Best 5 Brass Arc Floor Lamps in 2019

Arc floor lamps are great choices when it comes to decorating our living rooms. They can be used in various of styles and placements. These lamps are extremely useful when you lack space in your room. You can put them in a corner and utilize the arc shape of them. They can be placed near sofas or in the corners to make them work fully. Brass arc floor lamps look really nice when you have an antique design in your room. They are also suitable for industrial design in some cases. You just have to figure the brightness level of the lamp. These lamps are a great addition to any living room it can make the room look really good in a few seconds. Let’s take a look at the best lamps in the market and learn about the pros and cons!

Top Seller Brass Arc Floor Lamps

Brightech Logan LED Arc Floor Lamp
Versanora VN-L00012 Arquer Arc Floor Lamp
Brightech Hudson 2 - Living Room LED Arc Floor Lamp

Archiology Venice Brass Arc Floor Lamp

  • This is a modernly designed brass arc floor lamp because it has a to bright brass design!
  • The brass plated shade looks really great and it can fit into almost any modern design.
  • The lamp has a perfect look and it’s perfectly practical to use this lamp.
  • It can be used for offices or living spaces.
  • The lamp is great for creating a sophisticated atmosphere.
  • The customers are in love with the product!
  • The price is reasonable compared to other products on the market!
  • You can also get the rose gold one if you are doing a minimalist design.
  • It requires an E26 base light bulb.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a contemporary brass arc floor lamp for your living room or office!

Adesso 5170-21 Astoria Arc Lamp

  • Antique brass version is great for antique designed rooms.
  • The brushed steel version can be used for modern designs.
  • The large domed metal shade looks great in various designs!
  • Height of the lamp is 78 inches which is higher than average!
  • It requires 100W incandescent or 26W CFL light bulb to operate, you have to buy it separately.
  • The price is a little bit expensive than other products because it has a marble base and it’s extremely stable.
  • There is a rotary dimmer switch which can adjust the lighting between mood and bright lighting.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a high-quality brass arc floor lamp!

Brightech Logan LED Arc Floor Lamp

  • One of the best sellers in the market.
  • Brightech is a well-known brand.
  • The antique brass version is suitable for antique designs.
  • I don’t like the shade used in the product. I think these lamps look great with metal shades.
  • You should check out the black one if you have a modern room!
  • The height of the lamp is 76 inches which can be useful for reading activities!
  • The lamp is compatible with smart home systems! You have to buy a smart outlet separately!
  • The product comes with a LED light bulb which has a 20000 hours lifespan!
  • It provides lighting at 3000k color temperature and 800 lumens. It only uses 9.5 watts which means it has a high CRI rating.
  • Full 3-year warranty.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality product which is also preferred by a lot of people you should buy this one!

Versanora VN-L00012 Arquer Arc Floor Lamp

  • This one is great for your workspace or office.
  • This is the cheapest arc floor lamp you can find in the market!
  • There are four different designs on the sales page and all of them look amazing.
  • You should check out the black and chrome designs if you have a modern designed room!
  • The total height of the lamp is 67 inches which is lower than average.
  • It requires a 50W E26 light bulb to work.
  • You can easily assemble the lamp within 20 minutes!
  • Ul certified.
  • The marble base is heavy which is great for stability!
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a cheap brass arc floor lamp for your office or workspace!

Brightech Hudson 2 – Living Room LED Arc Floor Lamp

    • One of the best lamps when it comes to flexibility and utility.
    • There are two designs on the sales page.
    • It’s perfectly suitable for your workspaces or reading corners.
    • The lamp is compatible with Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homekit.
    • The adjustable arm is great, you can extend it up to 2-3 feet without problems. It’s great to use over couch or desk.
    • The lamp is great for reading because of the functions it has!
    • It provides lighting at 800 lumens and 3000k color temperature. The lamp only uses 9.5 watts which is really low!
    • 3-year full warranty!
    • The total height of the lamp is 5.5 feet which is average for these products!
  • I definitely suggest this lamp if you are looking for a brass arc floor lamp which has an extendable arm!

Usage of Brass Floor Lamps in Our Homes.

Brass floor lamps are getting popular day by day because of their style, convenience and design! They are extremely useful when you want to tie together your home decor! They can enhance the looks of the entire room within seconds! You can buy the antique looking brass arc floor lamps or find something in a modern style! These lamps will bring an entirely different feel to your room within seconds! They are also great for brightening up your space in a different way!

Arc brass floor lamps are great for a couple of reasons! First of all, they look really beautiful in almost any condition! There are some arc brass floor lamps that are reproductions of the old ones which are made in colonial America. These lamps have a stunning look and they are definitely something special! If you are looking to add an antique look to your room, I definitely suggest getting one of these! They are extremely great because they can fit into almost any design. Whether you are using industrial, vintage or contemporary they are the answer!

If you have a mixed style in your room, you should be getting regular arc floor lamps or standard brass lamps. You should never go with something too fancy otherwise you can ruin the looks of your room! You can easily find the style you are looking for because there are hundreds of arc floor lamps on the internet nowadays! I always encourage people to go to their local retail store! You can learn about the basics of the lamp and compare prices by doing this! You should learn about the lamps and choose the right one for yourself!

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