5 Best Interior Paint Colors

There are tons of painting colors when it comes to interior design. It can be painful if you don’t know what you are doing. Deciding a shade is really easy but when it comes to covering up the whole room it’s really hard! That’s why you should have the necessary knowledge in order to avoid wasting time. I narrowed down the shade choice so you can have an easy time! You can try these colors and make your decision process a little bit easier than usual!

Benjamin Moore Flora AF 470

This color is the perfect shade of green when it comes to interior design! It’s a blue-green paint which looks extremely rich without feeling too heavy! You can feel down to earth with this beautiful color. It can be paired up easily with medium and dark wood tones! It’s suitable whether traditional or modern design which is a really good plus! If you are looking for a soft color this is the answer for you! It can make a room more relaxing and soothing the moment you use it!

Glidden Red Delicious 00YR 08/409


Red is the most energetic color out there. If you are a wild and energetic person it will complement your senses. Deep red colors are great for stimulating people’s senses! It’s also a really bold choice which will attract your guests! You can combine it with white or black depending on the situation. If you want a refreshing look you can always combine it white shades. It’s a timeless color which will look in the next years too.

Farrow & Ball Card Room Green No. 79

I really like the green color when it comes to home design because it’s always relaxing and calming for us. We cannot see green color in our daily lives which affects us really bad. This can be fixed by using a simple green color which will take away the stress! This color is great because it harmonizes with almost any color out there. You can combine it with gray or mustard to create beautiful effects! If you are looking for the therapeutic green color this is your answer!

Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

If you are looking for a gorgeous tone which improves the looks of the room you can pick this one. This is a really great color when it comes to interior design! It improves the glossiness of the room! Everyone will love the color the moment you use it! The color has a deep gray look which impresses the people! It creates a comforting vibe with almost any color. I suggest you use it in your bedroom so you have a beautiful atmosphere.

Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe SW 6039

If you are looking for a gorgeous neutral shade this is your answer. It will appeal most of the people because of the loveliness of it! People tend to love this one because it’s easy on the eye! You can combine it with white color and enjoy the beauty of it. Some people prefer it with blues which also looks cool. If you are into more retro designs. This color still can look great! It can be combined with colors like mauve, pink or avocado.


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