is 15 inches which is pretty high for desk lamps!
      • You should buy E26 light bulbs if you want to use this one!
      • You can easily clean the lamp with a semi-wet cloth.
      • The gooseneck of the lamp is highly flexible, it will make your reading really easy.
      • If you are into vintage designs you can get this one! It will easily fit into most of the vintage designs.
      • The base of the lamp is extremely sturdy! You won’t have any stability problem with this lamp!
      • Great for mid-century decors, highly suggested!

This IKEA desk lamp can be used in industrial or retro designs with ease. It has a nice black coating looks great with industrial design. The neck part is adjustable which makes it a great asset.


There are too many designs on the market which you can buy. You should always consider the design of your room if you want to buy an IKEA desk lamp. I definitely suggest you look at other brands when it comes to buying a led desk lamp, you might find cheaper and better options at other brands but some of the IKEA’s lamps are really cool and you can give them a shot!







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