15 Best Antique Floor Lamps in 2019

Antique Floor Lamps

An antique floor lamp is a great way to add style and luxury to any room in your house. Floor lamps are generally heavy and not easy to move around. However, the case is different with antique floor lamps they are generally easy to move around and suit your needs with high-quality elegance. You might come across antique lamps in different shapes and size! The colors are generally the same and they look dark, old and rusty in most of the designs.

These lamps are a really cool and popular item in the home decoration industry. They are always the latest trend and people are looking different way to incorporate their elegance to the rooms! An antique design is mostly combined with industrial design. These two compliments each other really well. Most of the industrial designed lamps look antique which is great for antique lamp lovers!

Antique floor lamps are generally designed cast ambient lighting for most of the time, they are generally made of brass or other time of metals. An antique lamp will definitely improve the looks of your room within seconds. You can check out the best seller antique floor lamps in the market in 2019.

Top 15 Antique Floor Lamps







Montebello Antique Brass Floor Lamp by Regency Hill

  • Uses a maximum of a 150W light bulb or 26W CFL light bulb.
  • Assembled height is 60 inches, the base is 10 inches wide.
  • 3-Position switch for high function.
  • The antique brass finish looks really high quality and modern.
  • Golden colored fabric shade.

If you like golden colored lamps this one is definitely for you. This is a highly functional lamp because of its switches. Easy to assemble and carry around because it’s lightweight. You might want to take a look at other lamps because this one is not that stable. If you find the shade a little bit small it might be because of the diameter is 9 inches on the top and 18 inches at the bottom. You can also easily change the fabric shade by asking the seller. Lastly, this is a great entry-level antique lamp you can get without any hesitation.

Montebello Collection Antique Brass Swing Arm Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 60 inches.
  • You can adjust the upper body for better reading.
  • The antique brass finish looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • The lampshade resembles a bell figure.
  • Rotary switch.
  • Requires a 150W light bulb to work.

This is a great lamp to have at almost any place, looks absolutely perfect with an antique look. The base is brass finished and high-quality. It’s a little bit different model from the other one at the top, this one has a better shade. You can try this one if you want to.

Beige French Candlestick Floor Lamp

  • ¬†The base is made of hundred percent resin and really high-quality.
  • The shade is made of faux silk.
  • The lampshade is shaped like a big bell.
  • Rotary switch.
  • Needs a 150W light bulb to work, it’s not included in the package.
  • Beige colored.

I really loved this candlestick floor lamp, it provides a real antique look without going overboard. The body material is hundred percent high quality and it’s durable. You can also change the lampshade if you want for better lighting but it still does it a job. I highly suggest this lamp, one of the most high-quality lamps on the market.

Dawson Antique Brass High Pharmacy Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 56 inches.
  • It requires a 60W light bulb to work.
  • You can easily adjust the upper arm for a better reading environment.
  • The antique brass finish looks okay.
  • The rotary switch looks cool and makes it easy to use the lamp.
  • Extremely cheap, if you are short of money you can get this cheap antique lamp.

If you are looking for a cheap antique lamp this one is definitely for you. It does all the job you need for a lamp. Great lighting for reading and provides bright white light. I can definitely suggest this one for offices or the living room.

Dale Tiffany 10057/757 Rose Dome Downbridge Floor Lamp

  • Dale Tiffany is one of the most renowned brands in the market.
  • Assembled height is 63 inches.
  • Stained glass lamp shade.
  • Antique bronze looking body.
  • The footswitch is easy to use.
  • It needs a 60W E27(standard) light bulb, which is not included in the package!

This lamp is very easy to assemble. You can also adjust the head of the lamp to some degree. Also, the base is really heavy, you can get this one if you are living with children or pets, it is hard to knockdown. Overall this lamp is high-quality and beautiful, definitely recommended.

LEDU Antique Floor Desk Lamp with Swing Arm Bell Shade

  • Elegant brass finish with perfect looks!
  • Fabric shade looks like a bell figure.
  • The base is really stable and heavy.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Shade quality is okay.

If you are looking for a cheap lamp this can do the trick for you. It’s well priced, the shade quality is okay can do the job. The base material is brass finish and doesn’t have any flaws at all. I can easily suggest this one if you are on a limited budget.

Normande Lighting JM1-884 Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp


  • Perfect torchiere lamp with a side reading lamp.
  • Torchiere part uses a 100W light bulb and reading part uses a 40W light bulb.
  • Rotary switch for separate lighting control.
  • Assembled height is 71 inches.
  • Frosted glass shades are absolutely high quality.
  • The black body looks okay.

First of all, this lamp uses an incandescent lamp which is a minus but it will provide a more bright white light. This will make a great alternative because it has a reading lamp on the side which is great. Material quality is okay if we check both the lampshade and body. You can get this one if you are a little bit low on the budget it is cheaper than most products.

Antique-style Floor Lamp by Square Furniture

    • Uses a 150W light bulb to work.
  • Assembled height is 72 inches.
  • The body is made high-quality and the product is stable.
  • Antique finish with a golden color.
  • The shade is made of acrylic.

This lamp is definitely a big one. It looks extremely fantastic and antique. It takes you back to old Rome, has a really great design. If you are into this kind of design you can get this one too.

Dale Tiffany TB101109 Aldridge Buffet Lamp

  • Antique bronze looks with a stained glass lamp shade.
  • Uses a 60W light bulb to work.
  • Assembled height is 30 inches.
  • Knob switch.
  • Resin base is high-quality and durable.

I’ve always liked the Tiffany style floor lamps. They can make a great addition to your living room, dining room and even bedroom. This lamp is high-quality and durable, it also has a reasonable price. The colors are perfect for creating an ambient light. You’re definitely going to fall in love with this one.

Amora Lighting AM028FL12 Tiffany Style Jeweled Reading Floor Lamp


  • No fabrics, the shade is made of hundred percent glass.
  • Assembled height is 62 inches.
  • Floor switch allows for¬†better control.
  • You can adjust the head of the lamp for lighting positioning.
  • It needs a 60W light bulb to work.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Great material quality.

This is a great lamp, the shade is absolutely fantastic and high-quality. You are definitely going to love this lamp from head to toe. If you are looking for an antique-looking lamp with some reading functionality, you can get this one! The price is also fantastic, definitely a hundred bucks below from its quality range.

Rivet Adjustable Tree-Style 3-Light Floor Lamp

  • This lamp is inspired by antique floor lamps. There are some tree styled floor lamps in the old times if you know them you know exactly what I mean!
  • Rivet adjustable tree style floor lamp will be suitable for mid-century modern designs.
  • The bronze finish looks extremely nice and it will definitely complement the looks of your room.
  • It’s full of style and it offers you the flexibility you need.
  • You can adjust the shades according to your needs!
  • The lamp has multiple switches which allow greater control over the lamp.
  • Assembled height of the product is 69 inches which is really great.
  • You can easily assemble the lamp in 30 minutes.
  • If you lack space and need a compact lamp this might be your best choice!

Mid-century designs are generally harder to complete. However, this lamp offers you the best of modern and antique worlds all in one. If you lack space and try to complete the looks of your mid-century looking room, you should definitely buy this beautiful lamp.

Brightech Luna – Frosted Glass Globe LED Floor Lamp

  • If you are into unique modern designs this is the lamp you need.
  • It’s an extremely eye-catching floor lamp, it has a sleek and antique design.
  • The lamp provides a warm light and elegant design. It can easily match urban, minimalist or antique designs.
  • The assembled height of the product is 65 inches.
  • It’s compatible with smart home devices.
  • The shade is really high-quality it will diffuse the light effectively.
  • The base of the lamp is really heavy, this makes the lamp more stable than its peers.
  • It comes with a long-lifespan LED light bulb. You don’t have to pay for it separately.
  • The lamp has a satisfaction guarantee and it also has a 3-year warranty.

If you are looking for a sleek looking antique lamp for your home, this is the lamp you need. It’s also extremely stable and the bronze finish looks extremely nice. Highly suggested for people who are looking for a high-quality product.

Jenson Aged Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

  • The number one thing about the product is: its height is adjustable. You can change the height between 44 inches to 54 inches with ease.
  • The shade is 8 inches.
  • It requires a 60-watt standard light bulb to operate. It’s not included in the package. Make sure you buy an E26 standard light bulb.
  • The cord is 5 feet long which is shorter than the average.
  • If you like traditional pharmacy lamp with the brass finish this lamp will be great for you.
  • The metal construction of the lamp is extremely high-quality. It makes the lamp more stable than other ones.
  • Total weight is 13 lbs.

I can definitely suggest this if you are into real antique floor lamps. This lamp has the color and design of the antique lamps. It looks extremely fine when combined with other antique items. It’s also great for reading because the swing arm is adjustable for your needs!

Brightech Gabriel – LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

  • This lamp is suitable for home and office use.
  • It can be used as a task lighting because of the design.
  • Great for hobbyists out there. It can be used in the garage for task jobs.
  • Provides lighting around 2700k at 575 lumens.
  • The head is adjustable up to 360 degrees which is a huge plus!
  • The foot pedal is dimmable which makes it great for controlling lighting level.
  • The built-in dimmer has three different lighting levels which are great.
  • It can be used in minimalistic, rustic or mid-century designs with ease.
  • This lamp is perfectly suitable for families with kids or pets. It’s definitely sturdy compared to other products.
  • The price is perfect and reasonable.
  • Comes with 3-year full warranty.

The product has two different designs. If you are looking to make an antique design you can get the antique brass version. It’s suitable for mid-century designs. You can use this lamp for arts and crafts. The head part and height of the lamp is adjustable which makes it perfect for task lighting. You can also change the lighting level which is a huge plus!

LEONLITE 65inch Track Tree Floor Lamp

  • The black and simple construction of this lamp looks extra elegant.
  • It’s suitable for living rooms or offices.
  • Some people use it for bedrooms but I do not suggest that.
  • It comes with three E26 classic retro lights.
  • You can use Edison light bulbs too.
  • The lamp heads are adjustable up to 180 degrees which allows some control over the lamps!
  • You can achieve the perfect lighting for your needs because of the adjustment.
  • It comes with a 12-months warranty.
  • The cage shade looks really great in antique designed environments.

If you are going to combine antique and industrial look in your room this lamp is perfect for that situation. The lamp is also great for task lighting since you can rotate the heads according to your needs! I definitely suggest this one for any antique lover out there! The product will look product after some time of use because it will be worn out a little bit which will make it look more antique!

Picking The Best Antique Floor Lamp

Choosing the best antique floor lamp is some kind of art. You have to know the art if you want to have a good work. There a few things you have to be careful about and I’ve listed them.

The first thing you have to care is, does it look antique? Real ones are definitely hard to find and they cost a fortune most of the times! The real antique lamps have historical importance and most of the people don’t sell it! There are some antique lamps which are used by Edison himself in the market! Can you believe how much this lamp is going to cost? Of course a lot! Now, you probably understood that you should look at the manufactured ones instead of real ones! They are easier to obtain and cheaper than real antique lamps. They will provide the elegance to your room like the real lamp and will probably have the looks close to it.

Local Store or Online

You can find manufactured ones at almost any local decor store but you won’t probably have too many options to choose from! If you want a better looking antique lamp you should always search online and pick the best one according to your needs! Now you stepped online and don’t know what to do! That’s good because I’m here to help you! I reviewed the cheapest antique lamps and the best ones especially for you! Those reviews will give you a general idea of what you should look for and what should be your main concerns before buying an antique lamp! However, I’m going to give you a few simple tips about how to buy the best lamp in any case!

Now, you have a general idea about antique floor lamps and still don’t know what to do. Well, there are some factors you should inspect closely before you made any decision about the lamp you are going to buy. These lamps come in various shapes and sizes and it’s really hard to find the best one inside this big world. Check out these simple tips before you buy an antique lamp.


Definitely, size is one of the most important factors before purchasing a lamp. If you are planning to use your floor lamp between your sofas you should always measure the space between them. Sometimes people would love to put their sofas above the floor lamps’ base. This might be hard if you don’t measure sofas height from the ground and don’t know any idea about the lamp you are buying. I always take a look at base dimensions, so you will definitely avoid any problems.


The height of the lamp is also really important. There are some shorter ones in the market, they can still do the trick and look absolutely elegant. However, if you are expecting something more than elegance you should go with taller lamps. Taller lamps are generally great for reading because they will provide uplight lighting for you. Reading a book below that kind of tall lamps are really easier than the shorter ones!

Material Quality

Material quality is always important when it comes to buying lamps! Antique lamps generally use wood and metal. Wood quality is really important, as it will effect from cleaning to looks. You can easily clean the wooden lamps with dry cloth and won’t come across any problems. Materials also should suit the interior design of your room! You can’t use a wooden lamp in a room full of metal things! Metal lamps are great, they don’t have durability problems. They generally come in brass and rusty colors in this case. Brass colors might look different than the pictures. So, always ask the seller the real picture of the lamp you are going to buy!

Shade Quality

Shade quality is the most important factor in antique lamps. It can make the lamp look absolutely gorgeous and elegant. However, a bad looking shade will definitely kill the looks of it. The quality is also highly important. Most of the shades are made of fabric. There are some exotic designs out there which you might come across. These kinds of lamps are made of stained glass and they are easy to clean. I suggest you stay away from glass lamps if you have naught children or pets!


Buying an antique floor lamp might be a burden for most of you and you probably didn’t read the entire article if you are reading this part right now. The most important thing is you should separate a real antique floor lamp from a manufactured one! They will have price differences and they might look close. Real ones are expensive because they have historical importance. You can check the chart and pick the best lamp if you don’t want to read all of the articles!


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