Best GU10 LED Light Bulbs in 2017


There have been many researches about lighting development and these researches have led us to innovations like GU10 LED light bulbs. These widely accepted type of lights are dual pin and turn lock type. They are used globally all over the world. You can use GU10 LED bulbs by replacing standard lights without any other effort. They also have different colors and brightness levels for your needs. They also provide better lighting at a lower wattage level. As you know wattage means power needed to operate. Therefore, these lamps need lesser power to operate than traditional lamps.They are also highly green friendly, don’t have any disposal risk. No hazardous material and also no UV or infrared emission in this led lamps. Heat producing is really low and provides an equal amount of light with traditional lamps.

You are probably looking for a great GU10 LED light replacement for your halogen lamps I’m going to teach how you can do it. You can take notes on your halogen lamps about their voltage, watts which can easily eliminate most of the lamps in the market. Then you are going to take a look at the color brightness you want. If you are looking for bright daylight color you should go above 5000 Kelvins. The soft white color range is between 2700k-3200k and the cool white color range is in 3500-4100k. Now you learned everything you need, before buying a GU10 LED light bulb. Take a look at these best products in the market to have an idea of basic product specifications.

Top 8 GU10 LED Light Bulbs

Philips 465054xx$9,0
Bioluz LED GU10 LED Bulbsxx$8,9
KINGSO 10 Pack GU10 LED Bulbsxx$8,0
Warmoon GU10 LED Bulbsxx$8,8
Albrillo GU10 LED Bulbxx$9,3

Bioluz LED GU10 LED Bulbs 50W Equivalent

Bioluz LED GU10 LED BulbsIntroduction

  • Huge energy saving when compared to standard halogen lamps.
  • 3000k color temperature, same color with halogen lamps.
  • Environment-friendly, no hazardous substances.
  • 50W equivalent, 6.5-watt lamps.
  • 40 degrees beam angle.
  • Dimmable.
  • 350 lumens.


  • Close size to standard halogen lamps, well built.
  • Stays cool to touch, perfect design.
  • Good light spreading at 40 degrees angle.
  • Dimming works great.
  • No flaws at all

Hyperikon GU10 LED Track Light Bulb 7W

Hyperikon GU10 LED Track Light Bulb 7WIntroduction

  • Huge impact on electricity bill up to 85%, ENERGYSTAR certified.
  • Long life span up to 45,000 hours.
  • 400 Lumens
  • 2700k color temperature provides warm white color.
  • Great dimming ability.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • Highest CRI in the market, better than most products.
  • My test has shown that this lamp has higher CRI than other lamps and doesn’t lie about it.
  • Stays cool despite working for long hours.
  • Dimming feature works really great, smooth and gradual change.
  • Perfect design and sturdy material.

Philips 465054 50W Equivalent

Philips 465054 50W EquivalentIntroduction

  • 50W equivalent Philips lamps use only 5.5 watts which is unbelievable.
  • Provides bright white light which can be used for outdoors and indoors.
  • Lifespan is 15.000 hours.
  • 80 lumens per watt also a great feature, it’s a great number.
  • Environment-friendly doesn’t contain any mercury.
  • 500 lumens.
  • ENERGYSTAR certified.


  • Excellent build quality, high durability.
  • Philips is a great brand, you can get their products without hesitation.
  • Much cooler than standard lamps.
  • High lumens per watt which is great if you compare it to other products you will understand what I mean.
  • Dimmable with ease.

KINGSO 10 Pack GU10 LED Bulbs 5W

KINGSO 10 Pack GU10 LED Bulbs 5WIntroduction

  • Long life span, lasts up to 30,000 hours.
  • 60W equivalent only uses 5 watts.
  • Can easily replace halogen g10 lamps.
  • Comes with a year warranty.
  • Green friendly.
  • 620 Lumens.
  • Not dimmable.


  • The lamp is not dimmable, you might take a look at other products.
  • Green friendly, no hazardous materials.
  • A year warranty is okay but other products have better warranty options.
  • Provides very bright white light.
  • 6,000k color temperature.
  • Great lamp if you are looking for something bright.

SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 50W Equivalent

SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 50W EquivalentIntroduction

  • 50W equivalent uses only 5 watts.
  • Saves up to 90% electricity bill.
  • High CRI rate.
  • 40-degree beam angle.
  • Provides 4,000k soft white light.
  • 350 lumens.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Eco-friendly and has 3 years warranty.
  • UL certified.


  • One of the best price/performance GU10 lamps out there.
  • High CRI rate is really good if you are looking for something bright.
  • Normal product quality for this reasonable price!
  • Provides very bright white light.
  • No heat dissipation.

Brightown 4W GU10 LED Bulbs

Brightown 4W GU10 LED BulbsIntroduction

  • 40-watt equivalent, 4w gu10 led light bulbs.
  • Long lifespan, perfect for continuous use.
  • Easily dimmable.
  • Has different color temperature packages for your choice.


  • One of the most selling products in the market.
  • It’s not that great for the price.
  • Normal product quality for the normal price.
  • You should look at other products.

Warmoon GU10 LED Bulbs 5W

Warmoon GU10 LED Bulbs 5WIntroduction

  • Long lifespan, great heat dissipation because of the aluminum materials used in it.
  • Bright white light because of the high-quality chips in it.
  • 50w equivalent, 5 Watts led bulbs.
  • 18-months warranty.
  • 550 lumens
  • Great lumens for watt rate, perfect warm white color. Provides 3,000k color temperature.
  • 120 degrees beam angle which is great for wider area lighting.
  • CRI is 75.00.
  • Non-dimmable.


  • Normal CRI with perfect lumens for watt rate.
  • They have glass front which means you should be careful when you are using them.
  • Wide beam angle is really perfect if you have a large area to light up you can get these lamps.
  • Great heat dissipation.

Albrillo GU10 LED Bulb 6W

Albrillo GU10 LED Bulb 6WIntroduction

  • 50W halogen bulb equivalent uses only 6 watts.
  • Easily saves up to 80% electricity.
  • Non-dimmable.
  • Provides 3,000k of color temperature.
  • 18-months warranty.
  • Long life span up to 25,000 hours.
  • 470 lumens.


  • This product got my attention when I was looking gu10 led light bulbs for my kitchen, they have a great price and well designed.
  • Great price for the quality.
  • The only downside about this product is they are not dimmable which might cause some little trouble.

As a final word, always take a look CRI, higher lumens per watt and total watt usage of the lamps when you are getting them. Of course, there are some obvious factors like brightness, color temperature and dimming. If you want a professional look with these lamps you should always consider all of the factors.

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