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crystal floor lamps

Crystal lamps used to be very expensive in the old days, however nowadays crystals can be made of plastic or simple glass! This led to a price reduction in the market and an increased variety of products! You can pick between hundreds of models today without hassle. I reviewed the best selling crystal floor lamps on the market just for you, hope you can find the best one for your needs and enjoy its beauty!

Crystal lamps generally have a modern design, if you are looking for something simple you should take a look at other lamps. The crystals are generally made of plastic or glass, plastic might be a bad choice because they absorb the lighting too much, I advise you to pick up the glass ones. You should also always pick the lamp with more stability because if there is a stability problem these glasses can break easily!

I added four newcomer lamps for 2019. They are amongst the best sellers on the internet. You can find them at the bottom of the article!

Top 15 Crystal Floor Lamps in 2019


8,4Elegant Designs LF1002-WHT Sheer Shade Chrome Floor Lamp




Possini Euro Glitz Crystal and Chrome Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 66 inches!
  • It requires a 100W light bulb to work!
  • Modern looking floor lamp with chrome base and body finish.
  • Clear crystal glass imitates drum-shaped shade.
  • It’s easy to assemble and takes only 20 minutes for most people.
  • Provides soft white illumination to your room.
  • I highly suggest this lamp for the living room because it completes the room with ease.
  • Feminine and modern looks of this lamp will look great in the living room.

Possini makes perfect lamps when it comes to crystal lamps. This lamp is great for sleek design lovers. It will look awesome in minimalistic and modern designs. You can combine it with teal or white colors as you see in the picture. The base material is high-quality and it’s also stable. This lamp can be used for offices too but I suggest it for living rooms.

 Possini Euro Chrome Nest Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 63 inches.
  • Uses five G9 halogen light bulbs, they are included in the package. This lamp is also dimmable for easy light control.
  • Stainless steel laser cut metal shade with crystal.
  • High-quality chrome finished base.
  • This is a great lamp to have for living room or bedroom looks really cool and doesn’t have any flaws. It can brighten up an entire room.
  • The product is also really easy to assemble takes only 15 minutes for most people.
  • It’s a little bit pricey but crystal quality is really great you will enjoy real crystal quality with this lamp.

Another lamp from Possini brand. The chrome of the lamp will great black sofas or couches. You can use this lamp for antique designed rooms. You can use this lamp combined with white or blue walls. The base material of the lamp is high quality which makes it stable. The design of the lamp is suitable for modern designs. You can use this lamp in big rooms without any problems. It might look bad in small rooms.

 Elegant Designs LF1002-WHT Sheer Shade Chrome Floor Lamp with Hanging Crystals

  •  Provides both modern and classic looks for a lamp.
  • Perfectly designed crystal drops.
  • Chrome finish is high-quality.
  • You can use this one in the bedroom, living or room or even in office for a modern look.
  • Assembled height is 62 inches.
  • Requires 3x25W type B E12 Candelabra bulbs.
  • Made in China.
  • This product made of plastic crystals and ribbon sheer shade but the quality is really great.
  • It also has a reasonable price which is a plus! The switch is fitted on the cord for easy control.
  • The product is also stable and durable you can’t get this quality at this price!

Design of this lamp is suitable for modern rooms. The base material looks great and it can be suitable for retro designs too. Only the shade looks different in antique designs. The hanging crystal drops shine real good! If you are looking to buy a lamp with real crystals you can take a look at other lamps in the market!

Crystal Standing Floor Lamp Light Classic Modern Lighting 6832

  • Chrome base and body, great finishing quality.
  • Highly stable because of the square base.
  • Crystal quality is okay, they are plastic.
  • This is a great lamp to have, it’s perfectly designed and different than other crystal lamps.
  • It has a few quality problems but they are not a big deal if you like the style of it, you can get it.
  • The base of the lamp is stable because of the square design.
  • You can definitely use it in your room if you have pets.

The lamp has a modern look which attracts your guests with ease. It’s suitable for most modern designed rooms. The wall colors should be suitable for this lamp. You can use it in black or white colors.

SH Lighting 6733F-WH Crystal Inspired 3-Bulb Floor Lamp

  • UL certified.
  • It requires 3 type B light bulbs, they are not included in the package!
  • You can also get coherent chandelier and table lamps from the same brand.
  • Perfect chrome finish with great design.
  • Modern candelabra style.
  • Great product quality for a reasonable price, metal quality is really on the high end.
  • Crystal drops are made of crystal but really look perfect.
  • You might want to change the shade once you get it, but it still has great quality.
  • The lamp is easy to assemble, I definitely suggest this one for the dining room or living room.

The 3-Way bulb is really useful when it comes to task lighting. You can adjust the lighting level according to your needs. If you are reading books constantly this lamp might be a good choice for you. You can easily put this next to a sofa or couch.

Ore International 6932 Crystal Inspirational Arch Floor Lamp

  • Lamp height is 7 1/2 feet.
  • Crystal drop lampshades can be controlled separately by the switcher.
  • Perfect nickel finish.
  • Highly stable and it’s a little bit hard to assemble.
  • Perfect elegant and modern design.
  • This is a different lamp to have I really like the design except for the base, it made it look like cheap.
  • However, the material quality is a great, fantastic looking arch lamp for any living room or dining room.
  • I highly suggest this one for the living room. Price is also okay, you can buy it if you like it.

This lamp is a great combination of arc and crystal floor lamp. It can work as an arc floor lamp in the corners which is convenient for people who have small spaces in their rooms. The elegance of crystal floor lamps also embedded in this one which is a huge plus!

OK-5112f 63-Inch Rain Metal Floor Lamp

  • UL certified.
  • Uses 40W light bulbs.
  • Easy on/off switch on the cord.
  • Assembled height is 63 inches.
  • Made in China.
  • Modern design with great finishings looks absolutely brilliant.
  • Product weight is 20 pounds.
  • This a perfect lamp for the bedroom provides great ambient lighting for any place you use, but I highly suggest to use it in the bedroom.
  • The lamp is really easy to assemble and takes only 10 minutes for most of the people!
  • This is a high-quality product for this price if you like the design you should definitely get it!

The design of the lamp is so elegant which makes it a great candidate for modern designs. It can be also used for antique designs with ease. You can get a dimmable light bulb to create dramatic effects at your room. I suggest this lamp for high-quality lamp lovers.

OK-5109f 62-Inch Crystal Silver Floor Lamp

  • OK lighting makes really great products and this is one of them.
  • UL certified.
  • Made in China.
  • Assembled height is 62 inches.
  • Great shade quality.
  • Chrome finishing is made of high quality.
  • Very sturdy lamp with a modern design, it’s really durable because of the material quality.
  • Chrome finishing looks absolutely perfect! I should warn you against the lampshade because it’s not white!
  • It has a creamy color so keep that in mind before buying it!
  • If you need a chandelier crystal floor lamp you can get this product!

This lamp can be used in rooms which have white or brown furniture. It has an elegant design which makes it more suitable for bedrooms. The chrome finishing looks extremely high-quality.  The lampshade is not completely white which might be a problem for some people.

Warehouse of Tiffany Concordia Crystal Floor Lamp

  • Great lighting for indoor setups!
  • High-quality chrome finishing!
  • It requires 3 40W light bulbs to work, they are not included in the package!
  • Assembled height is 60 inches.
  • This product is quite shiny and made with high-quality materials.
  • It looks really bold and elegant at the same time, highly suggested for dining rooms or bedroom.
  • It can go really well with your design because of the black shade. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

This lamp is perfect for a dining room. It will improve the ambiance of a dining room in seconds. It can also be used for bedrooms because of the elegance it has. The black shade makes it suitable for retro or vintage designs. You can combine black colors with other black furniture in your room.

ORE International 6966G Floor Lamp

  •  4 separately working arms which can be controlled by the switch.
  • The dimmable switch makes it perfect for any place!
  • Assembled height is 84 inches.
  • UL certified.
  • Made in China.
  • Polished brass body material.
  • Total weight is 40 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The base is really sturdy and high quality.
  • The product has no flaws at all, you might only come across some problems at shipping.
  • Dimming makes the product great you can use lamps separately for different kind of environment ambients.
  • If you like the design you can get the product but beware if you have cats, you might have some problems!

This lamp is suitable for arc floor lamp lovers out there. It has a convenient design which makes it great for corners. The 4-heads add elegance to the lamp. The height of the lamp is more than average lamps which might be a problem for some people. If you have pets in your house you might want to take a look at other products. It has a really nice base design but it might have stability problems when pets want to toy around it!

ORE International 6866G Floor Lamp

  • Requires assembling which can be hard for some people.
  • UL certified.
  • The base is completely made of steel and shades are made of acrylic.
  • Polished brass finish for perfect looks.
  • A classic and modern look at the same time!
  • 3 lamps can be controlled separately with ease. The crystals are great, Acrylic is a great material when it comes to crystal drops. It’s going to shine really bright! This is another great product to have in this product range!

Ore international produces really nice lamps which also have a reasonable price. The crystals have a nice quality if you are concerned about the crystals. They are made of acrylic which looks really good in the bright lighting. You can increase the looks of your room with classic design of this lamp. However, i realy don’t like the base design of this lamp..

Surpars House Ball Shape Crystal Floor Lamp

Surpars House Ball Shape Crystal Floor Lamp

  • You are going to fall in love with this beautiful ball shape crystal floor lamp. It looks extremely elegant and suitable for most of the places!
  • You can instantly improve your bedroom’s look with this lamp.
  • Silver chrome finish is extremely high-quality.
  • The base of the lamp is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The height of the lamp is 59 inches.
  • It uses a standard E26 60W light bulb. It’s not included in the package.
  • You can easily assemble the lamp in 20 minutes.
  • Some of you might find the lamp short because it’s only 59 inches.
  • The crystals are definitely real, you can see rainbows when you look at them! They are really mesmerizing! However, I think they are made of plastics so keep that in mind before you buy it!
  • It’s a cool lamp at this price, you can buy it if you like ball-shaped crystal floor lamps!

This lamp is great for living rooms. It can be used in the corner’s with ease because of the sleek design. If you lack in your living room I definitely suggest you get this. This lamp can be a lifesaver for some people! The ball-shaped shade makes it really unique.

Hsyile Lighting KU300153 Elegant Designs Crystal Floor Lamp

  • If you like modern designs you should take a look at this lamp!
  • The height of the lamp is 59 inches if you are looking for something taller take a look at the beginning of the list!
  • It uses 2x40W E12 light bulbs which are not included in the package.
  • You can complete your room’s mid-century style with this beautiful lamp!
  • The chrome finish on the lamp is extremely high-quality.
  • It’s extremely hard to assemble but once you assemble it you will be surprised at the sturdiness of the lamp!
  • You to put each jewelry by yourself, keep this in mind before you made the purchase.
  • You might spend a good hour on assembling.

Another great lamp for dining rooms. This one is definitely suggested by me for people who love luxury! The lamp is extremely sturdy which makes it great for long term usage! Assembling might be hard for newbies if you are not that good in this department you should take a look at other lamps!

Elegant Designs LF1002-WHT Sheer Shade Chrome Floor Lamp

  • The shade is made of pleated sheer.
  • The chrome finish is extremely high-quality.
  • You are definitely going to love the crystals!
  • Height is 61.5 inches which is pretty high for these kinds of lamps!
  • It uses 3X40W candelabra type B light bulbs.
  • The lamp has both classic and modern features on it!
  • You can use the lamp for almost any room!
  • If you use the lamp in the bedroom you can easily create a romantic atmosphere within seconds!
  • You can also use it in your office to create some flair!
  • This lighting will definitely add elegance and freshness to your room!

The shade of the lamp makes it suitable for dining rooms or bedrooms. It’s great for creating a romantic atmosphere in any room. The base material is heavy but it might have stability problems so you should not get it if you have pets inside your use!

OK Lighting OK-5112F Rain Metal Floor Lamp

  • The lamp is UL certified.
  • It uses a 40W light bulb.
  • You can easily control the lamp with the footswitch. This function is extremely functional if you have enough space in your room. You can easily control the lamp.
  • The height of the lamp is 63 inches which is pretty cool! This lamp is higher than most of the lamps in this category.
  • The crystals are made of glass which is really cool! Most of the lamps don’t have glass crystals at this price!
  • The lamp uses 3 light bulbs and they are included in the package!
  • The packaging is too good, you will probably spend a really good amount of time while unpacking the lamp.
  • The quality of the lamp is extremely high, I definitely suggest this one if you are looking for a high-quality lamp!

The lamp has three different light bulbs which is great for if you are looking for some utility. The quality is top-notch and materials are high-quality. It can be used for dining rooms or bedrooms with ease.


How to Pick Best Crystal Floor Lamp?

Picking a floor lamp can get hard for some people out there. Crystal floor lamps are extra hard because of their sophisticated and elegant design. You have to think about all of the elements inside the room before you make your move. These floor lamps look extra fancy which makes them look bad in a standard room. You have to design everything in your room according to these lamps to create a great ambiance. There are some factors you have to consider before you make a move. Make sure you check out all of these and buy a lamp suitable.

Material Quality

This one is the most basic one as you know. There are different materials used in the making of crystal floor lamps. First of all the body part is made of 3-4 different metals most of the time. Chrome finishing is the most used one in crystal floor lamps because it blends well with crystal colors. You can also find brass ones but I do not suggest them and they do not look good at all.

If you want to reduce the cost of the lamp, you can opt-in for lamps which are made from aluminum. These lamps cost less than usual because of the material used. However, if you are going to do an elegant room design you should look for high-quality materials like stainless steel and alloy. Alloy ones are great because they can look bright and beautiful at the same time. If you have the budget, you should go for alloy ones!

Crystal Material

There are three crystal materials used in the making of these lamps. You can find acrylic, glass and plastic crystal beads in the market. Plastic is the cheapest one compared to the other. They are durable and they won’t be affected by falls. You can also use them if you have pets inside your house. Acrylic ones are the second one in the list. They will look better than plastic ones in most cases. Glass ones are the best ones on the list. However, they cost more than usual. If you are looking to acquire the best look possible you should go for glass materials!


Price of the lamp changes according to the material used in the head and the body. Some brands have an extra price on their products because of the advertisement costs. You can buy well-known products but they will be probably ten to twenty percent expensive than standard lamps! Check the crystal beads quality and base material quality before you make your purchase. Some crystal floor lamps have shades on them which can increase the cost. The shade price changes according to the material used.


I’ve reviewed 15 best crystal floor lamps in the market for my visitors.  If you want to buy from well-known brands you can prefer Ore International which looks okay in my opinion. You can also prefer SH-Lighting and Hsyile brands if you can afford to pay more. Make sure you leave comments below!

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