Best 16 Crystal Table Lamps in 2019

Crystal Table Lamps

You probably have too many questions in your mind about these elegant crystal table lamps. These table lamps are on the market for a long time, crystal table lamps used since the old ages. They can make very good decoration for your house. They are coming back into the market like old times and gaining huge popularity. These lamps can be great for remodeling projects if you can fit them in well. There are also new designs coming out of Asia, those pieces are also highly valuable. If you want to spice up your room with these beautiful lamps you can start by reading our reviews.

You can create a modern look with these beautiful lamps. Modern lamps are great when it comes to decorating your house. We use crystal lamps mostly in bedrooms because of their looks. They are great when they are used as a bedside lamp. However, you can almost use them in any place. Chandelier type crystal lamps can be used for dining rooms since they create a beautiful ambient look.

I generally suggest chandelier lamps if your room is big since big lamps generally go well with bigger rooms! You can also consider getting crystal floor lamps if you have limited space, they can do the trick for you! This is all I can tell you about which room should use which can kind of lighting! Now, let’s take a look at a few important considerations before buying a crystal lamp!

Top 16 Crystal Table Lamps Reviews

Jolie Tapered Candlestick Modern Crystal Table Lamp9,6
Ore International 8315C Deco Glam Table Lamp8,2
Julian Crystal Twist Column Table Lamp9,0
Leola Crystal Bead Gourd Table Lamp8,8

Moooni Two Set of White Ruched Fabric Crystal Table Lamp

  • The shade is made of fabric and it’s extremely high-quality.
  • These can be used as nightstand lamps because of their looks.
  • The chandelier design is extremely perfect for fashionable rooms.
  • The lamp looks so glamorous because of the golden color.
  • It requires an E26/E27 light bulb to operate.
  • The light bulb should be dimmable.
  • Height of the lamp is 23 inches.
  • The crystals are made from k9 crystal which is extremely clear.

This crystal table lamp set is great for any bedroom out there. It’s extremely stylish and looks expensive. The price is really great for the quality and it’s definitely going to last for a long time. You can leave it to your grandkids and they can use it as an antique lamp easily! If you are looking for a high-quality lamp you should get this one!

Kakanuo Crystal Table Lamp

  • Cheapest crystal table lamp in the list.
  • It looks quite well despite the price.
  • It comes with 259 pcs of k9 crystals.
  • Height of the lamp is 15 inches which is short. This is why it’s so cheap.
  • It requires E26 LED light bulb or you can get an incandescent one.
  • The light bulb is not included in the package.
  • The lamp is not dimmable.

The lamp looks nice enough to improve the looks of your bedroom. I didn’t like the design of the cord since it looks too modern. The lamp is extremely easy to install. You can arrange the crystals in any way you want since there are a lot of crystals on this lamp which might be bad for some people. You can also save a lot of money by getting this cheap crystal table lamp! If you are looking for a cheap product with a lot of crystals you can get this one.

Baoduohui Crystal Table Lamp

  • This table lamp is great because it can suit almost any design.
  • The materials are high-quality.
  • The body is made of stainless steel.
  • It looks extremely elegant in real life.
  • The price is cheaper than expected.
  • Height of the lamp is 23 cms which is lower than average.

You can use this one as a decoration lighting. It looks really good on desks or tables. There is a plastic part on the product which is hard to remove for some of the customers. The lamp is perfectly fine for people who are looking to get bright light in their room. It shines really bright and lights up the whole room. If you are looking for a night-time lamp you should look into other options.

Elegant Designs LT1023-WHT Romazzino Crystal Lamp

  • This crystal table lamp has 4 different designs on the sales page.
  • It has a modern look despite looking like a classic lamp.
  • The drum shade looks nice and distributes light really well.
  • The chrome finish on the lamp looks high-quality.
  • It can be used for offices or living rooms because of the modern design.
  • You have to do some assembling before you can use it.

If you are looking for a crystal table lamp for your office this can do the trick. The black version of the lamp is really suitable for offices and workspaces. It’s not hard on the eye but still adds the sophistication you are looking for. The material quality is really great compared to the price. If you are bad with assembling I suggest take a look at other products on the market. It takes around one hour for most of the people!

Focondot Crystal Table Lamp

  • This might be the best bang for your buck in the whole article!
  • It looks extremely elegant in bedrooms, you can easily improve the looks of your room with these.
  • The bottom part is made of metal and it shines real good.
  • IT comes with 179 k9 crystals.
  • The total height of the lamp is 22.5 inches which is perfect.
  • You can pick the lighting level by changing your light bulb.
  • It requires an E26 light bulb to operate.
  • 90-days refund.
  • 12 months money-back guarantee.

One of the best products on this list! The lamp looks extremely elegant and it’s high-quality. The price is perfect for the quality and it looks really nice. I definitely suggest this one for any bedroom out there since it’s cheap. Customers are extremely satisfied with the product! You can also pick a colored light bulb to create different effects in your room. The red light bulb works really well with this one!

Jolie Tapered Candlestick Modern Crystal Table Lamps ( Set of 2 )

  • Perfect candlestick design.
  • 150W light bulb required to make it work, they’re not included in the package.
  • The height is 26 inches.
  • The shade is shaped like a drum and white-colored.
  • It requires a 100w light bulb to operate.
  • Gorgeous look.
  • You can use these ones for the dining room or buffet.
  • Reasonable price for this quality.
  • Shades are too bright, you might want to change them.
  • Easy to assemble.

You can buy these beautiful sets of lamps, they can look great in your dining room or buffet. The crystal finish on the lamp looks really awesome. The tapered drum shade looks also great. You can use this one for the bedroom because some people are using these for the bedroom. If you are looking table lamps with a classic design you can get these.

Ore International 8315C Deco Glam Table Lamp

  • Glamorous lamp with hanging crystals.
  • Product Dimensions: 8″L x 8″W x 20.25H”
  • You have to clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Pull-string switch and UL certificated.
  • 40 WT Type A bulb or 23 WT CFL; 72″ in cord length
  • Item Weight 4.9 pounds
  • Retro-glamorous look.
  • Pull-switch is a plus.
  • It might cast some shadows in the room because there is no shade on it.
  • You can use yellow light to create a vintage look.
  • You can use them on your nightstands without hesitation.
  • Classy looking and easy to assemble.

This small crystal table lamp is the real deal, it can look fantastic in your living or dining room. If you are into glamorous looks and modern design you can get it, the base is also really heavy and sturdy for this kind of product it’s stable enough but you might have a hard time if you have cats in the house.

Julian Crystal Twist Column Table Lamp

  • Drum lamp shape with high-quality material.
  • Uses a 100w light bulb, it’s not included in the package.
  • You can twist the glass profile around for the look you want.
  • 25″ high, Shade is 11″ across the top, 13″ across the bottom, 9″ on the slant.
  • You can use crystal finials on this to finish the decoration.
  • Looks fantastic on nightstands!
  • Stunning and classy look.
  • High-quality for this reasonable price!
  • This lamp is highly suited for the bedroom, looks fantastic.

You can get this modern crystal table lamp if you are looking for something for your nightstands. It looks like it needs a crystal finial instead of a silver one so keep that in mind.

Leola Crystal Bead Gourd Table Lamp

  • On/off switch socket for simple control.
  • Uses a 100w light bulb, not included in the package.
  • Metal base and frame for higher stability.
  • The crystal bead body looks fantastic and elegant.
  • Suitable for bedroom and dining room.
  • The base and body quality are really great.
  • You can match it with ceiling lights and create a great atmosphere for your room.
  • Mostly suitable for the bedroom.
  • Suitable for people who are looking for elegance but simpleness at the same time!
  • It might be smaller in real life than pictures.

This is a really small crystal table lamp, it can easily make the top 3 on this list. Fantastic quality at a reasonable price looks fancy without going overboard. Great for people who love elegance and plainness at the same time! This lamp definitely has some class! If you are looking for something for your bedroom this can be the best thing for you!

Elegant Designs LT1026-CHR Crystal Ball Table Lamp

  • Sparks up your room in seconds!
  • It can be used for your bedroom, living room even office!
  • Adds elegance to normal lights and creates beautiful ambient.
  • Casts shadows while sparking it up.
  • Steel rings on the ball.
  • Height: 8″ Diameter: 7.75″
  • Uses a 40w light bulb.
  • Very cheap alternative.
  • One of the most selling crystal lamps at
  • The cord is 6 feet long.
  • It looks more expensive than this cheap price.
  • It can easily fit into a modern style without going overboard in the looks section.
  • You can use this small crystal table lamp on your nightstands!

This is not an actual table lamp however, I wanted to review it for two reasons; It’s one of the best sellers in the crystal lamp section and real cheap. Great price, I mean it’s really cheap you can even get a few ones as a present. It adds a beautiful finish for most of the designs. You should definitely get it if you are looking for a cheap crystal lamp.

ZEEFO Crystal Table Lamp

  • Classy and beautiful design.
  • Size is really good you can fit it into any place.
  • Size: Designed with 4 2/5 inches diameter and 11 inches high
  • UL plug with UL certification.
  • 90 days satisfaction guarantee and 2 years of warranty!
  • Product Dimensions 4.4 x 4.4 x 11 inches
  • Uses a 60w light bulb with E26(standard) base.
  • The luxury look for this price.
  • Creates beautiful ambient at any place.
  • It can be used for an office or bedroom.
  • You can even use it as a vase, looks cool during the day!
  • You can put colored lights on it and create different ambients.

A great lamp for this price suits in most places because of its size, you can get it without hesitation if you are looking for something cool and still cheap. You can also use different colored LED lights to create dramatic effects in your room. I suggest this one for people who are looking for a cheap crystal table lamp.

Safavieh Lighting Collection Crescendo Table Lamp (Set of 2)

  • Made of hundred percent polyester.
  • Uses 40w light bulbs.
  • Looks great in the living room and dining room.
  • Safavieh is one of the best-selling brands outside of the USA.
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 15 inches.
  • Great design with a simply elegant look.
  • Durable and high quality.
  • You can get an orange color for your children’s room.
  • Perfect for the price.

If you are in need of bedside lamps these can do the trick. They look simply fantastic in any environment and high quality for this reasonable price! These two crystal table lamps for the bedroom are great!

Park Madison Lighting PMT-1206-15 Contemporary Crystal Table Lamp

  • Hand-crafted beautiful shade!
  • 8-Inch Diameter, 20-Inch Tall
  • Chrome finish.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Uses a 60w CFL13 light bulb.
  • The on/off switch is at the base.
  • Made in China.
  • Item Weight 5.9 pounds
  • Looks really fantastic and better than pictures!
  • Can easily create a beautiful ambient if you use them on nightstands!
  • The shade is the best thing about this product, there are not many handcrafted shades on the market!
  • Easy to assemble, takes only 5 minutes for most people.
  • It lights up the room without hassle.

This product is the best one on this list, Price is really reasonable for the quality! If you are looking for something for looks and quality you should get this product!

Tadpoles Table Lamp Chandelier in White Diamond

  • 20 inches tall, full acrylic lamp.
  • The metal frame is highly durable and shiny.
  • It uses 25W E12 light bulbs.
  • UL certified.
  • You can choose between two color options including; white and pink sapphire.
  • I can suggest this lamp for the dining room.

If you are looking for something cool yet something affordable you can get this lamp. It has great quality from head to toe. The base material is made of metal and it’s highly durable. The crystal parts are made of acrylic and they distribute light really well.

Whse of Tiffany TL1075 Unnie 1-Light Crystal Table Lamp

  • Perfect arc design.
  • The crystal chandelier table lamp looks absolutely beautiful.
  • If you are looking for a crystal nightstand lamp this can do the trick for you.
  • Total weight is 10 pounds which are on the high end for this type of product. Stability is not an issue for this crystal lamp.
  • Assembling might be hard for some people but I think instructions are really clear, you might also find some videos on youtube!

This lamp is great if you are in need of nightstand lamps! Assembling might be an issue for some people but you can probably do it! If you want something with the quality you should get this lamp!

Milton Greens Stars A733WH Shannon Crystal Table Lamp

  • California Title 20 Compliant, Energy saving lamp!
  • Perfect satin nickel finish for an extra great look.
  • Crystals shine absolutely perfect.
  • 64 inches of cord helps with perfect positioning.
  • It needs a 100W standard light bulb to operate, you have to buy it separately.
  • Rectangularly shaped fabric shade distributes light well.

The lamp is extremely cheap for this kind of quality. The crystals are made of plastic and they are highly durable! They provide okay shiny ambient, expect nothing fancy for this price. However, I bet you can’t even probably tell the difference between real crystal and these plastic ones! I definitely suggest this cheap crystal lamp!

Important Tips On Buying Crystal Lamps

Size: Size of the crystal table lamps is one of the important things when it comes to crystal table lamps. Since these table lamps are generally used in the bedroom they should the size of your nightstand. I always prefer smaller lamps because I don’t a lamp to cover all of my nightstands since I use different items on it. However, it all comes to your personal choice whether you are going to get a big one or a smaller one!

If you are going to use these lamps in your bedroom they should be suitable for your room. If you have a small room you should avoid table lamps that are too big. They will look absurd in most scenes.

Crystal Material: The crystal material is an important factor. The crystals can be made with 3 materials including; plastic, acrylic, and glass. These 3 are the most used materials in the market. Plastic ones are durable, I can suggest to them if you are living with pets! Acrylic ones are great, they provide great ambient lighting and they are almost as durable as the plastic ones. However, I don’t really like the idea of using something chemical on my lamp. It’s up to you using the acrylic ones, they are not harmful but I prefer the glass ones. The glass ones are absolutely perfect, they look real in most situations. They provide the best looks amongst these three materials. The glass ones can increase the price but they are definitely worth it!

Material and Shade Quality

Shade: As you know shade is always an important factor. The color of the shade makes or breaks a lamp since it affects the distribution of the light! If you are after ambient lighting you should always go with darker colors, however, this effect is not a hundred percent up to the shade! The light bulb you are using is also important! You should check the lumens and color temperature of the lamp you are using before you buy it! Make sure you read the homepage to understand more about lumens and color temperature!

Material: This is really important when it comes to crystal table lamps. The price of the lamp will great vary according to the material used! There are aluminum, chrome and metal ones in the market which changes the price of the product! Most of the companies reduce the quality of shade to reduce the price! However, in the latest years, the base material quality gets neglected which makes the product last lesser than usual.

Final Words

As you know crystal table lamps are not durable, they can get shattered into pieces by a simple touch. You should be careful if you are with children or some crazy pets. You should always handle them with care and be careful most times. A kick from a kid or pet can make it hard to repair for fragile pieces. There can be also some choking hazards for kids and even pets, you should also keep this in mind. Cleaning crystal lamps can be hard according to the specific lamp but you can generally use semi-wet clothes for cleaning. Of course like everything there are some goods and bads about crystal lamps too, you should use them with care if you want to complete your room’s looks.

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