Best 10 Brass Floor Lamps, Pick the Best One!

retro industrial Brass Floor Lamp

Brass floor lamps are started getting really popular amongst the decorators. They are always a great way to enhance your room’s look and style of your room with ease. You can go with a more antique or modern look with brass lamps. Having either one in your home will definitely take your decoration to the next level. Antique brass lamps are generally my choice because it complements with the brass finishing. You can find various antique brass floor lamps in the market, they are generally mostly made in America so quality is also great.

These vintage lamps can also fit in modern environments without ruining the design. If you have a more combined design of antique and modern, you can go with class brass lamps. They usually fit in most places and they are never outdated. You should also take a look at all of the lamps for a general idea. I reviewed some of the best seller lamps on the market and gave you some tips about these lamps hope you will like them!

Top Selling 10 Brass Floor Lamps – 2019 UPDATED!







Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Reading Floor Lamp by Lavish Home (Brass)

  • Provides an equivalent of natural light, you can also change the light color by changing the original light bulb.
  • You can point the light in any direction with the help of gooseneck. It’s a great feature and gooseneck doesn’t even look bad despite it’s made of plastic.
  • The lamp has 6 different designs on the sales page. Each one is really unique and one of them will surely suit your needs!
  • Adjustable lighting makes this lamp great for the bedroom, you can read your favorite book with the help of gooseneck.
  • This lamp is really easy to assemble, most of the people can assemble this lamp under 10 minutes without any problems, you can also follow user manual or videos on the internet for assembling.
  • Assembled height is 60 inches which is great, it also has a cord length of 64 inches.
  • One of the best-priced products in the market and it’s also the top seller which means you won’t come across many problems. You can definitely buy this one!

There are different designs on the sales page which will complement differently designed rooms out there! The neck of this lamp is adjustable which makes it a great option for reading a book. You can easily use it in the corners because of the sleek design. The base is heavy which makes it suitable for houses with pets or kids! I definitely suggest this one next to a sofa or couch!

ORE International 6866G Floor Lamp

  • The polished brass is absolutely gorgeous, it looks perfect in real life, definitely a bargain for this quality.
  • Polished brass combined with classic chandelier style for an extra classic look. This lamp can easily complement the dining room.
  • Chandelier drops are made of acrylic, they create a beautiful ambient environment. The crystals shine really good because of the material. You might feel this lamp is from an old Europe cathedral.
  • UL certified.
  • You need to assemble this lamp, it might be hard for some people but you can follow the user’s manual and pass any obstacles that are coming your way. If you assemble the lamp well, it’s a really durable and sturdy lamp. Some customers are having a problem with the assembly but it’s not that hard actually.
  • It has 3 different settings for each light bulb, that gives you extra creativity and electricity saving.
  • Lastly, this is a great lamp at this reasonable price, I can highly suggest this one who likes chandelier brass floor lamps.

Ore international makes great lamps with all kinds of features. The crystals look really nice but they are made of plastic which is negative. If you have problems with assembling you should look into other lamps. You can control the lighting level on the lamp because it has 3 different light bulbs!

Jenson Aged Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

  • This is a great adjustable pharmacy lamp, the height can be altered between 44 and 54 inches. This can provide some benefits if you are using it for different functions. The highly effective pharmacy lamp.
  • There are three different designs on the product page. The dark bronze will suit retro and vintage designs!
  • It needs a 60W light bulb to work, it’s not included in the package. The on/off switch is on the head of the lamp, it’s easy to access.
  • The swingarm is a perfect bonus when combined with adjustable height, makes the lamp extremely effective. This is a great lamp for reading.
  • Aged brass finish design looks absolutely great. This lamp is highly stable because of the design.
  • The lamp is extremely sturdy and finishing looks perfect. You can’t go wrong with this one since the price is good and it’s high-quality. I can suggest this one for living rooms.

I really like the idea of pharmacy floor lamps when it comes to antique designs. This brass floor lamp is great because it can be used for reading activities! It’s extremely easy to control this lamp because of the swingarm. You can point the lighting in any direction you want! Highly suggested for students who are looking to add some elegance to their rooms.

Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp

  • Aged brass design looks great. I always loved the 3 headed lights because they can light up entire without any problems! If you are looking to light up your entire room with just one light this one is a great solution.
  • On/off rotary switch for each lamp, the dimming feature is really great, helps you to create ambient lighting.
  • It requires three 40W light bulbs to operate, you have to buy them separately.
  • The metal base is high-quality and the lamp is extremely stable since the weight is centered in the middle.
  • This lamp is one the top sellers in the market, you can’t go wrong with this because it has a great price, I mean it’s only 60$ and it can light up your entire room by itself.  The lamp also looks extremely elegant in real life, I suggest this one for students since it’s a cheap brass floor lamp and highly effective for any kind of need.

3-Way light bulbs are so effective when it comes to task lighting. I really love the designs of these lamps. It works with three 40 watts light bulbs which provides enough lighting! The metal quality of this lamp is really great which also benefits the stability of this lamp.

Dawson Antique Brass High Pharmacy Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height of the product is 55 inches. It’s really high from the ground but also the head is adjustable which results in an effective lamp for reading.
  • It needs a 60W CFL light bulb or equivalent to work. You can buy them on the seller’s website.
  • Antique brass finish is high-quality and looks great. No flaws at all.
  • The rotary switch is perfect if you are looking to use that feature.
  • Modern design with beautiful looks at a reasonable price, this lamp will look great in the living room. I can highly suggest this one if you are out of the budget.

One of the best lamps for this price. It works with a 60W light bulb which provides a good amount of lighting. The head part is adjustable which is a plus for task jobs. You can use it over your head to focus on the task you are doing! The rotary switch is perfect for controlling the light.

Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp

  • You can adjust the shade for better lighting adjustment. Provides great overhead lighting because of the height. The lamp is 74 inches from the ground which makes it a perfect overhead lighting!
  • This lamp has a three-arm design and it’s extremely cheap. If you are looking for a cheap 3-arm brass floor lamp this is the thing you are looking for.
  • Looks absolutely stylish because of the design.
  • Brass finish complements the white fabric shade really well, you can also easily clean the shade with a soft cloth.
  • It needs a 100W incandescent or 26W CFL light bulb.
  • Made in CHINA but the quality is great for the price, the marble base is a really expensive feature but it provides stability and looks at the same time.
  • The rotary switch is absolutely perfect. When combined with the overhead lighting of this lamp it’s becoming really effective.
  • If you love lamps with the antique brass finish, this arched brass floor lamp is definitely for you, I suggest using this lamp for the living room.

Arc floor lamps are greate utility lamps for living rooms because of their designs. This lamp can be used as overhead lighting for tasks you are doing! The antique brass finish on this lamp looks great when combined with the right furniture! It supports light bulbs up to 100watts which means it is really powerful!

Montebello Antique Brass Floor Lamp by Regency Hill

  • The lamp is 59 inches high from the ground. The bell-shaped shade is absolutely high quality and complements the antique style of this lamp.
  • It uses three standards (E27) 60W light bulbs to operate.
  • The shade is a little bit different than white, so don’t expect a white shade.
  • Antique brass finish is absolutely high-quality, it has no flaws on it and looks gorgeous in real life.
  • If you have a room with elegant types of furniture and quality materials, you should definitely buy this lamp. It has the looks of a 500$ lamp. You can’t ever go wrong with this beautiful brass lamp. Highly suggested!

This one is perfect for a bedroom or dining room. You can get a couple of this lamp to create a romantic ambiance in your room. This lamp looks extremely elegant and beautiful. It also uses three 60W light bulbs which means it can produce a good amount of lighting!

Spenser Brushed Antique Brass Floor Lamp

  • Total lamp height is 59 inches which is pretty good for a floor lamp!
  • You should check out the second design of this product, it looks really nice!
  • This lamp uses two 75W light bulbs to operate which are not included in the package!
  • It has two different pull of chains to open the lamp which is pretty cool if you don’t need too much light or you are planning for an ambient look.
  • 90 inches of brown cord looks extremely cool in most situations. It’s also pretty enough for most of the cases.
  • The antique brass finish looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s definitely high-quality.
  • If you are looking to make an antique design this brass floor lamp will definitely help you!

Another great lamp for bedroom usage. I really like the white and brass combined design of this lamp. You can combine the looks of this lamp with antique furniture with ease! The lamp has two separate working light bulbs attached to it. It supports light bulbs up to 75 watts which is a great function if you need high levels of lighting power!


Stone & Beam Glass Column Brass Floor Lamp

  • This brass floor lamp has a perfect design which will definitely turn heads!
  • The base of the lamp is covered with glass which improves the looks of this lamp. It creates an extremely sleek look with this design.
  • The modern design is extremely attractive.
  • Brushed brass looks high-quality, the textured linen shade completes the look of the lamp.
  • If your room needs a spark and lacks style, this lamp can do it by on its own!
  • The height of the lamp is 59 inches.
  • Assembling the lamp is not that hard, most of the people can do it in under 20 minutes!

The design of this lamp is really unique and different compared to other lamps. It has a modern texture which can look good in minimalistic designs. The linen shade diffuses the lighting really well. I suggest this one for offices and living rooms because of its sleek design!

Rivet Hudson Mid-Century Brass Floor Lamp

  • If you are looking for a mid-century brass floor lamp this one is definitely for you!
  • It will definitely add a retro flair to your modern look. You can easily create a warm ambiance with this lamp.
  • The Edison lamp inside the shade is extremely good looking.
  • The shade of the lamp looks fantastic because of the brass glass globe design.
  • The height of the lamp is 58.5 inches.
  • You can provide light over seating areas with ease.
  • Almost any person can easily assemble the lamp under 30 minutes.

Another powerful mid-century designed floor lamp for decorators out there. This lamp uses an Edison light bulb which looks really great in retro designs! It can be assembled really easy which makes it a great choice for newbies out there!

Antique or Modern Brass Floor Lamp

If your house is decorated with a mix of antique and modern, then you may want to consider getting one of the most common types of brass lamps, a classic look that is never outdated. There are many different choices out there and you should take a look at all of them. You might be surprised what you will find if you look around at different places, both in-store and online. The internet has a wide variety of brass floor lamps with tables and it will make selecting just the right one easier for you.

Which Style?

No matter what style of lamp you choose to get, whether it is old vintage or ultra-modern, you will find that these lamps are durable and will hold up for many years to come. They are a great combination of beautiful and stylish along with sturdy and strong. Whatever your house is decorated with, these lamps make a great addition to your home decor and will give the entire space a whole new feel.

You’ll also want to consider before you buy the lamp what type of lighting you want and where you are going to put it as well. You’ll want to make sure it’s in a place that doesn’t take up too much room and still allows for space to move around for you and others. It’s important that you ask yourself these questions before making the final purchase because once you get the lamp you should know exactly what you are going to do with it.

Cheap brass floor lamps are also as effective as normal ones! The material quality doesn’t change too much because brass is generally a brass. If you check the material quality closely you won’t find too many differences in the terms of looks so you can choose a cheap brass floor lamp too.


Having an old vintage brass lamp is a great thing for multiple reasons, one of which is that they are absolutely beautiful. You can actually find various brass lamps that are reproductions of those which were made in colonial America. They are stunning and will definitely add that special something to your home that you’ve been looking for. These are truly great lamps because they fit in with just about any style, whether vintage or more contemporary.

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