Best 12 Antique Desk Lamps in 2018

Our house needs our help when it comes to design and home improvement. A functional house is not only about suiting our needs it is also about our visual pleasure. An antique lamp can help improve this visual pleasure by just standing there! If you ever inspected the picture on the left, you can understand what a classical antique design looks like. The drawers and the chair are really suited the antique look and provide it instantly. However, if we closely inspect the lamps at the top we can instantly understand what kind of looks we are after! If you look at carefully their base is made of metal and it looks like a rusty old metal. This is the number thing when buying an antique lamp you should always inspect the body material if you want to make the best choice. Second, you have to look at the design of the shade, it looks absolutely beautiful with its white colour and bell shape. I highly suggest bell shapes because they are the most antique looking shades out there! The White colour is generally okay but you can also pick the more tanned colours for a different outlook. You can also take a look at rustic table lamps because they also generally offer the looks of an antique lamp. It’s now up to you which choice you are going to make,  there are various of lamps on the market and I listed some of my tips for you!

Characteristics of Antique Desk Lamps

Most of the antique desk lamps are made of wood when it comes to traditional design. There are also some metal designs out there but I suggest you pick the one according to your room or house. As I said before if you are buying a metal product make sure it looks old and has a rusty design! Rusty colours are also an option they can look really good under some conditions! You will also come across designs with mosaic decorations. These stained glass lamps are also a great choice when it comes to antique design. They can make great improvements to your house just by standing there. You might have a hard time finding them in the market, therefore I suggest you look at traditional tiffany styled lamps they are easy to find and they are produced more than the classical Moroccan lamps! Finally, It all comes to your choice of decoration when you want to pick the one.

How to pick the best one?

Metal antique table lamps are really durable, wooden ones can look great when they are combined with suitable room decoration. You should also take a look at the cord of the lamp. It can make or break your design because if it looks too flashy it can ruin the environment! My suggestion is you should pick the durable and most suitable decoration for your house! However, the most important factor most people is the price but if you are thinking about designing your room in an antique way, I think you should leave the price as the last thing. If you are still having a problem with your budget, I suggest you look at modern style lamps since they are easier to obtain and cost less!

Vintage Adjustable Swing-Arm Task Lamp85$8,0
Kiven Vintage Industrial Decor Vintage Table Light30$8,5
Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light35$8,2
SUN-E Vintage 1 Light E26 Metal Finish Rust Color Table Lamp40$7,8
LNC 1-light Vintage Industrial Swing Arm Table Lamp Lighting70$8,3

Best 12 Antique Desk Lamps

Vintage Adjustable Swing-Arm Task Lamp


  • Total item weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.9 x 16.4 x 13.6 inches
  • Matte coloured look for your environment
  • Swing-arm makes it adjustable to some degree, you can direct some light at the position you want!
  • Shade colour is distressed metal as you can see which can look fantastic during the day!
  • Metal antique desk lamp uses 60W incandescent light bulbs!


If you have an industrial-style room, this one can fit perfectly into your room! This product is not like any other products on the market! It looks like it’s really an antique lamp! Light is also good for night-time reading which is great! To summarize this is a great lamp for this price you can buy without hesitation!

Light Accents Desk Lamp Antique Style Metal Desk Lamp


  • Metal style retro-styled lamp, which is perfect for industrial design rooms.
  • You can adjust the height and position of the head in any angle you want.
  • Easy to turn on and off the lamp.
  • Measurements of the lamp: Length: 5.5 inches, Wide: 7.25 inches, Height: 19 inches.
  • You can send the product back within 30 days without any questions!
  • Pewter colour with antique style!
  • You have to buy separate incandescent 40W bulbs.


Height is perfect for night time reading, you can adjust the light to a specific direction. Easy to access on/off switch. If you have a limited space at your desk this is great for you.

Kiven Vintage Industrial Decor Vintage Table Light Edison Bulb Antique Wooden Desk Lamp


  • Great looking Edison desk lamp with simple on/off switch.
  • The base is made of solid wood and it looks really great for its age.
  • Unique and durable design.
  • If you have an industrial table with a wooden design this can suit the place.
  • You have to buy an industrial Edison light bulb because it’s not included in the package!
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches


I think this lamp is mostly for decoration but people said it lights up the place well. It might not be great for reading because you won’t be able to direct the light at the place you want. The lamp is very sturdy and durable I think it will last well enough for most people. You can suit this lamp for mostly industrial looking decorations but I think it’s great for any place. You can get this one if you are looking for a decor, not a lamp.

Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light Table Desk Lamp


  • If you are into science this retro-modern look will provide the things you need.
  • It looks really impressive and can change the looks of a desk instantly.
  • Atomic design with LED designed interior bulb for imitating an atom!
  • You can easily switch it on/off with the button on the bottom.
  • Lamp runs on two AA batteries that mean it cordless! You can place it anywhere you want!
  • This can make a great gift for someone who is interested in science!
  • This lamp is mostly a decoration because it doesn’t light up well.


Battery lasts about 2 weeks for 8 hours of daily usage which is great. This is mostly a decor as I said before if you are looking for a lamp you should check other products but vintage products are made mostly for decoration! This is a great lamp and a decoration for most people, you can get it without hesitation!

Wood Long Stand Light – Decorative Desk Fixture Lamp


  • Beautiful wooden stand with 5 incandescent light bulbs!
  • It’s handcrafted and made from natural wood. Texture and grain of the wood make it look amazing.
  • You have to buy 5 separate Edison bulbs for this product because they are not listed in the package however, there might be a campaign going on now, which you can get the lamps for free!
  • The lamp is only compatible with U.S standard electricity (100-110v) only.
  • You can use this lamp in any place but I suggest this one for mostly antique and industrial looking rooms!
  • This can make a great gift for people who are interested in antique things!
  • The product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


You will get daily compliments from your guests with these great lamps. The product is durable and the base is really solid also made from durable natural wood! If you are into the retro-style antique texture you can get this one!

SUN-E Vintage 1 Light E26 Metal Finish Rust Color Table Lamp


  • You have to assemble the product which takes around 15 minutes.
  • Light bulbs are sold separately.
  • E26/E27 light bulbs are used and maximum of 60-watts.
  • This can be a great addition to your basements or antique rooms.
  • Size: 14.17 x 3.94 inches


Rusty style makes this one look really cool, it’s durable because of its metal design! You can get this one if you are into rusty coloured desk lamps

LNC 1-light Vintage Industrial Swing Arm Table Lamp


  • The light bulb is not included in the package you have to buy a separate E12 light bulb with max 25W.
  • You can easily adjust the product because of its 3 joints.
  • Great for night time because of the adjustable head and body!
  • The product is really durable because of iron and zinc alloy!
  • Black paint looks really cool and it’s most suitable for industrial or antique rooms!
  • Cord length is 63 inches which is another cool feature!


It’s a great and durable lamp if you are into metal designs. You can suit into many places including retro and modern places. If you are looking for a lamp with durability and looks this might be good for you!

Light Accents Antique Desk Lamp


  • This vintage styled black antique desk lamp looks absolutely perfect.
  • You can easily adjust the head of the lamp for better reading opportunities.
  • Solid metal construction and great durability.
  • The lamp is frosted and thick! It’s made of glass and distributes the light great!
  • The lamp is 18.5 inches tall which is in the medium range!
  • You can lock the head of the lamp at any place you like!

I can suggest this lamp for people who are looking for cheap antique desk lamps! This lamp is cheap and can be great for students! You can also read the full review of this product here!

TORCHSTAR Traditional Banker’s Lamp


  • I really love the traditional design of this lamp.
  • You can add a retro and classic look to your room with this lamp!
  • The lamp shade is rotatable to some degree which is great for reading!
  • The cord is 6 feet long which is great for this kind of product!
  • UL certified.
  • Emerald green lampshade looks okay but I wish they had different colour options.

This is a normal quality product who are looking for an antique-looking banker’s lamp! It’s also cheap and has a great design! The only downside about this product is the glass shade! However, if you like the colour you can still get it!

V-LIGHT Traditional Style CFL Banker’s Desk Lamp


  • This lamp is listed highly by and they are right by that!
  • It has different design options. You can choose between different metal bases and shades! A total of 6 designs!
  • Decorative pull chain switch!
  • It comes with a 13W CFL light bulb!
  • Antique bronze finish painted with hand for extra detailed looks!
  • Height is 15 inches which is great and it doesn’t consume any space at all!

This lamp is great, it has colour options for the shade and the base! If you want to learn more about this lamp you can read my full review of the product here! I can vouch for this beautiful lamp!

Simple Designs Home LD1036-BLK Bronson Antique Style


  • The matte black finish looks great on this product.
  • Simple and sleek design.
  • The switch is on the cord convenient usage!
  • Product height is 18.5 inches!
  • It needs a medium base 40W light bulb to operate, it’s not included in the package!
  • Clear glass shade distributes the light really well!

If you need an iron lantern styled antique desk lamp this can do the trick for you! It looks absolutely perfect and simple. It’s also really cheap and durable, I can suggest this lamp for students but keep them in mind, this lamp is not adjustable, it might not be that good for reading!

Dale Tiffany TT12145 Poelking 1-Light Blue Lily Table Lamp


  • As I said before tiffany style lamps look really great in antique designed rooms!
  • Lily blossom art on a blue glass.
  • 5 glass panels, beautifully placed for a great outlook.
  • It needs a 25W light bulb to operate!
  • The dark antique bronze finish looks absolutely perfect.

If you are like me and like the classic look on these tiffany style lamps, you can get this simple antique desk lamp for yourself! The price is also okay for this kind of quality! Highly suggested!

Two New Antique Lamps of 2018

Normande Lighting BL1-103 60-Watt Banker’s Lamp with Mica Shade

  • Total height is 14 inches.
  • The shade of the lamp is made of plastic and it’s highly durable!
  • If you love finishing with dark coffee colour, this lamp will be great for you!
  • You can easily turn on/off the lamp with pull switch!
  • It requires a 60 watt light bulb which is not included in the package!
  • The lamp is extremely good looking for the price! If you are looking for a cheap lamp with good looks, you should definitely buy this!
  • The plastic shade might burn out, be careful and don’t use it for long hours!

TORCHSTAR Traditional Banker’s Lamp

  • If you love traditional banker lamp designs, this lamp is definitely for you!
  • It can easily bring back the classic look of mid centuries!
  • You can easily enhance the retro look of your room within seconds of placement of the lamp!
  • Emerald green lampshade looks great in real life! It will provide a bright light for your room!
  • The Lampshade is 350 degrees rotatable which is really great! You can point the light in any direction you want!
  • The cord is around 6 foot long which is long enough for most situations!
  • It requires an E-26 light bulb to operate, you can find it easily it in retail stores!
  • The product has a 12 months warranty.
  • If you are looking for a good alternative for your office or room, you might want to try this lamp!

V-LIGHT Traditional Style CFL Banker’s Desk Lamp

  • The height of the lamp is 15 inches which is pretty high for these kinds of lamps!
  • If you like antique bronze finished lamps, you can purchase this one! It really provides the classic look you are looking for!
  • 13W energy saving bulb is included in the package!
  • The pull switch is extremely functional and it looks great!
  • The metal constructed base of the lamp looks pretty cool!



Alright, we have upgraded this post and put some of the best antique lamps in 2018 too. You can always buy antique lamps because antique lamps are great decoration alternatives. I really like them in any place. You can even fit them in a contemporary environment with a little work but if you want to acquire perfect antique look you should have everything covered including; rugs, chairs, sofas, drawers and curtains in the room. These factors can be hard to obtain for most people, however, designing your room in an antique way is a passion!


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