10 Best Country Table Lamps in 2019 – Top Choices

If you are looking to brighten up your table you can use the best country table lamps! A country table lamp will definitely light up your favorite reading spot. There is more than decorative reasons we use a lamp. It’s one of the most useful things in a house. Lights can instantly set the mood in the house. Dimmed table lights are great for creating a romantic and relaxed ambiance. Dimmable lamps can be used for different encounters.

Country tables lamp can be used for living, dining or bedrooms with ease! They generally have simple lines and details. Sometimes they might have curved design elements to create the casual look. They are mostly aren’t as elegant as other lamps. This is the number one difference than modern lamps. You can always combine these casual decors with a number of different looks. Now let’s take a look at country tables which can be suitable for your table.

Top Country Table Lamps

Annie Iron Scroll Table Lamps Set of 2
Park Designs Red Iron Lantern Lamp$$7,6
Collections Etc Rustic Country Star Lantern Table Lamp$$8.5
Ted Dark Bronze 18 1/2" High Touch On-Off Accent Table Lamp$$8.2

Ben Traditional Table Lamps

  • These two lamps are suitable for bedrooms and nightstand.
  • The total height of the lamp is 25 inches.
  • Each lamp works with a light bulb up to 100watts.
  • There are three different designs on the sales page.
  • The metal base construction looks great.
  • I suggest this one for antique and retro designs.
  • Beige linen shade can be changed with something darker.
  • One of the best sellers in the market.
  • You can use this lamp on a nightstand for reading activities!
  • Cord length is around 8 feet.

If you are looking for a lamp for your nightstand, you can pick this lamp. It has all the basic functions and quality of a country table lamp.

Annie Traditional Table Lamps

  • Each lamp is 28 inches in height.
  • Great product from Franklin Iron Works.
  • The table lamps use E26 150 watt standard light bulbs, they are not included in the package.
  • On / off switch.
  • If you are buying this for reading you should look into other lamps because it’s not 3-way.
  • Iron-look bronze finish looks nice in antique designs.
  • Cream drum shade looks high-quality.
  • The lamps are easy to assemble and they are sturdy!
  • The lamps are pretty lightweight which might cause problems for families with pets or kids.
  • The price is great for two lamps.
  • Tapered cream-colored drum shapes will lower the amount of light you receive.

These lamps are great for transitional designs. You can use it in modern or country designs with ease! I really like the design of these lamps. They can look amazing in different designs.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Darlita Table Lamps

  • This lamp can be used as a nightstand or bedroom desk lamp.
  • The 3-way switch is really great for setting the lighting! You can use this lamp for reading activities!
  • The design of the lamp is really sleek which makes it suitable for minimalistic designs!
  • The pedestal bases look great and you can pick different bases up to 2 options.
  • You can clean the lamp with a soft dry cloth.
  • The lamp requires a 150W light bulb to operate!

This country table lamp has a contemporary design which will attract your guests! These two can be used for the living room but I suggest them for a bedroom or on a desk. They can be used on end tables to create a nice environment. The 3-way switch makes it great for reading activities!

Brightech Noah LED Side Bedside Table

  • This traditional lamp is the answer if you don’t want to search the whole internet.
  • It has a nice look and costs less than other lamps on the market!
  • You can use it in mid-century, modern, and industrial designs with ease!
  • You can use it on your desk since the height is 14 inches.
  • If you are looking for a nightstand lamp you should look into other lamps.
  • Provides lighting at 800 lumens with 9.5 watts light bulb.
  • The light bulb included in the package!
  • Cheap alternative for other country table lamps!

If you are looking for a quick and cheap solution to your country table lamp needs you can get this simple lamp. It does the job as advertised and it doesn’t cost anything!

Park Designs Red Iron Lantern Lamp

  • You can choose between two different design options including black and red.
  • The lamps are 20 inches tall.
  • You have to buy the shades separately. It really adds to the money when you also pay for them.
  • It needs a 60W light bulb to operate.
  • You can also use the nightlight spot which requires a 6W light bulb.
  • The door on the bottom is usable, you can open it during the night time or close it to create a different ambiance!

The 3-way switch makes the product useful but customers didn’t like this one because of the quality! You have to pay for shade separately which is also negative! If you are looking for a high-quality country table lamp you should skip this!

Collections Etc Rustic Country Star Lantern Table Lamp

  • If you love the antique rustic design with a little bit country in it, this is the lamp you need.
  • The old-style lantern base features a bright star which looks awesome.
  • There are also red stars on the shade.
  • You can control the lamp separately, you can light up once to open the base light only. Twice for the shade only and three times for all lights!
  • It comes with 7W light bulb for nightlight part.
  • You have to buy a 40W light bulb for the lamp.
  • The lamp is 22 inches high.
  • %100 satisfaction guarantee.

This is a cute lamp which looks awesome at any place you put it! The lamp on the bottom part makes it a great nighttime lamp. It can complement any rustic or industrial design with ease! High-quality country star lantern table lamp for people who are looking for the highest quality country lamps!

Park Designs Butter Churn Lamp

  • Early twenty-century designs are really the best when it comes to country table lamps!
  • This lamp looks exactly like the originals. It will definitely create the ambiance you want!
  • Red finish with wooden finial which looks extremely real.
  • The product doesn’t have a lampshade, you have to pay for it separately.
  • The cord is about 3 feet long which is enough for most people.

If you are looking to add some spice to your design this product is the answer! The product is really perfect if you love the design. The product advertises the lampshade but it’s not sold with the product and I suggest you get another one because of the price.

Isabella Ivory Ceramic Table Lamp by Regency Hill

  • The lamp is 28 inches high.
  • It needs a 150W standard light bulb to operate.
  • Regency Hill always creates great lamps and it’s one of them.
  • You can also buy two sets which lower the price quite a bit.
  • Hundred percent handcraft ceramic country style table lamp for people who are looking for the highest quality lamps!
  • Rustic-jar style base looks great, the white color of it will suit your country style room with ease!
  • If you love the beige colors, the shade will definitely make you happy!
  • Highly suggested if you are looking for a high-quality country table lamp!

I always love lamps which are made of Ivory color. These look in almost any design out there. This lamp looks elegant and it has the style you need it! Highly suggested.

Elize Whitewash Candlestick Lamp Set of 2

  • If you are looking for a set of candlestick country lamps you should get this lamp instantly!
  • The lamps are 27 inches high which is taller than average country table lamps!
  • You have to use a 100W standard light bulb for each lamp.
  • On/off socket switches are easy to use, they are hassle-free.
  • Traditional candlestick lamps with a vintage design.
  • Bell shades look fantastic in my opinion, they will definitely create a beautiful ambiance during the nighttime.
  • Fine cast resin constructed base is extremely sturdy and durable!
  • Highly suggested if you are looking for a high-quality lamp.

Candlestick table lamps are great when it comes to creating an antique country look. They are the most suitable lamps out there for mid-century designs! If you want that antique look in your bedroom you should get these two!

Ted Dark Bronze 18 1/2″ High Touch On-Off Accent Table Lamp

  • The lamp is 18 inches high, it’s a little bit lower than the average.
  • It comes with G9 base 60W light bulb, you don’t have to buy it seperately which saves you 10$ easily.
  • Touch base will light up the lamp instantly.
  • The dark bronze finish will suit your room if you have a dark room.
  • Metal construction is extremely high-quality.
  • The beige shade looks classy.
  • Highly suggested if you are looking for a cheap country table lamp.
  • The lamp is high-quality don’t worry about the price!

This lamp is definitely high-quality! It’s also sold with a bulb which means you don’t have to pay more for a light bulb! The dark bronze finish makes it suitable for antique or vintage designs!

How to Pick the Best Country Table Lamp?

There are two types of country designs. The first one is a modern country design. It’s an extremely unique way to design our rooms which have mixed elements from Hamptons, vintage and modern designs! It has a relaxed and calming look. The second one can be named as French country design. This design type generally contains woodworks, different patterns, vibrant hues. This design looks elegant but it will cost you a fortune if you truly want to implement it.

Country table lamps are the main player of the mid century design. The mid-century design is generally so easy to implement but it costs more than other designs because of the materials used! Country designs are combined with rustic, industrial and antique looks most of the time. These lamps have an old look to them which separates them from the rest! There are a few things you have to be careful about when it comes to picking the best country table lamp!

Material Quality

Most of country table lamps use iron and metals in their designs, especially for the base! I think the best way to measure the quality of a lamp’s base to measure its weight! Most of the time the manufacturer steals from the product’s weight and fill it with cheap metals. The base metal should feel heavy and sturdy! It should not be thin compared to other products in the market!

There are also some products which have a wooden base! These are so hard to separate from each other. You can always inspect the painting on the woods to distinguish differences!


You should inspect products closer than usual to understand their quality. You should not pay for products which are really low in quality. For example, the last product on my list is really high-quality but it costs less than usual! Read the heading above to gather some idea about how to identify the quality of the product.


If you are looking for a relaxed look in your house, you can always use country table lamps! These are the best option if you are looking for a calming area! If you are more an earthy person you can always pick wooden products with vibrant colors! The shade parts can be made of cloth or linen or even silk depending on your preferences! These can be leaned easily which makes them great! You should be looking to get a country table lamp which looks special in the corner of your room and it should be welcoming you with love every evening!

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