Best 8 Floor Lamps with Table Reviewed and Rated

Floor Lamp with Table

There are many great benefits provided by this floor lamps with table, they are easy to use, they save some space and they give the functionality we need at the same. There are too many stylish models in the market and most of the models do the job real good. There are some factors when buying this functional lamps, you should keep them in mind!

First of all, space saving is a really important factor. You should always calculate the base diameter if you are putting this lamp between your chairs or sofas. It should easily fit between places and have no problem with space. You can do this by checking lamp diameters and distance between your sofas for the perfect fitting. The lamp also should complete the other parts of the room. Since most of these lamps come with a big table they can make a huge effect on your room. You should always pick floor lamps with a table with attention. Keep wallpaper colors and style of the room in your mind before buying these! Last of all please don’t pay overpriced products too much money, there is at least a dozen of perfect and reasonably priced lamps in the market.

Top 8 Floor Lamps with Table Reviews

Iron Twist Base Wood Tray Table Floor Lamp200$9,6
Goodygogo Table with Build-in Floor Lamp 100$7,6
Better Homes and Gardens End Table Floor Lamp85$8,0
Brightech - Madison LED Floor Lamp - Built-in Black Table90$8,7
Combination Floor Lamp End Table Magazine with 3 Rack110$8,8

Iron Twist Base Wood Tray Table Floor Lamp


  • Assembled height is 63 inches.
  • It needs a 140W light bulb to work, it’s not included in the package!
  • Dark rusty finish with walnut table design.
  • Linen shade is high-quality, distributes the light well.
  • Ideal lamp for a living room because of the table.


This is a great lamp for any living room, the table can easily carry your drinks without any problem. Sometimes cat hops on the table might cause stability problems but this is not the case for this lamp. This lamp is really high-quality you can get it without hesitation for your room!

 Goodygogo Floor Lamp with Table


  • Simple lamp with magazine carrying ability and a table.
  • Swing arm lamp for perfect lighting adjustment.
  • Assembled height is 54 inches.
  • High-quality bronze finish.
  • Total weight is 11 pounds.
  • Needs a 150W light bulb to work and it’s not included in the package.


First of all, this product is not manufactured by the company right now, so keep that in mind before buying it! However, this is a normal quality lamp to have it really has some nice features. It’s really lightweight and that makes it easy to carry around. The price is also okay for this kind quality, you might want to change the shade because I didn’t like the quality of it!

Better Homes and Gardens End Table Floor Lamp


  • Assembled height is 54 inches.
  • Uses a CFL light bulb and it’s in the package.
  • Easy to combine with any room because of simple looks.
  • Perfectly designed shade with swing arm function.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Rotary switch.


This is a simple and sturdy lamp. It’s suitable for almost any place, you can even use it in the bedroom for your books. The design really makes it perfect for any place. Espresso color looks really nice and well finished. Price is also really reasonable for this quality. The only downside about this product is the shade quality but it’s still okay! I definitely suggest this one!

Brightech – Madison LED Floor Lamp – Built-in Black Table


  • This lamp comes with three different shade colors including; Havana brown, pattern shade, white shade! This allows you a perfect combination with any place!
  • Two tiered decorative table, the table is grain textured wood and looks absolutely perfect.
  • Comes with 2 built-in USB charging spots which make it also really functional.
  • Very stylish design and sturdy. Assembled lamp height is around 5 feet.
  • Comes with a three-year warranty.
  • This is a cheap alternative.


This floor lamp with a built-in table is the best selling in this category. It’s really highly functional because of the USB ports, you can charge any smart device of your without any problem. It charges a little bit slow and might cause some trouble for your devices in the future so keep that in mind! Another thing is this product is really well made and has 3 different shade options which are absolutely perfect! This allows you to put this table in any place you want. I’m thinking about getting one table for my living room, I highly suggest this lamp for everyone!

Leick Chair Side Lamp End Table with Drawer


  • Handmade oak finishing.
  • Made of solid hardwood, sturdy design.
  • This lamp completes small spots perfectly!
  • Perfect antique finishings on drawer and lamp.
  • Assembled height is 57 inches.
  • Easy to assemble, it’s only a few steps!


Woodworking quality is really great, the table looks like it’s handmade and has nice finishings. You probably won’t like the lamp shade because I didn’t like the quality but it still does the job! The drawer is perfect for little item storage, you can also put some DVDs or book on the first tier. This lamp is great if you are looking a lamp with drawer, I suggest it.

Combination Floor Lamp End Table


  •  Provides luxury looks at a reasonable price.
  • High-quality espresso colored finishing.
  • Shade quality is absolutely perfect.
  • Swing arm function is great to have for some lighting adjustment.
  • Assembled height is 54 inches.
  • Shelves provide a great separation between tiers for better functionality.


This lamp is perfectly designed and material quality is top notch. Swing arm function is also great for direct lighting, this can make also a great reading lamp. I highly suggest this lamp because of price and quality!

Marville Mission Style Swing Arm Floor Lamp


  •  Assembled height is 55 inches.
  • It requires a 150W light bulb to work.
  • Rotary switch.
  • Great table for magazine storage and putting drinks on it.
  • The swing arm is perfect and works great.
  • Shade shape is perfect and looks absolutely gorgeous.


This lamp is really sturdy and looks fantastic. The two-tiered table provides a highly functional usage. The lamp is also really stable you can get this one if you have pets or rowdy children. The shade quality is also great and I really liked the shape of it! If you are looking for a lamp with quality and all other specifications you should get this one!

Iron Scroll Wooden Tray Floor Lamp


  • Rustic finished iron looks absolutely gorgeous and antique.
  • Perfectly designed shelf for high functionality.
  • Uses a 150W lightbulb which is not included in the package!
  • Shade quality is low.
  • Brown color makes it suitable for almost any place!


I really liked the shape of this lamp, it looks real different and has some cool features. However, the shade quality is real bad, you should change it once you get it. Overall this is a great product to have in your living room!

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