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Candlestick lamps are our best friend when it comes to designing a bedroom or dining room. These simple and gorgeous lamps can instantly enhance a room’s look. I don’t like the lighting ability of candlestick lamps if, to be honest with you. They are great decorations, they look beautiful most of the time but they can’t provide the ambient I need. However, the case might be different for you.

You are going to find the latest reviews about candlestick lamps in the market and some consumer reports about them. Some of the reviews written by self-experience and some of them are gathered through the experience. Hope you will like the reviews and pick the best lamp according to your needs without spending too much time.

You can also buy cheap candlestick lamps. They are generally of normal quality with some cons of course. The shade quality is generally not up-to-par with other candlestick lamps. However, you can change the low-quality shade any time you want! This is why cheap candlestick lamps are also great alternatives! I have some of them in the list, make sure you check them out!

Top 10 Candlestick Lamps in 2019

Elize Whitewash Candlestick Lamp Set of 280$9,6
Distressed Antique Gold 18" High Candlestick Table Lamp30$9,2
LEDU 27-Inch High Candlestick Table Lamp67$8,4
Hanna Bronze Candlestick Table Lamp30$8,2
Traditional Candlestick Table Trio Lamp30$8,4

Elize Whitewash Candlestick Lamp Set of 2

  • 2 pieces of beautifully designed candlestick lamps. The body absolutely gorgeous and high quality.
  • Bell-shaped drum’s size is perfect. Neither big or small. The total height of the lamps is 27 inches.
  • Traditional looks combined with a modern-looking shade provides an Asian look!
  • Durable carved resin construction.
  • These lamps will be a great touch to your bedroom, colors can suit almost any room.
  • You can go to the European provincial look with these lamps.
  • You might find the shade color a little bit different than the whitewash.

These gorgeous lamps are suitable for any bedroom out there. The shade is perfect for big rooms. If your room is small you should stay away from this lamp. If you are after an Asian look these two can work well. Lastly, this lamp is high-quality you can definitely buy it without hesitation since the price is good too. It’s definitely one of the cheapest candlestick lamps on the market!

Distressed Antique Gold Candlestick Table Lamp

  • You can acquire the French farmhouse looks with this lamp.
  • Great gold-colored antique design.
  • Lamp height is 18 inches which you might want a little bit small.
  • It uses a 60W light bulb to operate, you have to get it separately.
  • Resin construction is really durable.

If you are looking for a French design lamp this one is great. You can use it retro or vintage design with ease! This lamp is a little bit smaller other candlestick table lamps in the market. Lastly, Honestly I didn’t like the shade, it might be differently shaped. If you like the product like the way it is you can get it.

Pacific Coast Lighting Kathy Ireland Essentials Onyx Splendor Candlestick Table Lamp

  • Absolutely golden-colored gorgeous body and shade.
  • The shade is made of fabric. It’s shaped like a bell and looks great.
  • The Roman bronze color on the body looks great.
  • It can go well with transitional furniture.
  • It looks much better than the pictures.
  • Lamps are definitely high quality.

The bronze color is suitable for antique looks. The bell shade looks suitable for Asian designs. If you love this kind of look, you can’t find something cheaper candlestick lamp than this lamp, it definitely does the job and looks absolutely beautiful!

French Candlestick Beige Console Lamp

  • 18 inches high.
  • It needs a 60W light bulb to operate.
  • French-styled candlestick looks beautiful.
  • Glass shaped shade with beige wash finish.
  • Antique look.
  • You can use this one as a reading or regular lamp, provides enough lighting.

Most of the candlestick table lamps are designed in the French way. The beige-colored glass shade looks fantastic in my opinion. If you are looking to implement antique French look in your room you can get this one! It’s definitely a cheap candlestick lamp for this quality! Highly suggested!

LEDU Candlestick Table Lamp

  • The mushroom-shaped shade is a little big but the style of the lamp looks great in my opinion.
  • Polished brass finish is okay quality, there might be better products in this area.
  • UL certified.
  • It works with a 15W incandescent light bulb and it comes with the lamp.
  • Made in China.
  • Beautiful traditional look.
  • You can change the shade with a cloth one if you want more lighting in your room.
  • You can even use this one in the living room because of the looks.
  • It also makes a great nighttime reading lamp.

This candlestick table lamp emits good lighting for reading activities! The shade really blocks out most of the lighting which might be cool for readers! The polished brass finish is not that great! If you are concerned about the base material you should look into other lamps!

Hanna Bronze Candlestick Table Lamp

  • Traditional looking candlestick table lamp with some mosaic designs on it.
  • Perfect bronze finish and bell looking shade.
  • The shade is a little bit on the tan side and it provides warm white lighting.
  • You can use this one as a reading lamp if you want to.
  • Cast resin construction for extra durability.
  • Great price.
  • If you are out of the budget and still looking for a quality lamp you can get this one!

The mosaic designs on the lamp remind me of Moroccan lamps which definitely look cool in any environment! The bronze finish looks perfect and it’s combined with bell shade! This lamp has features from all over Asia! If you are looking for a sophisticated product with antique looks and high-quality you can get this one!

Traditional Candlestick Table Trio Lamp

  • Gradually positioned three candlestick lamps looks great.
  • Fabric shades are great but they look a little bit big on the small lamp.
  • Assembled height is 25 inches.
  • It comes with three 15W light bulbs.
  • It comes with a 60-day return policy.
  • Provides a warm white color it might be great for reading.
  • The price is great.

This is a cool lamp. It looks different than other candlestick lamps in the market! The height is great compared to other lamps. Each lamp works separately which might be a plus for utility hunters. You can also use it for reading. Lastly, the lamp is really small but the price is great, you can definitely use this one in the bedroom or living room.

Safavieh Lighting Collection Brighton Candlestick Gold 29-inch Table Lamp

  • Made of hundred percent cotton.
  • The body is made of metal.
  • It uses a 100W light bulb to operate.
  • It suits well with bedroom and living room.
  • I really like the products of this brand, they are generally made of high quality and look classy.
  • You might find it a little bit expensive but this product deserves the price.

The body metal works okay, The lamp uses light bulb up to 100 watts which can emit a great amount of lighting! The shaded part is made of hundred percent cotton but you might want to change the shade once you get it! Because it’s not that high-quality. You might find better alternatives on our website!

Safavieh Lighting Collection Erica Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp

  • The shade is made of fifty percent of cloth and polyester.
  • It uses a 60W light bulb to operate.
  • Looks great in the bedroom.
  • Cheap candlestick table lamp with great quality!
  • Silver looking body with a great finish.
  • You can get this one if you like white-colored table lamps.

The shade is going to last for a longer time because it’s made of two different fabrics. This lamp can work great in minimalistic and modern designs! I suggest this one for bedrooms. The price is also cheap which makes it a valuable option!

Juliette Gold Buffet Table Lamp

  • Two pairs of great looking buffet lamps.
  • The lamp height is 36 inches.
  • It uses a 100W light bulb to operate.
  • The Golden finish looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • Bell-shaped shade might be changed with something else.
  • Price is perfect.
  • You can get this lamp if you are looking for a pair of candlestick lamp.

The height of these lamps is close to floor lamps! They work with 100W light bulbs which emit a great amount of lighting! You can use these as the main lighting options in your room. They will definitely light up the room!

Barnes and Ivy Duval French Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp


  • Total lamp height is 34 inches.
  • If you are looking for a candlestick table lamp with an antique finish you should definitely get this.
  • Crystal beadings are aspired by chandelier designs.
  • The lamp is a beige color which looks extremely nice. The lampshade is made of polyresin.
  • You can easily assemble the lamp in minutes. It won’t take long for most of the people.
  • The base is extremely heavy and high-quality, you won’t have stability problems with this lamp.
  • The company sends extra crystals in case if something becomes damaged.
  • Highly suggested for people who are looking for a quality candlestick table lamp!

The height of the lamp is higher than other candlestick table lamps in the market! It has the perfect antique finish combined with crystal beadings! The crystals are made of real glass in my opinion and the company sends spare ones just in case. It appears a little bit darker in real life so keep that in mind before you make your purchase!


Elegant Designs LT3301-CRM Antique Style Buffet Table Lamp

  • The resin base looks extremely high-quality and it provides enough stability.
  • If you are looking antique design this lamp easily provides it!
  • It needs 1 60W E26 medium base light bulb to operate.
  • The height of the lamp is 31 inches.
  • Fabric shade will definitely attract your visitors.
  • You can definitely use this lamp in the bedroom! They can be suitable if you buy them in pairs.
  • The multicolor bulb looks extremely great in this lamp, highly suggested if you are looking to create a different ambient.
  • The lamp is extremely beautiful, great quality.

This chandelier table lamp has a great base quality which will last for a long time. If you want to leave a legacy to your grandkids you can think about purchasing this one! This lamp is definitely a bargain for the price! If you are intended to buy a cheap candlestick lamp you should get this!

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